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August 19, 2007 August 19, 2007

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Minor League Life: Ryan Dunleavy of the Courier News did an excellent job on providing some perspective on what it’s like for the players in this league, and the sacrifices they have to make to play in it.

Check out the features here, here and here.


1. Bob - August 19, 2007

Have the Road Warriors EVER not been in last place or NOT have the worst record in the league this late into a 1/2 season? GO ROAD WARRIORS !!!!

2. Roadwarriorfan - August 19, 2007

Sounds like we could have another Road Warriors fan. In the first half of 2006, they Road Warriors finished in 2nd last place, 1 game ahead of the Newark Bears. I’m almost 100% sure that’s the only time they’ve finished better than last. GO ROAD WARRIORS!!!!

3. chuckerd58 - August 19, 2007

And certainly,much better than 2004,when they won only about 25 games total. They real are an interesting team to follow.GO ROAD WARRIORS!!!!!!

4. Roadwarriorfan - August 19, 2007

Yeah, I just doubled checked, that is the only time they finished better than last. The Lehigh Valley Black Diamonds, the road team in 99, finished in 3rd place in the first half of that season.

5. Roadwarriorfan - August 19, 2007

Yep,23-103, what a horrific season. I believe the team ERA was about 6, with Felix Rodriguez loosing 18 and Julian Heredia loosing 14, wow.

6. chuckerd58 - August 20, 2007

And great to see the Warriors sweep the fish,could this be their first ever series sweep? Randy Dicken pitched his usual 5 innings,and Vito went deep with a 3-run bomb.

7. Roadwarriorfan - August 20, 2007

Yeah, seems like the Warriors always play well against the ‘Fish. Last year they took the season series from them. Besides Vito, Steve Doetsch has just been on a tear within the last month. With another another multi-hit game, 19 homers on the season, .298 average(after today) he’s been a pleasant surprise.

8. chuckerd58 - August 20, 2007

Yea, Doetsch has been much better than I gave him credit for early in the yeaar,he has been solid at the plate and good in the field.

9. Fausto Gabon - August 20, 2007

Chuck, didn’t the RW sweep the Fish last weekend of the 2004 season to knock them out of the playoffs?

10. Roadwarriorfan - August 20, 2007

No, it wasn’t a sweep.

11. Fausto Gabon - August 20, 2007

They did win the series though, correct?
End result the same?

12. Roadwarriorfan - August 20, 2007

I’m pretty sure they only won that last game because I remember Bert Pena doing that whole thing where he has a couple of players play every position. Haha, thats how I remembered that series…just checked through webarchive.org it has..
PA 2 @ BB 6 on Sep 17
PA 2 @ BB 3 on Sep 18
PA 3 @ BB 2 on Sep 19th
…try this link


if you wanna see the boxscores. I use webarchive.org to see alot of recaps from years ago. A terrific website.

Bridgeport also finished 2 games behind Nashua that half of the season, so I assume if they won that last game and Nashua lost, they would’ve had a one game playoff?

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