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August 17, 2007 August 17, 2007

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Pictures From Yesterday: Here are a few shots from yesterday afternoon’s game in Newark…

Jeriome Robertson

John Pachot

Damien Myers

Omar Garcia

Vito Chiaravolloti (All photos: Ashmore)

Offerman Update: As promised, here’s some reaction from around the league and elsewhere…

Bears manager Wayne Krenchicki: “I’m kind of surprised, for the fact that for the years he’s been in the league, I’ve always seen a guy out there on the field that’s pretty mild mannered, easy going, and seemed to be a real nice guy. For something like this to happen, you wonder what caused it. It’s a shame, I thought he was a nice guy…it’s a shame for the people he’s putting through this as well.”

“I think he should probably be suspended forever in this league. There’s been some other incidents that haven’t quite gotten to that level where there were some heavy suspensions and fines and stuff. I would imagine that if all those facts are true — if he struck the pitcher, and if he struck the catcher, and it seems like that was by accident — I would think he would be done in this league, but that’s not my call.”

Road Warriors coach D.J. Boston: “He isn’t that type of guy, he made a mistake. Things like that in the game happen. I don’t condone what he did, but he isn’t that type of person.”

“As a hitter, the only thing you got is the bat. When they’re throwing the ball at 99 miles per hour or whatever speed, things happen where you can get hurt. You’re just reacting with something you have in your hand. I don’t know if it was intentional or what, but it’s one of those situations where it probably got too far beyond what he was thinking about doing and by the time he got out there and realized, ‘What am I doing out here,’ by that time, it was probably too late.”

Road Warriors manager Jeff Scott recalls his involvement in a somewhat similar incident: “It was the bottom of the ninth inning of a game that was played in the old Western Carolina league, a precursor to the South Atlantic League. I was with the Asheville Tourists, which was the Texas farm club, I was the pitching coach. We were playing the Spartanburg Phillies. Tie game, bottom of the ninth, and George Bell comes up with a runner on first. He was sacrifice bunting, which in itself is a surprise, but he was a young player at the time. He squared around, and the ball ran in on him and clipped him on the arm. It was like third or fourth time we’d played them all year, there was no history, there was nothing.

“He just snapped. Charges the mound, put the bat over his head. Stephen Righetti, which is Dave Righetti’s older brother, was our third baseman. He ran in from third base, fortunately. Our pitcher was just standing there with a ‘I wasn’t trying to hit you intentionally’ look, but you can’t talk sense into a crazy person. Righetti tackled George. By tackling him, the bat went and that diffused the situation for the moment. Everybody held everybody, I had our pitcher, and one of their coaches had George.”

“But George still hadn’t had enough. We didn’t know it at that moment, but he hadn’t had enough. We thought everything was said and done, but he broke away and charged towards our pitcher, but didn’t get the pitcher and hit me right between the eyes with his fist. The bat was gone at this point. A tussle ensued and it was over with. We played them the next night, and needless to say George got hit by a pitch that night. He didn’t go to the mound. He started to, with the bat again. And then immediately, there were people involved and he dropped the bat and went to first base.”

That all happened in 1979. Scott went on to say that the pitcher who hit Bell was Gene Nelson. Ten years later, Nelson drilled Bell with a pitch in the big leagues, causing Bell to charge the mound and try to kick Nelson in the chest with his spikes.

Quotes from MLB All-Star Todd Jones shortly…

Moss Cut: Jason Guarente reported that Lancaster cut P Damian Moss before he ever pitched in a game for them. I’ll be curious to see if he resurfaces elsewhere…

This Sucks: Bears PR man Joe Montefusco becomes the fourth person to earn the “this sucks” treatment on this site. Joe worked his last game with the Newark Bears yesterday, and will be leaving to take a somewhat similar gig nearby. The Bears organization is well-run and well-liked, and Joe’s been a big part of that. He will be missed. – Mike Ashmore


1. tteski - August 17, 2007

To get back to baseball, what a comeback by the Ducks in Bridgeport last night. They scored 8 runs in the 9th inning to defeat the Bluefish 10 – 7. Unfortunately, the contingent of Duck fans that came over on the ferry missed this great comeback because they had to leave early to catch the last ferry back to Long Island. I’m sure once they were informed of the final score, it made their trip back much more enjoyable.

2. BoosterBabe - August 17, 2007

Anyone know when the decision will be made by the Atlantic League regarding how long Offerman’s suspension will be, and more importantly, whether anyone else (in other words, Beech) is included in a suspension???

Dying to find out….

3. Scott Stanchak - August 17, 2007

It was going to be further discussed this weekend so I’m assuming by Monday. I honestly feel, the league and Ducks need to save face, and ban him for life. The Ducks haven’t “officially” released him and that looks really bad and the league hasn’t made a decision. How hard is the decision, especially with all the major media coverage they’ve garnered.

4. BoosterBabe - August 17, 2007

I’m less concerned with what happens to Offerman as I am with the decision regarding “the other participants”. I can’t see them doing anything but banning Offerman for life. Anything less would be a travesty and possibly a PR nightmare for the League.

But that pitch was NOT intended to hit him and Beech should NOT be included in any disciplinary action. Living with the horror of what happened John Nathans will be punishment enough for him.

5. john from long island - August 17, 2007

The Long Island Ducks today announced that the upcoming promotion night, Jose Offerman mini bat night had been postponed indefinitely.

Further team officals would not comment on rumors of the new Jose Offerman “I can make your head bobble” Bobble head dolls available in the gift shop.

6. Scott Stanchak - August 17, 2007

I don’t forsee there being any actions taken against Beech or Nathans. If there are, then it will just be to offset some of the outrage some people in Long Island would have against Offerman’s suspension. Beech, who I don’t think we’ve mentioned, spent two years with the Ducks remember. I wonder how his former pitching coach is feeling.

7. BoosterBabe - August 17, 2007

I know humor is good relief, but sorry, John, that’s just in poor taste.

8. tteski - August 17, 2007

Give it a rest boosterbabe, that was funny. By the way, if you don’t think that pitch was intentional then you are living in a different world. Why did Nathans comment to Offerman about the way he ran around the bases when he hit his homerun? The Bluefish were obviously upset about it and Beech threw at him. That’s how the game is played. If you showboat, you get plunked.

9. Voltaire - August 17, 2007

Firstly, the joke was not funny.

Secondly, the pitch seems intentional in all ways but one, and that one is big: it hit him on the leg. Yes, Offerman hit the HR, Nathans allegedly made some comments, Offerman and Beech have a history, baseball “law” would have Offerman get hit…but why in the leg?

Even if the pitch is intentional, Beech was ejected. That’s all that needs to happen.

10. john from long island - August 17, 2007

What I posted earlier was meant to be funny.

If I said that Jose Offerman had been offered the lead in the remake of the movie, “Walking Tall” that would be in poor taste.

By the way, I believe Offerman should be banned for life from the Atlantic League.

11. tteski - August 17, 2007

Did you ever think that he was intentionally throwing at his knees? One of the unwritten rules when you throw at someone is NOT to go for the head or the knees. Maybe that’s what set Offerman off.

I’m not condoning what he did. If he was a man he would have charged the mound with nothing but his fists and duked it out. I believe he should be banned for life

12. BoosterBabe - August 17, 2007

Offerman and Beech have no history. Other than playing on opposing teams in the AL and in the Dominican Republic in the winter leagues.

There is no bad blood between them, no words have been exchanged. (according to what Beech himself stated at the press conference).

13. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - August 17, 2007

Quotes from around the league have been added…

In regards to the pitch that hit him, I think you could make a real strong case for it being intentional.

He’d hit a home run the inning before, it seems pretty obvious the Bluefish thought he pimped it, and he got drilled.

This wouldn’t be a big deal and nothing further than a warning or possible ejection would have happened, except for the fact that Offerman went bat-**** crazy in a literal sense…

14. Roadwarriorfan - August 17, 2007

Offerman suspended until legal proceedings are completed.


15. john from long island - August 18, 2007

The Atlantic League of Professional Baseball announced today that the suspension of Long Island Ducks player, Jose Offerman, remains suspended until legal proceedings have been completed. This is in regard to Offerman’s actions during the Long Island at Bridgeport game on August 14, 2007.

This is the announcement on the Atlantic League website.

I think its very weak.

Makes one wonder if there are different rules for different players.

16. Fausto Gabon - August 18, 2007

I think that the NFL precedent with matters legal like this gives Joe Klein (and Frank, who should be ashamed of himself for arguing provocation) just enough cover until they can think up something better.

Offie can always go play in Korea or Taiwan, I hear life there is cheap.

17. chuckerd58 - August 18, 2007

John,I think your joke was funny,imo,Beech was trying to hit Offerman,That happens in baseball and it doesn’t make Beech a bad guy. Offerman deserves a severe punishment for going out there swinging his bat,if he had a problem,he should have charged out with his fists only.If the league caves in to the Ducks,than that is a sad and weak decision.

18. chuckerd58 - August 18, 2007

Also,again props on the pics,glad to see a pic of Vito.

19. Roadwarriorfan - August 18, 2007

Yeah chuckerd, you took the words right outta my mouth. Nice pictures of Vito and Omar, Mike!

20. chuckerd58 - August 18, 2007

Vito C. this years Mike Huggins.

21. Roadwarriorfan - August 18, 2007

No doubt. As great a year as Huggins had last year; Vito is on pace for a better year, in some categories.

22. chuckerd58 - August 18, 2007

Seems Like Vito has more power,but Huggins was a much better fielder. I do like Ian Bladergroan at first.

23. Roadwarriorfan - August 18, 2007

Yes, Vito already has more doubles than Huggins (25 to 23) and nearly as many home runs (14 to 20).
Although Vito is solid at first, Bladergroen is better.

24. chuckerd58 - August 18, 2007

How are ya Roadwarriorfan. How many games to you get to see them in,I have seen them about 10 times the last 2 years,I have seen them about 7 times on Long Island,and I have seen them in Somerset,Newark,and Lancaster. At first i wasn’t happy to see them so much,then i devolped a respect and likeing for them.It has to be tough to play every day on the road.

25. Roadwarriorfan - August 18, 2007

Hmmm I’ve heard that before, people not liking to see the same team over and over again. Well I was a Road Warrior fan since the beginning, so I don’t really know what that’s like but anyone has to respect this team, spending about 5 months traveling to play for not too much money at all. But I usually get to between 15 and 20 games a year between Camden, Lancaster and Somerset. It’s great to follow the players and kind of, get to know them a bit. Like this year, I’ve had the opportunity to talk to Vito many times about the team, transactions, etc. It’s great to see other people taking a notice in the team.

26. BoosterBabe - August 18, 2007

Until his legal proceedings are over????
Big F-ing Deal.

I swear, I will not set foot in a stadium where that animal is playing. If he returns to the league, civilized people should express their feelings about him being allowed back in the league by NOT SHOWING UP.

Of course, that will never happen. Mob Mentality will take over and everyone will show up, hoping to see his next rampage.

How does Boulton sleep at night?

27. tteski - August 18, 2007

The Can-Am league has a traveling team like the Road Warriors. I believe they’re called “The Grays”. However, although they have no home field and play every game on the road, in some of the road games they are designated as the home team and thus are able to get to bat in the bottom of the 9th. I wish the Atlantic League would adopt this policy.

28. Roadwarriorfan - August 18, 2007

Yeah, I actually also follow the Grays a bit. I like how, in the Can-Am League, there really isn’t any loaning of players. Although there can be trades made, teams don’t steal players from the road team.

29. Bob - August 18, 2007

boosterbabe- why don’t you just wait until all the league and legal decisions have been made before you have your stroke? Stop thinking that the world is against you and your beloved bluefish

30. chuckerd58 - August 18, 2007

That’s a pretty interesting idea about the Warriors getting some home team advantage. It would be pretty cool to see a Warrior hit a Walk-Off Homerun.

31. Fausto Gabon - August 18, 2007

This Just In:

Jose “I’d Hit That” Offerman and Adam “Pac Man or Rain Main, Take Your Pick” Jones to go toe to toe next Friday on TNA Wrestling. Frank Boulton to guest referee.

32. chuckerd58 - August 19, 2007

What I would really love to see,Offerman and Jones as a tag team against the Steiner Brothers. With Bolton as the manager of Offerman and Jones. I Know,wrestling is fake,but if you know who the Steiner Bros. are would know Offerman and Jones would be bent and twisted into enourmas pain. lol Could’nt happen to nicer guys.

33. Roadwarriorfan - August 19, 2007

An “S.DeLeon” appears in tonights boxscore for Bridgeport. I got my hopes up for a return of the well-traveled Atlantic Leaguer, but I think it might just be another mistaken identity, this time of Sandy Aracena. Anyone confirm the signing of Sandy DeLeon?

34. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - August 19, 2007

It’s him…

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