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August 16, 2007 August 16, 2007

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New Photos Surface: An unnamed source has provided these two photos of the incident…

Connecticut Post Slide Show: Simply put, this is amazing stuff and a must see.

Worth noting in this is that it appears that Carl Everett removed the bat and tossed it away from the incident. Also, you can see Rob Cafiero and Kevin Haverbusch having to physically restrain Offerman from John Nathans.

Offerman – They’re Making It Up: According to this Connecticut Post article, Ducks INF Jose Offerman is now claiming that he did not hit Matt Beech and John Nathans with his bat.

“The catcher just made it up that I hit him in the back of the head and I didn’t hit the pitcher either,” Offerman told the paper.


Guarente Weighs In: Jason Guarente’s thoughts on the incident are pretty much spot on, and you can find them here.

Offerman No Longer On Ducks Site: Jose Offerman’s name has been removed from the Long Island Ducks roster on their web site.

Updates: I will have updates, photos and quotes late tonight or tomorrow. I was in Newark this morning to get some league reaction to the events of two nights ago, and am now at Yankee Stadium.

It’s worth noting that the first thing I saw when I walked into the Tigers clubhouse was Aquilino Lopez reading a local New York paper. And what article was he reading? Take a guess… – Mike Ashmore



1. Z - August 16, 2007

Is this the start of the cover up????

2. Fausto Gabon - August 16, 2007

Do you mean before or after Frank’s provocation/justification defense?

3. Voltaire - August 16, 2007

Is Offerman trying to give them more reasons to ban him for life?

4. BoosterBabe - August 16, 2007

If Offerman never swung the bat, then I must have been hallucinating that night. What are they putting in the beer at Harbor Yard that 2000 people saw him swing the bat at Matt’s head, including people who caught it on camera….yet, he didn’t do it???

And how do you explain Nathans’ concussion?

They are prepping us for Beech to be suspended. I feel it. And that is just WRONG.

http://www.connpost.com has the entire brawl (100+ photos) on their website. It’s chilling. I need to stop looking because I keep going back to “what if” and it’s very unhealthy for me.

5. tteski - August 16, 2007

Maybe someone can answer this question for me. Isn’t it standard procedure to hold a patient overnight in the hospital for observation if that person has sustained a concussion, especially one in which he passed out in the dugout from? Why wasn’t Nathan held overnight for observation?

6. Voltaire - August 16, 2007

They would suspend Beech for hitting Offerman in the leg?

If they suspend Beech, then Offerman had better be banned for life.

7. #10 Bluefish Fan - August 16, 2007

The fact the league CEO is blaming Beech is unbelievable. Considerng Klein works for him, Klein’s action lack much credibility.

As for Beech, the whole theory has to be that he was aiming at Offerman’s calf rather than throwing a pitch low and inside to the batter who hit a homer off him the last at bat. If Beech has that kind of control, how did Offerman hit a home run the last at bat? Does he have a bone to pick with Offerman or the Ducks? Obviously not, since the Ducks are mainly last years Bluefish team.

assuming he could intentionally hit Offerman in the leg, he must have unb

8. Voltaire - August 16, 2007

tteski, I don’t know about overnight, but Nathans has an MRI showing a severe concussion.

That’ll be used in court, it seems.

9. tteski - August 16, 2007

boosterbabe – In looking at the photo array from the Connecticut Post that you posted, I only see Offerman make one swing of the bat at Beech. You were there, when did the other two swings occur?

10. baseballhopeful - August 16, 2007

Pray that Nathans has no long term effects from the hit.

Everyone is responsible and accountable for their actions.

Offerman is a case of act now, think later.

11. BoosterBabe - August 16, 2007

I can’t honestly say how many swings were taken because there were bodies everywhere…I am not even sure I would have noticed how many. I saw what I would call “Flailing”….waving it around aimlessly. It wsn’t like he was swinging at Matt’s head like he would a ball on a tee, taking the time to aim and stopping between swings to line up his shot, so to speak. (and that in no way should be inferred to mean that he was not deliberately swinging the bat to cause bodily harm to him, just that his swings lacked precision). I can’t honestly say how many swings were taken.

#10–You read my mind. I didn’t want to say it but I was thinking the same thing–Beech had given up 7 hits in 1.1 innings. 22/35 pitches were strikes but honestly, i was there, most of those were foul balls with less than 2 strikes, not what I would call real strikes. I didn’t want to say anything negative about Beech’s pitching but…the stats tell the story. Read the play-by-play on the website. It’s too bad the official scorer gave D. Cesar the HBP by Beech in the top of the 2nd…otherwise that could be evidence, too. Can you believe it? The biggest pitch of the season and the box score got it wrong!

12. tteski - August 16, 2007

Has anyone else taken a slow and close look at all of those still pictures? I cannot see any place where Nathan gets hit in the head with a backswing. I see the swing at Beechs’ glove hand (photo #227) but no backswing to Nathan’s head. Could he have possibly gotten hit in the head when he was in the middle of the scrum (photos #110-56)? Take a good look and let me know what you think.

13. Fausto Gabon - August 16, 2007

I think you are getting maybe six frames a second, in two dimensions, not a defensible position. I think that no matter how many time I look at the pictures, Oswald acted alone.

14. tteski - August 16, 2007

No doubt Offerman was totally wrong and should be banned from the league, but I don’t see where he made contact with Nathan’s head on a back swing and why Nathan should be pressing assault charges on him.

Precedent has been set in the league with the banning of Dee Jenkins, of Bridgeport, for his bat attack against the Ducks in 2001. (I was at that game and the police actually had been called to the field to help restore order).

I think that the league should handle the discipline and it should not be a legal matter because, technically, by the letter of the law, Offerman could press charges against Beech for assault with a weapon (the thrown baseball). Each sport must be able to police their own house and not have the authorities get involved.

15. Jason - August 16, 2007

Nathans and Beech didn’t press charges. That was a false report.

16. tteski - August 16, 2007

Then who did?

17. Jack G. (Aka Crouchosarus) - August 16, 2007

The police were at the game, they apparently can press charges for assault if they witness it.

18. Z - August 16, 2007

All the conjecture is meaningless….If Offerman did this on the street would he be arrested??? He’s a professional and I don’t know of many professionals who have done what he has done….He’s wrong and he must pay the price…case closed…

19. BoosterBabe - August 17, 2007

If you listen to Matt’s interview on espn.com, you will hear him say that he and John did not press charges, he actually says that was a false report. Matt states that the Police were at the game and they met Offerman in the clubhouse and arrested him.

20. BoosterBabe - August 17, 2007

Offerman would never get teh assault charge to stick against Beech. Beech’s job is to throw the ball at Offerman. Offerman would have to PROVE that Beech intentionally hit him, and they can’t prove that because the mechanics of the pitch do not bear that out. If a man capable of throwing a baseball 90-93 mph (which he is) really wanted to hurt someone, he would have thrown a 90mph pitch at Offerman’s rib cage, or shoulder or somewhere where he could hurt him. He would have chosen his weapon: and the weapon would not have been an off speed slider down low and inside.

On the other hand, there is absolutely no reason for a batter to carry a bat anywhere beyond the batter’s box. Clearly, Offerman’s intent was to hurt. (Probably to kill but I can’t prove that).
It would never stick.

21. chuckerd58 - August 17, 2007

I really doubt we will see Offerman back in the league. He is already suspended,I can’t believe the Ducks will bring him back. Charging the mound with a bat is totally wrong. As far as being arrested,i also doubt he will pay a price in jail,it reminds me of The Chris Simon incident this past hockey season. He assaulted Ryan Hollweg,just got suspended,but didn’t get charged. Of course,this is just my opinion.

22. chuckerd58 - August 17, 2007

And the pictures where incredible.

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