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August 9, 2007 August 9, 2007

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Marsonek Rocked, Patriots Lose: Somerset Patriots P Sam Marsonek simply didn’t have it last night, lasting just two thirds of an inning in a 10-2 defeat at the hands of the Newark Bears.

He walked his first two batters, and threw the first six pitches for balls, receiving a mock cheer from the 4,070 fans at Commerce Bank Ballpark after he got the seventh over the plate.

Not including the first two years of his career (1997 and 1998) this was the shortest start of Marsonek’s ten-year professional career. This was his 101st start.

After the game, neither Marsonek or manager Sparky Lyle were able to take anything positive away from the game…


“Tonight? I sucked. Again.”

“It sucks. You don’t like letting the team down or letting yourself down. You can imagine. Put yourself in my position. It sucks.”


“(It) was the same old (stuff). We’re trying to get in the freaking race to win the second half, you can’t go out there and walk every (freaking) body in the ballpark.”

“I normally don’t take pitchers out then, but you can’t…especially against a team that hits like that team, you can’t put us in a deficit like that and not get the ball over the plate.”

“Have you seen his last five starts? They all started out the same way. I just couldn’t do that tonight. This was a game that was pretty important for us tonight. You can’t give Newark a five (freaking) run lead. You can’t do it.”

“I don’t have anybody to put in (his place in the rotation). It doesn’t have anything to do with the rotation, it has to do with tonight’s game, and only tonight’s game.”

Obviously, it wasn’t the most fun clubhouse to be in. It’s certainly worth mentioning that Keith Reed was 4-for-5 with two home runs and four RBI. His first home run was a missile high off of the second level of advertising in left field, while the second one was more of a high, majestic shot that cleared the right field wall.

Before the game, Brett Jodie told me that he’d exchanged e-mails with P Jon Cannon, and that he would likely come back to the team.

On the Bears side of things, P Jeriome Robertson re-joined the team yesterday.

About Last Night…: Here are a few photos from last night’s game…

Patriots outfielder Elliott Ayala

Somerset catcher Jason Belcher

Casey Cahill gave Somerset their longest relief outing of the year

Bears starter Delvis Pacheco

Road Warriors Sign Big Leaguer: On the trusty Atlantic League transactions page, it currently says that P Mike Garcia has been returned to the Somerset Patriots. Obviously, this did not happen for a multitude of reasons that aren’t worth me wasting my time, most notably the fact that he’s never pitched in this league or the Patriots wouldn’t know who he was if I asked.

So, apparently, he’s on the Road Warriors. Under the assumption that it’s the Mike Garcia that comes up in a Google search, he has big league time…so give credit to the league for putting someone with MLB time on the Road Warriors. He appeared in 20 games for the Pirates in 1999 and 2000, and has extensive experience in Taiwan. He’s also pitched in Mexico and Korea.

He also has extensive experience, period. He’s a 38-year-old righty.

I try to not rip the league, but the fact that transactions are inaccurately reported and that my report on Garcia is pretty much guesswork speaks volumes to how difficult it is to get baseball information from the league and some of its teams.

Speaking Of Garcia’s: The Joliet Jackhammers of the Northern League have signed former Ducks P James Garcia.

Giveaway Coming: Either today or tomorrow, I’ll be announcing a Somerset Patriots themed giveaway on the site. Stay tuned… – Mike Ashmore, mashmore98@gmail.com



1. Voltaire - August 9, 2007

Well, that (sucks) for the Patriots.


2. Roadwarriorfan - August 9, 2007

RHP Mike Garcia replaced Jorge Mejia’s spot on the Road Warrior roster.

3. BoosterBabe - August 9, 2007

Bluefish have a 25 man roster for the first time all season.

Just signed Josh Tyrell (not sure who he is, actually, but he was on the roster sheet they give out with the score cards last night).
Interesting to note: Mike Porzio is now on the Inactive List. And Manny Ulloa has moved into the #2 spot in the rotation (he last pitched Saturday night at LI, which was #3). He goes tonight vs. York.

Could Porzio be going somewhere????And if so, where? I asked a couple players and a couple of their girlfriends and no one at the stadium seemed to know (though they might have and were told not to say anything. I’ll just accept “I don’t know” from a friend at face value.)

And where does that leave our starting rotation?

Beech is doing fine (he’s 10-6, after a decent showing last night. That man is a completely different pitcher when he gets run support!!!)

Sturge is doing fine. Ulloa had a good night Saturday so we may be in good shape there. Kent has been going fifth. He’s 2-1 as a starter, though he gives up a lot of walks. Maybe Bierbrodt will move out of the bullpen into the starting rotation?

Any news about Boehringer coming back? The fact that we have a full roster tells me they don’t expect him, if they did, wouldn’t they leave a spot open?

I’m scared because Porzio seemed to be the best we had this season (with Beech a close second). They need to win 28 more games if they want to be in contention this season, so we need all the pitching we can get. (and NO MORE ERRORS, please, boys!!!! If you could factor out the runs caused by bush league errors, we’d be 20-6 instead of 11-15!

It’s so hard to stay away from the stadium, knowing they are home and I so want them to start winning again and I absolutely DO want to see them win! But I’m not a good “waker-upper” in the morning and being out until 10-10:30pm absolutely destroys me when I have to be out the door to work the next morning by 8am.

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