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August 1, 2007 August 1, 2007

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Just Another Mannix Wednesday: It’s almost like you need one of those decoders you get out of cereal boxes to understand some of the transactions posted on the league website sometimes.

The latest has P Kevin Mannix being returned to the Somerset Patriots.

Several problems with that…

– Mannix has never been Patriots property, he last belonged to the Ducks. Can’t return him to a team that’s never had him.

– He hasn’t pitched since May 12th in Camden, where he was later hit by a car and has been out ever since.

I’ll assume that Mannix is going back to the Ducks until someone tells me otherwise.

UPDATED: Someone has told me otherwise. In response to an e-mail, a member of the Ducks front office has let me know that Mannix is on the Road Warriors roster, and is wearing #9.

Patriots officials have no knowledge of Mannix joining their club either, but I can’t take credit for confirming that one… – Mike Ashmore



1. www.BrickCityBruins.com - August 1, 2007
2. LIpaperlantern - August 2, 2007

yeah i think Mannix was actually on the RW when he got hurt, so this makes sense…thank god he’s back they need pitching

3. Roadwarriorfan - August 2, 2007

The A.L. website has now added that the Road Warriors have activated Mannix from the disabled list, without taking the “returned to Somerset” transaction off. Unfortunatley, the activating transaction is still inacurrate because Mannix was never on the disabled list, but the inactive list, I guess I can’t be TOO hard on the official website though.

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