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July 26, 2007 July 26, 2007

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Bluefish Loading Up: Brian Boehringer, Nick Bierbrodt, Luis Figueroa, Jose Amado and Willis Otanez. What do these players all have in common? According to Rich Elliott of The Connecticut Post, they all either could be or are coming to the Bridgeport Bluefish.

Elliott writes that Boehringer and Bierbrodt are expected to join the team shortly, with Boehringer’s timetable being listed at ten days. The article also states that Otanez will join the team next week, with Figueroa and Amado being possibilities as well.

Boehringer was 2-3 with 6.04 ERA in five starts for Bridgeport before going down with an elbow injury.

Bierbrodt started his Atlantic League career with Somerset in 2005, coming out of their bullpen and helping the team win their most recent championship. He returned to the team the following season, and flat out was not good, but later re-surfaced with the Bluefish that season and put up solid numbers.

Figueroa has left the team twice already for Mexico, and was hitting .324 with two home runs and 36 RBI at the time of his second Mexican vacation.

Amado played for the Bluefish for three seasons, and is always one of the names you hear that’s rumored to be returning. A corner infielder with some pop, he’d likely serve as the team’s DH.

Otanez is a professional Patriots killer, once hitting a home run in each of a three-game set in Bridgewater. He has spent part of the past five seasons with the Bluefish, with most of them bring interrupted by time spent in Mexico.

Greg Runser, Fan Of Electricity: Because really, there’s no other way to explain the quote found in his player profile on the Surf’s website. Runser pitched for the Road Warriors in 2003.

NOTE: From the “I can’t believe I’m making this correction” department, the quote is apparently from the wildly overrated Will Ferrell movie, Anchorman. As I said in the comments, your player page is a really odd place for a movie quote.

That would be like me throwing “I believe you have my stapler” into my bio.

While We’re Talking About Departments: This one comes from the things I know I shouldn’t link to department. The Atlantic League can only strive to one day have people arrested in their apparel… – Mike Ashmore



1. Sooz - July 26, 2007

Re: Runser. That’s a quote from Anchorman made by Steve Carrol’s character.

2. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - July 26, 2007

Hated that movie, which would explain me not getting the reference.

Regardless, that’s an odd place to randomly have that in there…

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