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July 17, 2007 July 17, 2007

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“New Guy” Gets Released: According to Jim Seip, the York Revolution have released P Matt Hirsh. Hirsh was 1-8 with an 8.05 ERA at the time.

This obviously puts a bit of a dent in the “Ask The New Guy” segment, but I plan on keeping in touch with Matt and seeing what the future holds for him.

Camp Day! Yay!: Everybody who knows me knows that there’s nothing more I enjoy than making my way through 5,000 screaming kids in 90 degree temperatures at 11 o’clock in the morning. But no, atlanticleaguebaseball.com readers, I bite the bullet and am here in Somerset to bring you live coverage of the Patriots and the Road Warriors. Bet you can’t guess the home team.

It’s 10:20 AM, and the lineups have just been circulated around the press box. Here ya go…


CF Travis Ezi
3B David Housel
C Manny Mejia
1B Ian Bladergroen
RF Steve Doetsch
LF Estee Harris
SS Gabe Suarez
2B Ron Fenwick
DH Nick Valdez
P Randy Dicken (0-3, 6.75)


2B Danny Garcia
SS Teuris Olivares
CF Mike Lockwood
DH Josh Pressley
LF Jason Romano
C Jason Belcher
RF Alan Zinter
1B Travis Anderson
3B Pat Boran
P Brandon Knight (3-2, 6.16)

Scoreless through one…

Patriots take a 6-0 lead through two; Zinter RBI single, two-run throwing error and a three-run Danny Garcia bomb to left…

Road Warriors cut the lead to 6-2 in the 3rd on a Travis Ezi HR that just snuck inside the right field foul pole. 6-2 going into the bottom of the third…

Chris Eickhorst is now in the game for the Road Warriors, Dicken lasted all of two innings. 6-2 after three…

Same score after four…

If you’ve seen Mike Lockwood hit a home run before, then you’ve seen this one. He hit his typical laser to right field — a solo shot that increases Somerset’s lead to 7-2. Brandon Knight leaves the game after accumulating nine K’s in five innings, Jason Richardson is in to start the sixth…

7-2 Somerset through six…

Eickhorst finishes his FIFTH inning of relief, and the score remains 7-2 after seven…

Josh Pressley pumped a longball off the Ford sign in left off of Julio Guerrero to make it 8-2 through eight. Tony Peralta is on to close out the game…

PATRIOTS WIN 8-2. Somerset pitching struck out 16 BATTERS in the win.

Camp Day Photo Fun! Spongebob! Whoo!

Road Warriors starter Randy Dicken

By request, a shot of Ron Fenwick

Somer-starter, Brandon Knight

Manny Mejia’s the backstop today, Aracena’s out of the lineup

Nick Valdez sends his greetings

All Photos: Mike Ashmore

Ulloa To York: The Road Warriors have lost P Manny Ulloa to the York Revolution. The Road Warriors rotation is pretty much in shambles at the moment, with Randy Dicken, Darwin Soto, and Carlos Castillo pretty much serving as the only options Jeff Scott has. It’s very possible you’ll see Chris Eickhorst moved into the rotation, especially considering he went five innings today.

Norderum Canned: Jason Guarente writes that Lancaster P Jason Norderum has finally been released. Norderum’s ERA was never lower than 7.23 the entire season, so this was kind of an inevitable situation.

Perisho Inactive: Bridgeport has placed former MLB reliever P Matt Perisho on the inactive list.

King Of The Press Box: I’m in Trenton, in the middle of a ridiculous stretch where I’ll be covering six games in three days. And, alongside me is Chuck King of MinorLeagueDugout.com, brother of former Patriots and Ducks C Brad King. Brad is now a mortgage broker, and was this close to making the Twins Triple-A roster before ending up with the Camden Riversharks.

He ended up taking a test to become a mortgage broker and ended up walking away from the game. He currently works for Wells Fargo in the Naples, Fl. area. I’m hoping to speak to him in the next few days. – Mike Ashmore


1. Roadwarriorfan - July 17, 2007

Nice pics of the Road Warriors, Mike!

2. BoosterBabe - July 17, 2007

Stacey, are you here? 😉

3. BoosterBabe - July 17, 2007

From the Where are they Now files:
Ex-Newark Bear/Nashua Pride Joe Gannon.

Last stat I found for him on Howes Sports Data was end of April, with the Winston-Salem Warthogs of the Chi-Sox organization.

I have googled until my fingers nearly fell off…cannot find any news of him being released, traded, signed, absolutely NOTHING!

Has anyone heard what became of him?

Just wondering.

4. Roadwarriorfan - July 17, 2007

Warrior SP Manny Ulloa’s contract has been assigned to York.

5. LIpaperlantern - July 17, 2007

RW lose their best pitcher yet again!!! BOOOOO
Anyone know anything at all about Nick Valdez?

6. Roadwarriorfan - July 17, 2007

I know just about as much as anyone, catcher from recently released from the Diamond Backs organization. Played in rookie ball before being released in late June. He wears number 28 for the Road Warriors.

7. LIpaperlantern - July 17, 2007

thanks, cant find stats for him anywhere

8. Voltaire - July 18, 2007

Dang! Tough news for Hirsh. Best wishes in whatever he plans on doing next.

9. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - July 18, 2007

Matt and I have exchanged e-mails, and he said that he does intend on pitching somewhere for the rest of the season. I’m going to try to help him out the best I can, he’s a nice guy and he’s one of the youngest pitchers in a veteran league, so I don’t put too much stock into his numbers.

10. Roadwarriorfan - July 18, 2007

Sorry to be nit picking but don’t forget Damien Myers, also in the Road Warriors rotation. The loss of Ulloa is definitely going to hurt.

11. LIpaperlantern - July 18, 2007

not to be a brat, but how does this transaction fall under the “Rules” that were given about the Road Warriors. I dont remember seeing one that said you can take a player from RW to replace someone who is struggling and that you want to release….
P.S. Good luck to the “New Guy” in his future and thanks for the column….

12. Roadwarriorfan - July 18, 2007

I agree LIpaperlantern. If I could attempt to answer your question…Jason Guarente wrote on his blog that York put a claim on him, at the same time Long Island put a claim. York recieved him because they have higher priority, with a worse record. Makes a little bit of sense, but not a whole lot, coming from a fan’s point of view. Honestly, I’m more satisfied with Ulloa ending up with the Revs as compared to another going to Long Island.
Often times I wish the league would run the Road Warriors differently, and not as a development team. The Can-Am League runs the Grays as just a road team. No players are put on loan or have contracts bought,etc. However, it’s probably better from a players point of view to work as a development team, like the Warriors. The Grays even bat last in a select number of games. I am sure if this were to happen, the Road Warriors’ record would improve, as the Grays have already won more games, in a shorter time, then the Road Warriors all season.

13. roadwarriorfan - July 21, 2007

Hi Sheryl!! I got the hit on google alerts! Mike–thanks for the shot of Ron…I appreciate it!

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