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July 6, 2007 July 6, 2007

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“Ask The New Guy” correspondent Matt Hirsh
(For more on Matt: hirshbrothers.com)

Ask The New Guy: For our newest installment of “Ask The New Guy” with York P Matt Hirsh, ALB reader Ralph Dunbar has asked the following question…

I’d like to know from Matt about life as one of the youngest players in the Atlantic League? Do teammates treat him with less respect because of his age? Does he like being young because he still has a good chance of getting picked up? Is he frustrated to be in indy ball at such a young age? I ask because most Atlantic Leaguers are in their late 20s, I think.


Ralph Dunbar

Matt’s Answer:


Life in the Atlantic League for me is going pretty well, despite my stats, which right now I could care less about (I’ll explain a little later). Being one of the youngest players in the league is definitely an advantage. This is only my second year in pro ball and I think this is the best place for me to be right now. I haven’t pitched above rookie ball and now I’m facing guys who have Double-A, Triple-A and Major League experience. I have a distinct advantage over a lot of the players in this league and that is my age (22). Most of the guys in this league are looking to put up numbers and get back in to affiliated ball. As far as my goals for this season go, I’m more focused on getting the experience and soaking up information like a sponge. We have a lot of guys who have tons of experience so I’m looking to learn as much as I can. It would be nice if I got picked up this season, but that isn’t my main focus.

I get treated with the same amount of respect as any other player on our team. Age doesn’t factor into anything when you’re here, as far as respect goes. The age spectrum on our team ranges from 22 to 38, so there’s a pretty wide variety. I think some guys may look at me as ill-experienced, which is true, but as far as respect goes, if you give it then you’ll get it. I treat everybody on the team just like I’d like to be treated. I know that my inexperience can show sometimes out on the mound, but thats why I’m here. I need to learn as much as I can to make me a better player. I think I’ve grown tremendously as a pitcher since I’ve been here. I know a lot of guys don’t want to be here right now and would rather be in affiliated ball, but I’m happy to be here right now, which is where my age comes into play. If a scout in the stands sees me pitching well in this league and sees that I’m only 22 then they’re more inclined to sign me than they would of somebody who was maybe in his late 20s. I’m not 100% positive on that but that’s what the tendencies are. The younger the player the better.

I said before that my main focus right now isn’t putting up numbers, rather, gaining experience and learning as much as I can. Right now, I know my numbers aren’t stellar by any means. Hell, some would even say that they’re horrible, which I would agree with. I could care less what my numbers are right now though. If someone were to look up my stats and make a decision based on that alone, they would think that I’m doing pretty bad. However, I see it as growing and learning as a pitcher. I’ve had success in many of my outings (although my stats don’t reflect it) but it seems that my trouble right now is avoiding the big innings. I’ve had too many innings where I give up a bundle of runs but then settle down and pitch very well. There are
positives to be taken away from every outing and things to work on and learn from.

I’ll give a brief description of my main process of thinking, which is called being process oriented. Process oriented thinking is thinking about the steps it takes to achieve your goal. Baseball is based on result oriented thinking, which is thinking about the result, rather than the steps it takes to get to that result. Example: a hitter is hitting .210 and is in the midst of a slump. The result oriented thinking hitter would come to the plate thinking, “Man, I’m in a slump right now. I need to get some hits so I can boost my average.” He is more focused on his numbers as opposed to his process, therefore, he’s more tense at the plate because he’s pressing to get base hits. The process oriented thinking hitter would come to the plate with a plan and thinks, “Alright, I’m going to look for a pitch I can drive and put a good swing on it.” Nowhere in his process is he thinking about getting a base hit, rather, he’s more focused on putting a good swing on the ball, therefore, he is more relaxed at the plate. That is the approach I’m taking right now, so it’s not really about putting up numbers right now, more so, it’s about learning and getting experience, which is the advantage of me being one of the youngest guys in the league.

Thanks for the question Ralph and I hope that answered everything.



For your chance to be the next lucky fan to get a great answer to your question from Matt, send what’s on your mind to mashmore@patriotsbaseball.com, and your question could be next!

Catching Up With Jason Bowers: I’m in Trenton yet again, where I randomly had a quick conversation with Joe Gannon thanks to a Royals scout, and bumped into a Patriot who never was, Brian Peterson.

Peterson and Jason Bowers play for the Altoona Curve of the Eastern League, and I spoke to Bowers about his time in the Atlantic League — quotes tomorrow. I will say that he looked like he came out on the wrong end of an ass-kicking contest, the result of getting hit in the face with a bat and being drilled in the hand trying to break up a double play.

As for Peterson, he was under contract for a week, slated to make just under the “guidelined” monthly maximum salary. He said he started out the season in Single-A, but was called up to the Curve after about a month in A-Ball.

Road Warriors Make Three Moves: The Road Warriors have placed Sandy Aracena on the inactive list, Trevor Marcotte on the disabled list and signed Nick Valdez. My best guess on Valdez is that he’s a catcher just released from the Diamondbacks organization, but searches on this guy were pretty inconclusive.

I’m sure someone knows what’s going on with Aracena…if anybody wants to fill me in there, be my guest.

Ducks Add Ulloa…UPDATED: According to a Ducks press release, Long Island has added P Enmanuel Ulloa, who had pitched for the Road Warriors this season. Ulloa becomes the third player that the Ducks have had assigned to them from the Road Warriors — with Norm Hutchins and Estee Harris being the others.

UPDATE — The Ducks sent out a second press release, saying their first release was wrong. Ulloa apparently wasn’t assigned to the Ducks and remains with the Road Warriors.

Insert comment here.

Reposting the All-Star Rosters: In case you missed it yesterday, Scott Stanchak posted the Atlantic League All-Star rosters. Here’s another look at them…


1B P.J. Rose – Long Island
(replaced by Vito Chiavaralloti, Road Warriors)

2B Junior Spivey – Bridgeport

3B Edgardo Alfonzo – Long Island

SS Jose Offerman – Long Island

OF Carl Everett – Long Island
(replaced by Nick Ortiz, Bridgeport)

OF Bobby Malek – Bridgeport

OF Quinton McCracken – Bridgeport

C Sandy Aracena – Road Warriors

DH Jay Caligiuri – Bridgeport

UTL Gabe Suarez – Road Warriors

UTL Ray Navarrete – Long Island

UTL Javier Colina – Newark

UTL John Pachot – Newark

UTL Keith Reed – Newark

UTL Vic Rodriguez – Newark

P Bobby Brownlie – Newark

P Gary Knotts – Newark

P Danny Graves – Long Island
(replaced by Ben Grezlovski, Long Island)

P John Halama – Long Island

P Franklin Perez – Bridgeport

P Mike Porzio – Bridgeport

P Eddy Ramos – Bridgeport

P Emmanuel Ulloa – Road Warriors


1B Jeremy Todd – Lancaster

2B Danny Garcia – Somerset

3B Jeff Nettles – Somerset
(replaced by Denny Abreu, Camden)

SS Danny Gonzalez – Lancaster

OF Jutt Hileman – Lancaster

OF Dwight Maness – Camden

OF Quincy Foster – Lancaster
(replaced by L.J. Biernbaum, Camden)

C Lance Burkhart – Lancaster

DH Matt Dryer – York

UTL Dominick Ambrosini – Lancaster

UTL Elliott Ayala – Somerset

UTL Nate Espy – York

UTL Mike Lockwood – Somerset

UTL Luis Taveras – York

P Brian Adams – Somerset

P Andy Van Hekken – Somerset
(replaced by Saul Solveson, Somerset)

P R.D. Spiehs – Somerset

P Chris Cooper – York

P Derrick DePriest – Lancaster

P Josh Stevens – Lancaster

P Anthony Ferrari – Camden

P Ramon Linares – Camden
(replaced by Alberto Castillo, Camden) – M. Ashmore



1. Sharks52 - July 6, 2007

I noticed that after the Pats play the DH in Lancaster on Monday they will have played one game more than the amount of games the Riversharks have played, (63 to 62). Aren’t Atlantic League teams required to play the same amount of games in each half?

2. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - July 6, 2007

Camden has to make up a game after the half ends…

3. Sharks52 - July 6, 2007

Thanks Mike. I can’t recall any game that wasn’t played on the schedule and the Riversharks don’t list anything on their website. Any idea who they’re playing and when? Sorry I have to bug you but the Atlantic League doesn’t do much of a job of keeping you informed.

4. Dave - July 6, 2007

Jeff Nettles went 2 for 4 with a home run in his first game with Wichita.

5. Fausto Gabon - July 6, 2007

Sharks play @ the Fish on Monday.

From http://www.bridgeportbluefish.com/

‘Fish, ‘Sharks Swim on July 9
To make up for an earlier rainout, the Bluefish will host the Camden Riversharks in a special “pre-matinee” on Monday, July 9th at 10 am. Tickets are available at the box office, or click the TIX icon to order.

6. Voltaire - July 6, 2007

Great job on the “ask the new guy.” Always fun to read.

7. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - July 6, 2007

I’m pretty much just a messenger on the Ask The New Guy stuff, all the credit should go to Matt and the fans asking the questions.

Matt does a great job of answering the questions by giving elaborate, well thought out answers. I know he enjoys doing it, so please feel free to send your questions to me or you can probably just post them here if you’d like…

8. LIpaperlantern - July 7, 2007

Looks like someone in the league has had enough of the Ducks picking up all the RW best guys…

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