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July 5, 2007 July 5, 2007

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All-Star Names: Here we go with your 2007 Atlantic League All-Stars…


Bridgeport Bluefish: Junior Spivey (2B- North Starter), Nick Ortiz (SS – North Stater, replacing Jose Offerman), Bobby Malek (OF – North Starter), Quinton McCracken (OF – North Starter), Jay Caligiuri (DH – North Starter), Franklin Perez (P), Mike Porzio (P), Eddy Ramos (P).

Long Island Ducks: P.J. Rose (1B – North Starter, replaced by Vito Chiavaralloti), Edgardo Alfonzo (3B – North Starter, replaced by David Housel), Jose Offerman (SS – North Starter, replaced by Nick Ortiz), Carl Everett (OF – North Starter, replaced by Kevin Haverbush), Kevin Haverbush (OF – North Starter, replacing Carl Everett), Ray Navarrette (Res.), Danny Graves (P – Replaced by Ben Grezlovski), Ben Grezlovski (P – Replaces Danny Graves), John Halama (P).

Newark Bears: Bobby Brownlie (P), Gary Knotts (P), Javier Colina (2B), John Pachot (C), Keith Reed (OF), Victor Rodriguez (1B), Javier Colina (Res.), John Pachot (Res.), Keith Reed (Res.), Victor Rodriguez (Res.), Bobby Brownlie (P), Gary Knotts (P).

Pennsylvania Road Warriors: Vito Chiavaralloti (1B – North Starter, replacing P.J. Rose), David Housel (3B – North Starter, replacing Edgardo Alfonzo), Sandy Aracena (C – North Starter), Gabe Suarez (Res.), Emmanuel Ulloa (P).


Camden Riversharks: Denny Abreu (3B – South Starter, replacing Jeff Nettles), Dwight Maness (OF – South Starter), L.J. Biernbaum (OF – South Starter, replacing Quincy Foster), Anthony Ferrari (P), Ramon Linares (P – Replaced by Alberto Castillo), Alberto Castillo (P – Replacing Ramon Linares).

Lancaster Barnstormers: Jeremy Todd (1B – South Starter), Danny Gonzalez (SS – South Starter), Jutt Hileman (OF – South Starter), Quincy Foster (OF – South Starter, replaced by L.J. Biernbaum), Lance Burkhart (C – South Starter), Dominick Ambrosini (Res.), Derrick DePriest (P), Josh Stevens (P).

Somerset Patriots: Danny Garcia (2B – South Starter), Jeff Nettles (3B – South Starter, replaced by Denny Abreu), Elliott Ayala (Res.), Mike Lockwood (Res.), Brian Adams (P), Andy Van Hekken (P – Replaced by Saul Solveson), Saul Solveson (P – Replacing Andy Van Hekken), R.D. Spiehs (P).

York Revolution: Matt Dryer (DH – South Starter), Nate Espy (Res.), Luis Tavarez (Res.), Chris Cooper (P).

Stanchak’s Take: When I was posting the Atlantic League All-Star rosters this afternoon, a few things came to mind.

1. That’s awesome that the Road Warriors are getting some well-deserved recognition. Four members of the squad are named to the North squad, while two of them are starters. By well deserved, I mean by playing on the road all the time.

2. The big names are bowing out of the event, including P.J. Rose, Jose Offerman and Edgardo Alfonzo. The Long Island Ducks lead the way with the most players that are not going. Expect more names to go home instead of the annual event – not just from the Ducks, other teams as well.

3. Four players for the York Revolution to make the South squad in their first season of play isn’t good. I like balance on the A.S. rosters, but this team just isn’t that good and so I’m sure even four players was pushing it. Then again, they played on the road or wish they did most of the time.

4. Oh, how the South’s catching spots would have been different if Ben Davis was still a Rivershark. The pitchers and Chris Fussell, as well.

5. I know a lot of players who don’t care about the event. The league needs to do things to hype it up a lot more otherwise fans will stop caring as well. – Scott Stanchak

All-Star Teams To Be Announced Today: Jason Guarente mentioned on his blog that the league expects to announce their All-Star rosters today. There was some initial speculation that they’d be out as early as Monday, but that clearly wasn’t the case.

No word on if vote totals will be made public.

Just in case any press release says that the media got a vote, we didn’t.

Dicken To Road Warriors: Depending on which line of the Atlantic League’s official transactions page you believe, Camden has either “assigned the contract” or “loaned” P Randy Dicken to the Road Warriors.

Basically, all that really matters is that the guy is going to be wearing gray for a while.

He was 0-2 with 5.13 ERA in 20 games. – Mike Ashmore


1. BoosterBabe - July 5, 2007

All Stars from Bridgeport:

Spivey, Malek, Caliguiri, Ortiz (instead of Offerman)–all Starters
No position players on the reserve list.
Pitchers: Porzio, Ramos, Perez

Slightly surprised about Beech not making the team, with his 8-3 record he seemed like a natural…, but you never know, maybe he declined the offer. (shrug)

2. BoosterBabe - July 5, 2007

Shoot, I always forget about McQuacken!!!! bad, bad Boosterbabe!

3. Roadwarriorfan - July 5, 2007

Awesome, 3 starters for the Road Dogs! Plus 2 more reserves!

4. beisbol - July 5, 2007

I’m just wondering–is there any sort of bonus a player gets for making an all-star team and do they forfeit it if they choose not to play?

5. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - July 5, 2007

No bonuses, at least I’ve never heard of anyone getting one.

6. BoosterBabe - July 5, 2007

Maybe they should have a bonus in place for playing in the All Star game. That’d be one way to get the guys excited about it. And to show up if they’re selected.

They should feel honored to be chosen for the All Star game. No matter whether it’s the Atlantic League or the American League… I guess the “big names” on LI feel ashamed to be playing here, and they don’t want to be associated the the Atlantic League maybe? I guess they don’t like being a big fish in a small pond.

In my opinion, take whatever you get and make the most of it. If you are an all star in the Atlantic League, maybe you’ll get noticed by someone else. Never know. There were definitely scouts in the stands in Bpt at last year’s All Star game. I was hanging out with some of Bpt’s “non-All Stars” and we overheard them.

Sorry, to me it’s not only arrogant to decline playing in the All Star game when you’ve been selected, it’s short sighted. Almost like cutting off your nose to spite your face (as my Mom used to say).

7. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - July 6, 2007

I do recall one account of a player receiving a bonus in 2003, but I don’t think players are supposed to receive them anymore.


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