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July 3, 2007 July 3, 2007

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Catching Up With Sheldon Fulse: I spoke to 2006 Road Warriors alum OF Sheldon Fulse, now in Double-A with the Washington Nationals organization.

Quotes tonight or tomorrow…

Camden Signs Three: According to a source, the Camden Riversharks have signed P Luke Lockwood, P Nate Buttenfield and C Josh Noviskey.

Buttenfield’s story is an interesting one. Lockwood was a Phillies farmhand, and Noviskey spent six seasons in the Indians system.

Lancaster Signs One: The Lancaster Barnstormers have signed P Ryan Harris, one of the players to be named later in the Jimmy Hurst deal.

Jason Guarente also writes that the team has activated C Lance Burkhart and released Phil Norton.

York Signs Two: The York Revolution have signed P Bryan Edwards, who’s now on his third Atlantic League team this season, and OF Jason Aspito.

Aspito topped out at Triple-A in the Angels system.

“It’s a Joke”: Some very worthwhile Atlantic League reading was put out by The York Daily Record’s Jim Seip yesterday, going through the disaster that York’s stadium has been this season.

He said the stadium conditions were a joke, players working conditions were laughable, and points out the team has drawn fewer than 3,002 fans four times already.

And he’s right about all of it, despite the fact that he was actually pretty kind.

Among the things he didn’t mention that have already been written about elsewhere are that the official scorer has left the game in the seventh inning during one game, and another featured no food in the press box.

He also left out the dangerous outfield walls, which are a deep fly ball away from ending someone’s season.

In Revs P Matt Hirsh’s latest journal entry, he paints a picture from a player’s perspective (as he also did in our own “Ask The New Guy” segment a week or so ago) saying that things don’t seem to be improving.

Players initially not being allowed to choose their own entrance music at the stadium was another gripe another player had.

Clearly, the stadium was opened a season before it should have been. And it’s a shame, because anyone you talk to tells you the stadium is going to be gorgeous when it’s completed. Lancaster is probably my favorite stadium in the league, and I’m told York’s will be far better.

However, you never get a second chance to make a first impression, so how many people they get next season will be the telltale sign on how badly this first impression hurt their second season. – MA



1. BoosterBabe - July 3, 2007


Road Warriors were in Bridgeport this weekend and I snapped a few photos of Ian Saturday night when he played. Didn’t get to talk to him at all, but I was sitting on the 3rd base side with my camera so I took a few shots of him. They aren’t terribly close (it’s “Only” a 10x Zoom!!!) but you will recognize him!!! 😉

Please email me at boosterclub@optonline.net and I will be happy to return the email with the photos!

2. Sharks52 - July 3, 2007

My daughter pointed out to me that there are 3 baseball teams within 45 minutes of her college—York, Harrisburg and Lancaster. While the baseball fans enjoy the extra choices, the public in general will pick just one of these clubs and go to it. It seems to be Lancaster as the only stadium I would rate with it is Trenton which is way too far away to have any impact on them. We recently went to a Harrisburg vs. Reading doubleheader and there couldn’t have been more than 1000 physically there, and most people in that area are Phillies fans. Harrisburg’s Stadium is mostly bleecher seating with little or no shelter and the concession areas leave a lot to be desired, and like it or not Keystone management is right when they point out that these factors are more important to the average family than whether the team wins or loses. Even at the stadium many of the fans said they were there just to see the Phils and prefer to go to Lancaster even though Harrisburg is closer. I really think to be financially healthy minor league baseball needs to pull back it’s presence, not continually expand it. We’ll see what happens when the AL opens the next team in MD.

3. ycpgreazy - July 3, 2007

I’m sure the players have hated the set up at York’s 67% finished stadium… but here’s the rub. The fans don’t care what the players go through. All they care about is seeing a couple of dingers, fireworks, some stupid between inning games. There are a large number of the bumpkins around York county who will never come to the stadium because they think downtown York is inherently unsafe. Then there are a group of folks who won’t come out until the stadium is fully complete. Those people will love the stadium when they do finally come out.

The people who have been to games so far have had a great time. They couldn’t care less about where the players had to get dressed. They sure as hell couldn’t care less if the writers in the press box got food or not. It’s like the song says “we don’t worry about winning much, we just like to see the boys hit em deep.” Anyone who thinks there is a large contingent of baseball lovers who live and die with their team just hasn’t been around minor league ball long enough. If you get 5 thousand people to the game, chances are 500 of them know who the cleanup hitter is. Chances are better that they belong to the booster club, and maybe even house a player.

Things in York are going to be just fine, and although I am one of the people I described above who would like to see my hometown team win a championship, the team will make plenty of money off of the people who just want to take their screaming brats out for a cheep evening.

4. KenD - July 3, 2007

Nettles getting signed is the best story out of the Atlantic League. As a Bears fan and Pats hater, you still have to be happy for this guy. When you look at where this league is today, Nettles is one of the guys who help build it. I hope he doesn’t come back. Good luck Jeff, even Bears fans are pulling for you.

5. BoosterBabe - July 4, 2007

Any idea when the All Stars will be announced?
I was asking the guys in Bridgeport tonight and they don’t seem to know, either.

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