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June 29, 2007 June 29, 2007

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Who Do You Want To Hear From?: I’d like to think that I do a decent job of getting you quotes from players around the league, but usually it’s from some of the bigger name guys.

I’ll be on assignment all day (Yankee Stadium to do a Jack Cust feature) and won’t be near a computer, but when I come back, I’d like to see some suggestions on who among the less-heralded players in the league you’d like to hear from. – MA


1. Paul - June 29, 2007

I’d like to hear from some of the guys that have been in the league for years, like Dwight Maness, Angel Espada, Norm Hutchins, Jeff Nettles etc. about their perceptions of the league & how it’s changed over their playing careers. It would also be interesting to hear why they keep coming back.

2. BoosterBabe - June 29, 2007

Hey Mike,
I know you’re based in NJ, and there are 3 NJ teams…so it always seems like you focus on the NJ teams. It feels like there’s not so much coverage on Bridgeport.
So anything with some of the Bridgeport guys would be great.

3. ycpgreazy - June 29, 2007

If you can ever get a hold of a translator, I’d love to hear some of Kaz Tanaka’s thoughts on being in America, The Atlantic League and York respectively.

4. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - June 29, 2007

I don’t know if it’s fair to lump Nettles or even Hutchins into the Maness and Espada group, but I’ll talk to those guys the next time I can.

As for any sort of New Jersey bias, the only bias I will admit to is one regarding the Patriots considering that’s where I’m based and that’s where I’ve covered over 250 games.

I’m always going to get Patriots information before I get it from other teams because I’m there, and I also don’t forget that the patriotsbaseball.com domain redirects here as well.

Furthermore, the timing of those comments coming right after I had interviews with Junior Spivey and Quinton McCracken seems a little odd to me…

As for Tanaka, I could probably do something very limited in English…I’m told his English is improving, so maybe I could do something real simple with him.

5. BoosterBabe - June 29, 2007

No offense was intended, Mike. I did notice you interviewed Spivey and McCracken recently, which is sort of why I mentioned it, and am grateful for that. I guess I should have said “MORE with the Bridgeport guys”. I also didn’t mean to imply you had a NJ bias, at least not intentionally. You’re there. It’s convenient for you to report on those teams b/c it’s easy to get to them.

Please know I did not mean to imply that I didn’t think you were doing a good job or intentionally leaving Bridgeport out. Just…more, give me more! LOL Thanks

6. www.BrickCityBruins.com - June 30, 2007

Well, I was going to ask for some scoop from Jeriome Robertson, but he left the Bears after tonight’s game to go play in Mexico. Oh well.

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