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June 28, 2007 June 28, 2007

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Headlines: Aracena Update w/Road Warriors procedures…Ask The New Guy…McCracken Interview…Happy Valentine’s Day…All-Star Managers…Bautista Quits…ESPN hearts the Ducks

Updating the Aracena Story: After Bluefish manager Tommy John told me yesterday that league executive director Joe Klein told him that Sandy Aracena wasn’t available to any club, I figured it was time to figure out why.

I had a productive 20-minute conversation with league CEO Frank Boulton this afternoon, and while he wasn’t able to help specifically with the Aracena situation, he was able to provide me with a lot of insight regarding the procedures in which the Road Warriors can be sent to different teams.

– Once a team sells a second player to an organization, they have the option to replace the second player with a “like” player from the Road Warriors (i.e. you can’t replace an outfielder with a pitcher)

– Any Road Warriors player has the right to refuse any assignment to any team, the refusal can be based on but is not limited to financial considerations and playing time

– If a team loses a second player to injury, the team may replace him with a Road Warrior, but at a higher purchase price than if they’d sold two players to organizations.

– In the event multiple teams claim one player, a waiver system is used, based off of what interested team has the worst win-loss record.

– Teams are allowed to option up to two players to the Road Warriors, although more may be allocated at the discretion of the league.

– The Road Warriors cannot lose more than one position player or one pitcher to this process in any week.

– A trade involving the Road Warriors can be made at the discretion of the league.

– Any claim involving this process is subject to the team being in good standing with the league.

I have made a call to Road Warriors manager Jeff Scott to see if Aracena has any interest in going to another team, and was told to expect a call from Joe Klein to get a specific explanation regarding the Aracena situation.

Also, to be very clear, any comments made on this website that are not from “Mike Ashmore” or “AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com” are not made by me, and thus should not be attributed to me.

Matt Hirsh (Courtesy: HirshBrothers.com)

Ask The New Guy: Here’s our newest installment of “Ask The New Guy” with Revs pitcher Matt Hirsh. In this question, Omar Jones from Freehold, NJ asks…

Matt, you hear a lot of good things and some not so good things about the stadium. I can’t wait to go there as a fan, but what is it like there as a player? What’s done and what isn’t?

Matt’s answer:


There’s a lot to be said about our stadium in York. Let’s just say there’s a lot more things that are yet to be completed than things that are finished. I’d have to say the only thing finished at the stadium is the field itself. That of course and the seats. I don’t think too many of the concessions are open, actually, I think only one is done. I know they have the little carts that sell beer, cotton candy, and funnel cakes. There’s a whole list of things that aren’t finished at the stadium. Here are a few: the luxury boxes, both clubhouses, concession stands, batting cages, and so on. It might not be that many things but the ones that are missing are huge, especially the clubhouses. It’s not fun having to get ready in a single-wide trailer where you have little to no room to breathe. That and they don’t have any bathrooms, so we have to use port-a-potties when we’re at the trailer. The conditions given are less than ideal, but I guess it’s how we do on the field that counts, not off. That being said, it would still be nice to have a clubhouse and a place to sit down before the games, or even take a shower if we would like. I would’ve rather had been on the road for another week or two and come back to a finished clubhouse, rather than a trailer. I don’t think the conditions can get any worse for us and like I’ve been saying all along, the stadium in York will be a great field for next year. I think they rushed everything to try and get it ready for us to play on but it just seems like more of a hassle right now for us that is, rather than something we can enjoy.

Don’t get me wrong though, I love playing in York and having a fanbase. Opening night at the stadium was awesome and I loved every minute of it. Being on the road is very tough, especially what we’ve gone through being on the road for the first month and a half. I feel the Road Warriors’ pain and it just makes the season that much longer. Finished stadium or not, I love the new field and the conditions can only get better. The whole stadium is supposed to be done by late August early September, but you never know.

Thanks again for the question Omar.



To be the next lucky fan to get your question answered by Matt, please send your question with “Ask Matt Hirsh” in the subject to me at mashmore AT patriotsbaseball.com, and you could be the next person to see your name and the answer to your question at this website.

Catching Up With The Q-Man: I spoke to Bridgeport Bluefish OF Quinton McCracken before today’s game in Somerset. Here’s what was said…

On the AL experience so far: It’s coming along. Most importantly, I’ve been healthy. Things are coming along, things are progressing. Not at the rate that you would like, but they’re coming along.

On leaving a job as a post-game analyst for D-Backs games for FSN to play here: I never lost the itch. I wanted to play, and I’m still capable of playing. Unfortunately, no offers came this off-season. For the first month of the season, I was home. Fox approached me with an opportunity to some post-game work with the D-Backs, which was right near my home. It was convenient, and it was something that I’ve always had an interest in. It worked out great for me, I could just go out and watch the games and be in baseball.

On being picked in the MLB expansion draft after three seasons in Colorado: Going into the expansion draft, I knew I had a pretty good chance of being selected. It was an opportunity for me to play every day. In Colorado, I was a fourth outfielder even though I was able to accumulate a lot of playing time. So to be able to get out there and play every day was a learning experience, and it was an opportunity that I took advantage of.

On playing in the postseason with Arizona in 2002: That’s what it’s all about, that’s why you play the game…to win championships, to win rings. I was fortunate enough to be a part of the division championship team with the D-Backs in ’02, but unfortunately we got knocked out in the first round by the Cardinals. But that’s why you play the game, for seasons such as that. It was a thrilling experience.

On if it bothers him that he’s a game short of 1,000 for his MLB career: No, not really. If I get 1,000 or more, great. As a 25th round draft pick as a senior, in all reality of it, I wasn’t supposed to get day one in the big leagues. It’s been a good, long ride. The game of baseball’s been very good to me. I still feel that as a player, I have something to offer. It’s just about finding that right fit. If I find it, great. If not, it’s been a great career.

Cain Released, Valentine Signed: The Long Island Ducks have signed P Joe Valentine. Valentine, a 27-year-old righty, has three seasons of big league experience with the Reds.

The team has released Tim Cain, the all-time leader in numerous AL pitching categories.

Klebe, John To Manage All-Star Teams: The Atlantic League announced today that Frank Klebe of Lancaster and Tommy John of Bridgeport will manage in the All-Star Game this year.

Bautista Done. Again: According to someone with knowledge of the situation, OF Danny Bautista has left the Camden Riversharks. Bautista, who abruptly left York after being fed up with the situation there, played in four games for Camden.

Making the situation more odd is that he only wanted to play in Camden.

However, he reportedly expressed an interest in playing for a non-BASA team prior to being “traded” to Camden, so he may not have worn out his welcome just yet.

ESPN Lovefest For Ducks Continues: First, Jeff Pearlman penned a well-written article about the big leaguers on the Ducks. Now, Jerry Crasnick offers a piece on the controversial Carl Everett, who also plays for the Ducks.

I’m a little surprised we haven’t seen the obligatory Sparky Lyle and Jeff Nettles piece that would promote “The Bronx is Burning” yet.

My personal favorite, of course, was Ruben Sierra and Javy Lopez being thrown into the article as names the league is talking to. Glad I sat on those names the entire season. Sierra is the big name and Lopez is the big name catcher.

Neither seems likely to be coming, by the way.

My favorite quote? “It’s exactly what you see in the minors,” Joe Klein said of the league, “except we can sell the seats behind first base, because our shortstops don’t throw the ball into the stands.”

Hmmm. That’s pretty much an open invitation to count errors by the league’s shortstops. OK, I’ll bite. Through June 24th’s games, players at shortstop have committed 105 errors. – Mike Ashmore



1. Skools - June 28, 2007

Any ducks fans or mike know whats going on with ray navarette. He has not been playing in the past couple of days. Also i wanted to see if u had called matt carnes yet

2. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - June 28, 2007

Navarrete was in uniform two days ago, I assume he’s injured.

I haven’t called Carnes — not sure if I’ll get to that. I’m not sure he’d remember me from Somerset, so calling a guy out of the blue might be a little odd for something I probably wouldn’t end up using…

3. Scott Stanchak - June 28, 2007

Hey Mike, now how many errors do shortstops in the majors have? haha

4. Bob - June 28, 2007

Navarrete and Harris were involved in an outfield collision last Saturday night. Although both have been in uniform, Estee has played only once since then and Ray has yet to get back on the field

5. LIpaperlantern - June 28, 2007

Thanks for the update! Looking foward to hearing about the call from Mr. Klein.

6. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - June 28, 2007

Here’s a Carnes update as well…

A shoulder injury derailed his career with Tampa Bay, so he’s back home in Oklahoma. He’s married and working in a bank.

7. Sharks52 - June 28, 2007

The Road Warriors could have it worse. You know your team’s really in trouble when the mascot quits on you. Check out the AC Surf’s website. By the way, the Road Warriors looked awfully good against the Barnstormers Monday and Tuesday. Russ Cleveland was the only guy who seemed to have a handle on their hitters. Maybe he should continue to pitch on the days he’s not catching.

8. fishyfan - June 28, 2007

the Road Warriors looked pretty good against the Bluefish too.. the pitcher in the first game, Manny Ulloa had pitches that the Fish didn’t seem to be able to read or get to..

thanks for the Road Warrior info as to how they can be picked up by other teams.. we had been wondering..

keep up the great reporting.. we learn much more here than from the Atlantic League site or any of the team sites..

9. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - June 28, 2007

Thanks. Hopefully I’m able to find out more, but who knows at this point…

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