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June 25, 2007 June 25, 2007

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As Promised, Your Quotes: While I can’t give you everything I got because I need to have original stuff for my paper, here’s some selected stuff from Ryan Baerlocher, Jeremy Owens, Michel Hernandez and Jason Simontacchi.

BAERLOCHER: When they first made the offer, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to keep playing. And the more I thought about it, I started looking for a real job and started putting my resume together. I was going to do something in banking. I have my degree and all that. I started working out again, and I thought maybe I want to play baseball a little bit more.

There’s definitely some players in that league that are legit players. They’ve played in the big leagues, they’ve been around a while. But then on the other scale, there are some guys who haven’t played as long and aren’t as experienced. I think that since a lot of those guys hadn’t seen me pitch before, it was kind of an advantage and probably helped me get as many strikeouts as I did.

HERNANDEZ: In Somerset, it’s a good level (of play) for an independent league. It’s a good league.

I like it here (with Durham), you have a chance to play in the big leagues.

OWENS: Since 2005, Tampa Bay called and offered me an every day job in Montgomery, Alabama. I jumped on it and was able to get back in affiliated ball. I didn’t hit great, but I was able to put up some good power numbers. My slugging was pretty decent, I hit 17 or 18 home runs, and I did enough to where they asked me to come back.

On how much credit he gives Somerset for where he’s at…

All of it. If I’m not able to play that one year, that’s probably it. I’m thankful for that league being there. It’s big that they played 140 games, that’s the reason I went there. (Adam) Gladstone gave me a call, and I’m glad they gave me a shout. So I give them all the credit, it was a great atmosphere to be around. You just got to play, you got to play your game and it was a big help.

SIMONTACCHI: I’ve played in so many different places, that it wasn’t about what I was going to get out of it. It wasn’t about how much money I was going to make, it was about getting back to the big leagues. If Dave (LaPoint) would have come to me and said, ‘Simo, we only have $500 we can give you,’ I still would have done it. That was my bridge to get back in the game and hopefully get back with an organization.

This game is so vicious. The second that you think you have it figured out, you better watch your back, because it’s going to come back and bite you in the ass. If you think you’ve got it going and you’re cruising, you have no chance. It’ll chew you up and spit you out. I just wanted to go there and prove to myself and prove to everybody else that I can pitch, I’m healthy and I’m getting there. Look at my numbers and see what I’m doing.

Hooray, News!: According to a source, the Baltimore Orioles have signed former Road Warrior Derek Barrows and assigned him to the Gulf Coast League. It is certainly worth noting that he was signed as a pitcher.

Bridgeport Gets Made: The Bridgeport Bluefish have signed C Kelington Made to a contract. Made last played affiliated ball in 2005 in the Pirates organization, and has two seasons of experience on their GCL team. He’s a career .190 hitter.

Big Name Stuff: The “big name” situation appears to be pretty stagnant at this point. The player has some business ventures that appear to be more important at this time, and the team that has been in discussions with him is taking the approach that he’ll call them if he really wishes to continue his playing career. – MA



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