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June 15, 2007 June 15, 2007

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Playing Catch-Up: I’m in Trenton tonight, and I got to catch up with former Somerset Patriots P Chris Rojas and former Bears reliever P J.J. Trujillo.

Newark’s J.J. Trujillo

On how Trujillo found out he was going to the Phillies: They called me in the morning one day, and they called the manager and I called the manager and he gave me some other people’s names to call, and they said that we want you in Reading today.

On if he was surprised it took as long as it did to get picked up: I was really just trying to win with Newark, so this is completely a bonus. I just wanted to play another season and have fun. We were doing well. Like I said, it was a complete surprise. Thankfully, I have some good people on my side who still believe in me and decided to bring me on board.

On the difficulty of leaving the “special” Newark clubhouse: It’s always hard to leave people that you become friends with and that you become close with, and that’s how it is on any team I’ve ever been on. But coming into a new situation, and having the opportunity to make new friends — you can go pretty high in affiliated ball compared to independent ball.

On how realistic his second attempt to use independent ball to get to the big leagues is: That’s for other people to make that decision, but I feel like I can do it. I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t. But I’ve always felt that way. I went through some unfortunate circumstances, but everybody does. You go through your hard times and it’s your choice to either move on or battle back and try it again. I actually did move on, but I decided to come back and play again. They offered me this great opportunity, so I decided I’ll try to battle back again.


Somerset’s Chris Rojas (Both photos: Ashmore)

Rojas on how he found out he was leaving: It was actually during a Thursday day game, and I was in the dugout. I got called over by Sparky and Brett, and they told me to pack my stuff and get out of here. It was pretty cool.

On his Atlantic League experience: I really enjoyed it, to be completely honest with you. Obviously, nobody wants to be in an independent league and everybody’s playing there to get out, but it was enjoyable. The guys there were awesome, management was awesome, and it was a great place to play. It was a nice atmosphere.

On his expectations of the league, considering his prior indy ball experience: It was a lot better than I expected. I started out in independent ball, so I knew a little bit about it. But this was a much different atmosphere and a much different level. Guys are older and more professional there. You’re out there to win, and that’s nice because it’s different than being in an organization sometimes.

On his status in the Phillies organization: I always consider myself as somebody who still has a chance, or else I wouldn’t still be playing. If I consider myself as a fill-in, then I’d might as well just hang em’ up. You’d be playing without a cause. But either way, I’m going to come here and contribute and do what I can do to try to make it. I can’t really control that, I just have to go out there and perform.

York’s Home Opener: York’s Sovereign Bank Stadium opens tonight, and I’ll have some stuff up from that event later tonight…

Cubs Have Hart: Jason Guarente is reporting that Lancaster INF Bo Hart has been signed by the Chicago Cubs and assigned to Triple-A Iowa. So much for getting to see him…

Anyway, Hart was hitting .245 at the time of his departure.

Ducks Lose Wathan: The Long Island Ducks have lost SS Derek Wathan to the Kansas City Royals organization. He has been assigned to Triple-A Omaha. Wathan was hitting .264 with three home runs and 13 RBI for Long Island.

Newark Cuts Pitcher: The Newark Bears have released reliever Blake Allen in order to make room for the now-activated Matt Sweeney.

28 Straight For Biernbaum: Camden’s L.J. Biernbaum has reached base in his last 28 Atlantic League games, including his last four in 2006. Also, he has the league’s longest active hitting streak, getting a hit in 14 consecutive contests entering tonight’s games.

“New Guy” Journal Entry: York Revolution P Matt Hirsh has posted a new journal entry, and you’re going to want to check it out by clicking here. Just to clarify something on there, I cover Somerset, I don’t work for them. Wouldn’t mind a few extra zeroes at the end of my paycheck — but unfortunately, that isn’t the case.

To ask Matt a question for our “Ask The New Guy” segment, e-mail me at mashmore@patriotsbaseball.com, and selected questions will appear here.

Lancaster Adding A Pitcher?: There’s a rumor floating around that Lancaster may be adding a pitcher very recently released by an American League East organization. Stay tuned. – MA



1. liducks - June 15, 2007

from what i heard from my friend in the ducks office, the are trying to go after Rey Ordonez or bring back mark lewis to feel the spot in the infield. and Alex ochoa might be comig to the league very soon.

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