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June 10, 2007 June 10, 2007

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Headlines: WHIP It Good…More Fun in the World of WHIP…Catching Up…Photo Gallery…York Quietly Signs Players…

WHIP It Good?: Somerset Patriots manager Sparky Lyle recently stated that he wanted to get the team’s roster down from 26 to 24 after Jose Morban returns on Tuesday.

A lot of Patriots insiders are speculating that at least one of the cuts may come from the bullpen. So here’s a look at some statistics from the current eight members of the relief crew.

It is worth pointing out that Urban has appeared in one game, and Knight has pitched in four.

WHIP (Walks and Hits per Inning Pitched)

Jeff Urban – 0.43
Saul Solveson – 1.04
R.D. Spiehs – 1.12
Tony Peralta – 1.31
Brandon Knight – 1.33
Jason Richardson – 1.44
Casey Cahill – 1.68
Sam Marsonek – 2.05

ERA (Earned Run Average)

Jeff Urban – 0.00
R.D. Spiehs – 2.65
Saul Solveson – 2.76
Jason Richardson – 3.63
Casey Cahill – 5.68
Brandon Knight – 6.00
Sam Marsonek – 6.75
Tony Peralta – 6.92

(Batting Average Against)

Jeff Urban – .125
Saul Solveson – .224
R.D. Spiehs – .234
Jason Richardson – .242
Brandon Knight – .261
Tony Peralta – .271
Casey Cahill – .296
Sam Marsonek – .333

Who should Somerset cut? What’s your take? Put it in the comments section…

More Fun In The World Of WHIP: Bridgeport’s Franklin Perez, who has other ridiculous statistics as an 0.52 ERA and .105 batting average against in 16 games, also has a WHIP of 0.98

Camden’s WHIP leader is Ramon Linares, who has allowed a filthy 0.79 walks and hits per inning pitched. He also averages more than a strikeout per inning.

Derrick DePriest has an ungodly 0.61 WHIP for Lancaster, having allowed just eight hits and three walks in 18 innings of work.

Travis Wade is Long Island’s surprise WHIP leader, with an 0.85 mark. What makes that more surprising is the former Bear is dead last on the team with six strikeouts.

The Bears, Road Warriors, Patriots and Revolution do not have active players with a WHIP under one.

Catching Up?: Well, not exactly. The league average is .274, while the league’s catchers are hitting at a .254 clip. The numbers only include active catchers, so players like Jeremy Deitrick and Michel Hernandez are not included.

Bridgeport: .208; Fleming Baez, John Nathans, Tommy Rojas (32/154)
Camden: .320; Ben Davis, Randy McGarvey (39/122)
Lancaster: .321; Lance Burkhart, Russ Cleveland (43/145)
Long Island: .229; Jamie Pogue, Jared Price (24/105)
Newark: .192; John Pachot, Jason Torres (24/125)
Road Warriors: .283; Sandy Aracena, Manny Mejia (47/166)
Somerset: .182; Travis Anderson, Manny Santana (14/77)
York: .295; Greg Brown, Luis Taveras (31/105)

However, you can’t look at batting average when it comes to determining who’s good behind the plate.

For example, Newark’s John Pachot is more comfortable behind the dish as compared to standing beside it, leading the league with a 55% success rate (11/20) of throwing out attempted base stealers.

On the other hand, Ben Davis is probably the best offensive catcher in the Atlantic League — with Sandy Aracena not far behind. But both are among the most run on backstops in the league, with a league high 28 runners attempting to steal on Davis, and Aracena not far behind with 26.

Davis has thrown out just six of those 28 runners, while Aracena has been more successful by stopping 12 of the 26 who’ve tried his arm.

So why isn’t the catching better?

In speaking with one person in charge of a team’s player procurement, he said that “there really isn’t a lot out there” in terms of backstops.

Patriots manager Sparky Lyle also recently said that “we probably still wouldn’t have anybody” backing up Travis Anderson had Lancaster not dealt them Manny Santana.

With Hernandez gone, Davis is the only catcher in the league with big league experience.

Tommy Rojas has one game of Triple-A experience, Lance Burkhart has 32 AAA games to his name, Jared Price has 66 and Pachot leads the group with 299.

The remaining 13 have not reached the highest level of the minors.

So who’s the best catcher in the Atlantic League?

Is it Aracena? Davis? Does Burkhart get considered? How about Luis Taveras?

Nobody thought he’d be included in this conversation when Opening Day was around the corner.

Does Pachot’s arm get him the nod?

Well, who is it? Leave your thoughts in the comments section…

Sunday Photo Gallery:

Brandon Knight, one of the newest Patriots

Greg Powell, my preseason pick for Pitcher of the Year

Craig Paquette, hitting just .179 so far in his return to baseball

Camden backup backstop Randy McGarvey, a surprise part of the bench today

AL veteran outfielder Dwight Maness

Got Milko? Camden does…

Matt DeMarco, hitting ninth and playing second.

Matt DeMarco and NASCAR’s Kurt Busch…separated at birth?

Denny Abreu, back for another year…

York Signs Two Big Leaguers: As tempting as it is to not publicize the signings of these two players, since the Revolution obviously have no interest in doing so, I can’t just let them go by unnoticed.

Anyway, the team has signed former Major League pitchers Frank Castillo and Steve Smyth.

Castillo may be a name you know. The 38-year-old is a veteran of 13 big league seasons, and has pitched for the Cubs, Rockies, Tigers, Blue Jays, Red Sox and Marlins. He also was fairly close to signing with the Patriots several years back, and Adam Gladstone clearly didn’t delete his number from his cell phone.

Smyth appeared in eight games for the 2002 Cubs, going 1-3 with a 9.35 ERA. He spent the past two seasons with San Diego of the independent Golden Baseball League.

For a team trying to attract a core fan base, they sure could be doing a lot more to promote their signings. – Mike Ashmore


1. Paul - June 10, 2007

Sam Marsonek would be my cut from the Patriots bullpen. He’s at the bottom of all of the statistical lists, and every time I’ve seen him pitch recently, he’s either missing the strikezone or throwing something right down the middle of the plate.

Casey Cahill and Jason Richardson have had their share of terrible outings, but they’ve both had some good games, too. They can also give you a two or three inning performance if you need it.

Knight’s numbers are influenced by his first, terrible outing, but he’s pitched well since then.

As far as the best catcher in the league, I think it’s Sandy Aracena. He’s got the best combination of offense and defense. I was very impressed with Davis’ batting average, but after watching the Patriots steal five or six bases against him Friday, I can’t say that he’s better than Aracena, who at least throws out some of the people who run against him.

If Pachot were at least hitting around .240-.250, he’d be my pick instead.

2. chuckerd58 - June 10, 2007

Interesting look at the catching in the league. I guess any catcher who has all the tools will find a way into affiliated ball. I alway’s thought Sandy Aracena was the best all around catcher in the league,but as you pointed out,he gets run on alot. Sho’w that everyone has a hole in their game.

3. chuckerd58 - June 10, 2007

Steve Smyth pitched a decent game against the Ducks at least until i had to go out. I know York had a 5-1 lead. Chris King on the Ducks broadcast said that Smyth was a teamate of Ricky Henderson and Jose Canseco on the San Diego team which apparently folded.

4. chuckerd58 - June 10, 2007

Matt DeMarco could also pass for REM bass player Mike Mills from the early days

5. Jason - June 10, 2007

Catcher is the toughest position to evaluate because so many things don’t show up in stats.

If I could have any catcher in the league, I’d take Burkhart. He’s good offensively and excels at calling a game, framing pitches and working with his starters.

6. BoosterBabe - June 11, 2007

Excellent article in the Sunday CT Post regarding Tommy John surgery and all the guys from today’s Bluefish who’ve had it over the years.

Linked here:

I brought the Sports Section to the Ballpark with me today and gave it to Matt Beech, who was one of the featured players in the article. He was so funny: he nearly autographed the newspaper before I stopped him and he realized it was me! (I’m not really an autograph collector and he knows that). Laughing, I had to explain to him that I brought the paper for him, thinking he might like to read the article about himself, and he was so appreciative that I cared enough to bring it to him. They also showed Garrett Berger’s tattoo of a zipper pull at the end of his scar. I told him that I gave Matt the paper and to make sure he read the article, too. I also got to shake Angel Espada’s hand today. He got his 1000th career hit today and I was so happy that I could congratulate him on that accomplishment. Some of the guys have been really accessible in terms of signing balls for the Booster Club to give away in our nightly drawings, and I also took this opportunity today to thank them and it turned out, there’s a mutual admiration society happening, which is great! (Thank you so much…no no no, thank YOU!)

I absolutely LOVE that the fans (adults & kids) can come down on the FIeld on Sundays and interact a little bit with the players and I haven’t missed a Sunday this season.

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