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June 7, 2007 June 7, 2007

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Manny Santana (2004 photo: Ashmore)

Stormers, Somerset Make Moves: The Somerset Patriots have re-acquired C Manny Santana from the Lancaster Barnstormers for future considerations. Considering a player in the league was once traded for a few steak dinners, who knows what the hell that will end up being.

Anyway, Santana last played for the Patriots during their abysmal 2004 season, where he hit .245 with five home runs and 36 RBI in 82 games. He was a member of the Barnstormers 2006 championship team and got sporadic time with this year’s squad.

Both Jason Guarente and Ryan Dunleavy are reporting that the move was necessitated by Somerset losing C Michel Hernandez to the Tampa Bay Devil Rays organization, where he’s been assigned to Triple-A Durham.

The former Yankee was hitting a robust .342 with three home runs and 16 RBI, but what’s unquestionably his most impressive stat is his 19 walks compared to three strikeouts. That’s not a typo. 19 BB/3 K. Damn.

Guarente also writes that Lancaster C Jeremy Deitrick has retired. Deitrick actually wasn’t playing that badly, hitting .257 with six RBI in ten games. But with Russ Cleveland assuming the backup catcher spot, there was little playing time to be had for the former Surf backstop.

Somerset also officially announced the acquisitions of P Jeff Urban and OF Jason Romano.

Fun With Atlantic League Alumni: Here are the stats of various alumni around the league. This took a good two hours to do, which clearly squashes any rumors of me not having a life or anything…

Atlantic City

Carlos Adolfo, IND-AA, Fort Worth: .240/3/11
Dario Delgado, IND-NOR, Schaumburg: .250/1/10
Chad Gambill, IND-AA, Shreveport: .293/1/15
Demetrius Heath, IND-NOR, Schaumburg: .306/1/6
Jimmy Hurst, IND-NOR, Winnipeg: .250/4/12
Matt Imwalle, IND-AA, Sioux Falls: .313/5/18
Alex Llanos, IND-AA, Sioux City: .272/0/9
Dusty Maddox, IND-AA, Shreveport: 206/2/10
Wil Quintana, IND-AA, Sioux Falls: .327/6/14
Jose Velazquez, IND-AA, Nashua: .184/0/6
Clyde Williams, IND-CANAM, New Jersey: .667/1/2
Julian Yan, MEX, Aguascalientes: .290/22/59

Domingo Acosta, IND-FRON, Florence: 0-0-2, 1.08
Tony Pierce, IND-AA, St. Paul: 0-0-1, 3.38
Dan Reichert, IND-AA, Lincoln: 2-0-0, 3.20
Jamie Tricoglou, IND-AA, St. Paul: 0-1-3, 4.40


Jose Amado, MEX, Aguascalientes: .354/2/19
Darryl Brinkley, IND-NOR, Calgary: .375/4/19
Gary Burnham, AAA, Ottawa: .336/0/23
Alex Fernandez, AA, Altoona: .269/1/12
Chris Latham, IND-NOR, Winnipeg: .154/1/6
Alex Llanos, IND-AA, Sioux City: .272/0/9
Bryant Nelson, MEX, Tijuana: .267/4/22
Willis Otanez, MEX, Veracruz: .347/11/54
Carlos Rodriguez, IND-CANAM, North Shore: .304/2/7
Tino Sanchez, AA, Tulsa: .111/1/3
Barry Wesson, AAA, Round Rock: .246/2/7

Luis Arroyo, IND-UNI, Laredo: 3-1-0, 2.65
Brian Bowles, AAA, Fresno: 0-2-0, 7.16
Luther Hackman, AAA, Nashville: 0-0-9, 2.57
Josh Miller, AAA, Round Rock, 0-1-0, 1.29
Jason Simontacchi, MLB, Washington: 2-3-0, 5.28
Colin Young, IND-AA, Pensacola: 1-3-0, 4.68


Stephen Drew, MLB, Arizona: .247/1/20
Alex Llanos, IND-AA, Sioux City: .272/0/9
Luis Lopez, MEX, Minatitlin, .311/2/17
Pedro Swann, AAA, Ottawa: .211/0/6
Eddie Wilson, IND-UNI, Edinburg: .250/1/9

Shaun Babula, AAA, Charlotte: 2-0-0, 2.51
Kane Davis, AAA, Ottawa: 1-1-2, 2.33
Mark DiFelice, AA, Huntsville: 2-1-0, 2.48
Travis Phelps, AA, Corpus Christi: 0-0-0, 16.20


Jason Bowers, AA, Altoona: .271/2/9
Eric Crozier, AA, Portland: .208/5/26
Dario Delgado, IND-NOR, Schaumburg: .250/1/10
Alex Derhak, IND-FRON, Chillicothe: .222/1/7
Keith Maxwell, IND-FNOR, Schaumburg: .219/0/5
Juan Melo, AA, Harrisburg: .254/4/23
Jose Ortiz, MEX, Saltillo: .404/16/57
Reggie Taylor, MEX, Tabasco: .313/9/31
Clyde Williams, IND-CANAM, New Jersey: .667/1/2

Domingo Acosta, IND-FRON, Florence: 0-0-2, 1.08
*Edisbel Benitez, IND-CANAM, Sussex: 1-1-0, 1.93
Chris Clem, IND-FRON, River City: 0-1-0, 7.47
Derek Griffith, IND-FRON, Slippery Rock: 1-0-0, 0.00
Scott Patterson, AA, Trenton: 2-1-1, 1.20
Charlie Weatherby, A, Clearwater: 0-0-2, 4.88

Long Island

Erick Almonte, AA, Erie: .322/2/6
Anton French, MEX, Tijuana: .250/1/1
Bucky Jacobsen, MEX, Tabasco: .229/1/7
Chris Latham, IND-NOR, Winnipeg: .154/1/6
Donny Leon, MEX, Puebla: .354/22/56
Wil Quintana, IND-AA, Sioux Falls: .327/6/14
Mel Stocker, AA, Huntsville: .227/0/14
Steve Torrealba, AA, Erie: .228/3/12

Luis Arroyo, IND-UNI, Laredo: 3-1-0, 2.65
Cory Bailey: AAA, Iowa, 0-1-3, 3.32
Brian Bowles, AAA, Fresno: 0-2-0, 7.16
Pat Mahomes, AA-IND, Sioux Falls: 4-0-0, 1.89
Jim Mann, IND-CANAM, Nashua: 1-0-0, 0.00
Damian Moss, IND-SCL, Macon: 0-0-, 6.75
Bill Pulsipher, MEX, Yucatan: 1-4-0, 5.88
Ken Ray, AAA, Omaha: 2-1-2, 4.32
Andy Shibilo, MEX, Tijuana: 4-1-13, 1.88
Brad Whitworth, IND-CANAM, New Haven: 1-1-0, 0.92
Colin Young, IND-AA, Pensacola: 1-3-0, 4.68


Larry Bethea, IND-CANAM, Sussex: .111/0/0
Ricardo Cordova, IND-CANAM, North Shore: .208/0/1
Tom Creighton, IND-CANAM, Nashua: .325/0/1
Jimmy Hurst, IND-NOR, Winnipeg: .250/4/12
Francisco Lebron, IND-CANAM, Brockton: .333/2/6
James Lofton, IND-AA, Coastal Bend: .307/2/20
Carlos Rodriguez, IND-CANAM, North Shore: .304/2/7
Mike Torres, IND-CANAM, North Shore: .390/1/5
Eddie Wilson, IND-UNI, Edinburg: .250/1/9

Ned Darley, IND-AA, El Paso: 3-0-6, 0.69
Brendan Donnelly, MLB, Boston: 2-1-0, 3.38
Brad Guy, IND-AA, Sioux City: 0-4-0, 4.08
Matt Hammons, MEX, Norte: 5-3-7, 3.65
Jim Mann, IND-CANAM, Nashua: 1-0-0, 0.00
Colin Young, IND-AA, Pensacola: 1-3-0, 4.68


Sharnol Adriana, MEX, Tabasco: .394/6/32
Matt Brunson, IND-AA, St. Paul: .323/0/4
Dario Delgado, IND-NOR, Schaumburg: .250/1/10
Melvin Falu, IND-AA, Shreveport: .316/0/16
Alexis Hernandez, IND-UNI, Edinburg: .243/2/15
Jimmy Hurst, IND-NOR, Winnipeg: .250/4/12
Francisco Lebron, IND-CANAM, Brockton: .333/2/6
Pete Maestrales, A, Frederick: .202/1/10
Joe Mathis, IND-NOR, Fargo-Moorhead: .371/6/16
Keith Maxwell, IND-FNOR, Schaumburg: .219/0/5
Jerson Perez, IND-CANAM, North Shore: .270/0/8
Wil Quintana, IND-AA, Sioux Falls: .327/6/14
*Jarod Rine, IND-FRON, Washington: .314/1/9
Chris Torres, IND-CANAM, North Shore: .286/0/0

Domingo Acosta, IND-FRON, Florence: 0-0-2, 1.08
Shaun Babula, AAA, Charlotte: 2-0-0, 2.51
Joe Borowski, MLB, Cleveland: 0-2-17, 6.75
Joe Gannon, A, Winston-Salem: 0-1-0, 13.50
David Glick, IND-AA, St. Joe: 0-4-0, 6.59
*Aaron Ledbetter, IND-FRON, Washington: 2-0-0, 1.27
Jose Lima, MEX, Saltillo: 8-2-0, 4.15
Eric Montoya, IND-UNI, Edinburg: 1-0-0, 2.11
Gerry Oakes, A, San Jose: 0-0-0, 6.48
Fernando Rijo, IND-CANAM, Sussex: 0-0-0, 6.00
Darryl Roque, MEX, Laguna: 0-1-0, 5.68
R.J. Swindle, A, Lakewood: 0-0-2, 2.08
J.J. Trujillo, AA, Reading: 0-1-0, 7.71
Rolando Viera, IND-CANAM, Brockton: 1-1-0, 3.65

Road Warriors

Abner Arroyo, IND-AA, Sioux Falls: .287/3/17
David Cardona, IND-UNI, Rio Grande: .313/4/10
Orlando Cruz, IND-UNI, Laredo: 368/0/8
Melvin Falu, IND-AA, Shreveport: .316/0/16
Sheldon Fulse, A, Hagerstown: .217/0/4
Alexis Hernandez, IND-UNI, Edinburg: .243/2/15
Juan Lebron, IND-UNI, Laredo: .322/4/25
Alhaji Turay, IND-FRON: .269/0/3

Luis Arroyo, IND-UNI, Laredo: 3-1-0, 2.65
Edisbel Benitez, IND-CANAM, Sussex: 1-1-0, 1.93
Chris Clem, IND-FRON, River City: 0-1-0, 7.47
Tim Kester, AAA, Norfolk: 3-5-0, 6.13
Josh Neitz, IND-AA, El Paso: 1-3-0, 7.40
Brad Whitworth, IND-CANAM, New Haven: 1-1-0, 0.92
Colin Young, IND-AA, Pensacola: 1-3-0, 4.68


Larry Barnes, AAA, Las Vegas: .061/0/2
Robinson Cancel, AAA, New Orleans: .250/1/6
Edgard Clemente, MEX, Laguna: .000/0/0
Anton French, MEX, Tijuana: .250/1/1
*Sean Gamble, IND-CANAM, Grays: .333/1/7
Noah Hall, AA, Trenton: .273/3/19
Juan Lebron, IND-UNI, Laredo: .322/4/25
Alex Llanos, IND-AA, Sioux City: .272/0/9
Fernando Lunar, AA, Mississippi: .111/0/0
Jeremy Owens, AAA, Durham: .211/3/12
*Tyrone Pendergrass, IND-CANAM, Grays: .304/0/4
George Sandel, IND-NOR, Edmonton: .295/0/5

Hector Almonte, MEX, Norte: 1-2-1, 5.94
Jason Anderson, AAA, Ottawa: 0-1-0, 6.60
Luis Arroyo, IND-UNI, Laredo: 3-1-0, 2.65
Kane Davis, AAA, Ottawa: 1-1-2, 2.33
Mark DiFelice, AA, Huntsville: 2-1-0, 2.48
Dave Elder, MEX, Laguna: 2-1-0, 3.78
Joe Gannon, A, Winston-Salem: 0-1-0, 13.50
Mike Johnson, IND-NOR, Edmonton, 0-0-4, 0.00
Brandon Puffer, AA, Frisco, 2-0-0, 2.28
Keith Ramsey, A, Bakersfield, 0-2-0, 15.63
Chris Rojas, AA, Reading: 1-0-0, 3.00
Jason Shelley, IND-NOR, Gary: 0-0-0, 5.29
Jason Shiell, AAA, Omaha, 0-2-2, 3.07
Joe Winkelsas, AA, Mississippi, 0-2-0, 1.83


Tike Redman, AAA, Norfolk, .289/1/7

Ryan Baerlocher, AAA, Richmond: 0-0-0, 6.00
Adam Thomas, A, Stockton: 2-0-0, 0.00


Chris Gibson, IND-FRON, Gateway: .405/0/5

Gibson, son of Hall of Famer Bob Gibson, showcased himself at Commerce Bank Ballpark last season with the hopes of being signed by an AL team.

NOTE: AC and Nashua may be incomplete

* = Player played with team in Spring Training

AA = American Association
CANAM = Can-Am League
FRON = Frontier League
MEX = Mexican League
NOR = Northern League
SCL = South Coast League
UNI = United League

Alan Zinter – The Feature: Here’s the promised feature on Somerset’s Alan Zinter. It’s a little different than the one you’ll see in the Democrat…not one of my favorite pieces, which is entirely my fault.

Zinter Still Going At 39
by Mike Ashmore

After 1,413 minor league games, you can’t blame Somerset Patriots utility player Alan Zinter for thinking the next one would be business as usual.

The Houston Astros gave Zinter an unforgettable Father’s Day gift in 2002, calling him up to the big leagues in an unexpected moment in the dugout at a Triple-A game, the 1,414th of his minor league career.

“It was a normal Sunday game, and then the manager took me out in a double switch,” Zinter said.

“I was in getting some water, and then the trainer got a call on his cell phone. Usually when the trainer’s cell phone rings in the dugout and he says ‘yes, sir’ then something’s going on in the front office.”

But when the phone rang, Zinter didn’t even think twice, instead wondering which one of his teammates would be getting the call.

“I’ve heard that millions of times before, and it’s never been me, so it didn’t startle me or alarm me or anything like that,” he said. “So the trainer looks at the manager and goes, ‘Can we tell him?’ And the manager said, ‘Yup, we can tell him.'”

With Zinter on one side of the dugout, and the manager on the other, the two were separated by six pitchers, all of whom stared at the manager, each hoping they’d be the one headed to the big leagues.

“I’m just sitting there drinking my water, wondering who’s going up,” Zinter recalled.

“So the manager keeps walking, and he got to the last pitcher before me, and then he looked right at me. I was backed into a corner, and I was thinking a thousand thoughts. You’ve got to be kidding me.”

But New Orleans Zephyrs manager Chris Maloney wasn’t kidding.

“He stuck his hand out and said, ‘Congratulations, Bull, you’ re going to the big leagues.’ And I just kind of came out of my body, I lost it. Everybody was jumping on me like we just won the World Series, and I couldn’t feel anything.”

With his father in the stands, Zinter took off for Milwaukee with just the carry-on bag he’d brought with him. When he arrived at Miller Park, a gray Houston Astros jersey with the number 43 and his name on the back awaited him.

13 years after being picked in the first round by the New York Mets, he finally reached the big leagues at age 34.

And the Cinderella story didn’t end there. In just his fifth at-bat, Zinter’s first Major League hit was a home run off of Cincinnati Reds reliever Scott Williamson.

“I hit it off the facade, so it fell into our bullpen and I was able to get the ball back. I remember rounding the bases thinking that this was going to be on ESPN and all those cool things,” he said.

After all the long bus rides and all the games at ballparks that had seen better days, he took every opportunity to soak in the Major League experience.

“I remember one game where I was sitting there watching Curt Schilling throw his warm-up pitches,” he said.

“There was an emergency where our pitcher came out, and they came up to me and said, ‘You’ve got to hit, you’ve got to hit right now.’ So I went out there, and I’m digging in the box, and I look at the backdrop behind Schilling and it looked like PlayStation. I was just looking over his glove, and then I caught myself and realized I can’t be thinking about PlayStation right now, I have to be thinking about hitting Schilling.”

Zinter would get 44 big league at-bats that season, and then 34 more two seasons later with the Arizona Diamondbacks.

After two more Triple-A seasons, Zinter was released by the Cleveland Indians in Spring Training this year, and signed with the Patriots two weeks into the season.

The 39-year-old has struggled so far, hitting just .091 with one home run and three RBI in his first even games.

In phenomenal shape for his age, which Zinter credits to having played alongside Detroit Tigers legends Kirk Gibson and Alan Trammell towards the end of their careers in Spring Training, he still believes he has a chance at getting back to affiliated ball.

“I think it’s a small shot, a small window, a small opportunity,” he said.

“But there is a chance, and that’s what I’m banking on. If it doesn’t happen, then I’ve given it everything I’ve got.”

Lyle Suggests Pay Raise: In Courier News writer Ryan Dunleavy’s Patriots notebook, he writes about the team expecting their three millionth fan.

But, in talking about OF Mike Lockwood refusing an offer from Mexico, he also has a quote from manager Sparky Lyle which raises an interesting question.

“There’s no reason we can’t give these good players $4,500 (per month). We’ve been using the same pay scale for 10 years,” Lyle told the paper.

As Dunleavy notes, the league has a “guideline” of a $3,000 maximum monthly salary.

Meanwhile, there are no such guidelines or salary caps or whatever term you want to use overseas. For example, one former Atlantic League pitcher, a well-known Major League veteran, is making a five-digit monthly salary in Mexico.

There is no such opportunity in the Atlantic League, which doesn’t pay like it did in its early years.

But, with that said, it’s still highly unlikely that the league will do anything to address the issue.

Williams To Can-Am: Former Atlantic City and Lancaster OF Clyde Williams has signed with the New Jersey Jackals of the “squeaky clean” Can-Am League.

Williams hit .222 with a home run and two RBI in three games for the Barnstormers before leaving to play with Tijuana of the Mexican League. There, he hit .220 with three home runs and 12 RBI before being released.

He made his Jackals debut at first base two nights ago, going 2-for-3 with a two-run home run.

While it’s somewhat surprising he wouldn’t go back to the Surf if he’s going to play in that league, it’s far more surprising that there’s no place for him in the Atlantic League.

After all, he hit .266 with 20 home runs and 67 RBI for the Surf last season.

Caleb Comes To St. Joe: P Caleb Balbuena, who pitched for the Atlantic City Surf last season and the Camden Riversharks this year, has signed with the American Association’s St. Joe Blacksnakes.

Balbuena was released by Camden after posting an 8.31 ERA in seven contests. Perhaps St. Joe will learn from Camden’s mistake and only pitch him on the road…he had a 1.59 ERA away from home, and a 21.00 ERA in four games at Campbell’s Field.

Last season with the Surf, his ERA was also better on the road.

Happy Birthday, Dad: The two-year anniversary of me covering my first big league game also coincides with my dad’s birthday, which is no coincidence. Was nice to have him in the stands for that one…if nothing else, it was an interesting present.

So happy birthday to my dad, Bill, who turns…well, he’ll be blowing out a decent amount of candles today. – Mike Ashmore



1. chuckerd58 - June 7, 2007

Tough loss for the Ducks tonight. John Halama pitched a great 7 innings and had a 1-0 lead going into the 8th,then the roof caved in on Halama and the Ducks,final score Fish 7 Ducks 1.

2. BoosterBabe - June 7, 2007

(sorry Chuck)
Woo HOOO!!!!


Thanks for the score. We had a Booster CLub meeting tonight and I didn’t get home until 9pm….then dinner, cat wanted attention, stuff to do at home, just now getting online before heading to bed.
Hadn’t gotten to LIDucks.com, so now I guess I don’t need to!!!!

3. chuckerd58 - June 7, 2007

Yup,it was a tough one tonight,you guys always seem to have our number,i’ll be at the game tommorow so hopefully i’ll have some bragging rights. lol

4. Jeff - June 7, 2007

Mike, Good job on the Alumni stats. This makes it so much easier, rather than trying to track these guys down individually.
Also, I enjoyed the Zinter article. Nice job.

5. BoosterBabe - June 7, 2007

Happy Birthday, Pop Ashmore!
My own Dad (RIP) made me the baseball nut I am today and I miss him every time I hear the crack of the bat on a ball or the sound of a ball hitting a mitt. (which is, what, 300-400 times a game?) πŸ™‚

Very very cool that you shared the milestone with him on his birthday. I’m sure he was extremely proud of you.

Those of you with kids, you may not realize it when they’re little (heck, they don’t realize it when they’re little!) but the times you spend with them now will mean the world to them when they are old enough and smart enough to understand it. And those of you lucky enough to still have your parents…enjoy them while you have them.
It goes without saying: when you care about someone, let them know because you just never, ever know what may happen tomorrow.
On a happier note: Bluefish are in First place!!!!!!

Chuck, feel free to brag if the Ducks win today. I truly think our secret this year is not pitching, it’s HITTING. If you look at our wins, they are all slugfests.
Me? I’ll be baking brownies tonight. Gotta 3 game homestand, gotta make sure they have their butter/sugar/chocolate fix for the weekend! πŸ™‚
I hope they don’t scarf them down in one sitting….they are too rich for that.

6. fishyfan - June 7, 2007

Mike.. great job with the alumni list.. any idea what Rolo Avila is doing now? and happy birthday to your dad.. my dad and I shared a love of baseball as well..

I listened to the Ducks/Fish game last night and the final score doesn’t begin to say what an amazing pitcher’s duel it was.. kudos to both Porzio (who was very consistent – hope this is a trend for him) and Halama. I think both teams are looking for more pitchers – having lost them to injury or Taiwan

keep up the good work.. we love reading your articles

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