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June 6, 2007 June 6, 2007

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Todd’s Take: Lancaster slugger Jeremy Todd has offered his take on the supposed steroid issue at his site, a take that includes an open offer to test him for steroids and HGH.

Two Suspended: Jason Guarente, who’s pretty much on top of things in Lancaster, writes that the Barnstormers Chris Van Rossum and Somerset’s Jon Cannon have both been suspended for three games by the league for their roles in last night’s quasi-altercation.

I’d assume Van Rossum picked up his three games for bowling over Cannon in a rundown, but keep in mind that Van Rossum is an outfielder and Cannon is a starting pitcher. Basically, he’ll be trading in his uniform for street clothes for a few days.

McGarvey Near Cycle In Win: C Randy McGarvey was a home run short of the cycle in Camden’s 6-4 win over Newark last night. The backstop was 3-for-4, including his second triple of the season, leading the Riversharks to the win.

Greg Powell improved to 3-1 for Camden, while Newark’s Carlos Mirabal allowed 13 hits in 5.2 innings in the loss.

Benches Empty (Again) In Pats Loss: Jason Guarente noted in his blog that both Chris Van Rossum and Jon Cannon were ejected for their role in a benches clearing incident that occured in the sixth inning of a 5-3 loss in Lancaster by the Patriots.

Anyway, Van Rossum, Jeremy Todd and Russ Cleveland all homered in the win.

Ducks Can’t Squish The Fish: Bridgeport topped the Ducks, 12-5, to close Long Island’s lead in the North Division to a half game. – Mike Ashmore, mashmore@patriotsbaseball.com



1. BoosterBabe - June 6, 2007

Yay Bluefish!!!
I got the score FINALLY when I popped onto LI’s website about 10:30 last night. Had to wait until 5:30am for the box score though. We got the win, Beech got the win which I’m glad for, but he had a less than stellar outing. Gave up 12 hits, 5 earned runs, 1 wild pitch, 2 walks and only 2 strikeouts. Still, a W is a W and our bats were hot!!!!!

The “automated box score” that appears on the teams’ websites (all of the teams) was showing total pitch count and strike percentage, and that seems to have ended around May 21 or so. That, to me, was a useful stat, and I wonder why they stopped showing that in the box score. Anyone know?

It wasn’t in the newspaper box scores, and not on HowesSportsdata.com, either. Only on the team websites. Then suddenly it disappeared.

I wish the Bluefish scoreboard would show some player stats during the game. They did, at one, time, put the players’ batting average and the pitchers’ W-L record and ERA on the video board when they stepped to the plate (or pitched). As a die-hard, I enjoyed that. And I think it helps the casual fan, too. If someone new comes to the game for the first time, and they are interested in the game (rather than just coming for “family entertainment” aspect), it would add to their enjoyment as well.

2. Radio guy - June 6, 2007

DiAngelo was suspended for 1 game last year for the Al benjamin incident.

3. mike - June 7, 2007

its best the league doesnt make the tests public. the league is all about gaining attendance to keep the league running. steroids are a sensitive topic for fans if they started making them public it would leave a lot of fans turned off to the league and stop coming to games. the players that come through this league often struggle to pay there bills and they are often desperate to get back to affiliated ball or the big leagues so you cant be surprised when they use. it doesnt make it right but its “understandable” why they do

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