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June 5, 2007 June 5, 2007

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Ducks Lose Two: The Long Island Ducks have lost Randy Leek and Kevin Tolar to Taiwan. The loss of Tolar is no surprise, as I spoke to the former Red Sox pitcher in the visiting clubhouse in Somerset a few weeks back and specifically asked him if he’d go overseas. He said he’d do it in a second, and sure enough…he’s gone.

Leek is the bigger loss, however, as he was 3-0 with a 3.13 ERA in five starts for Long Island.

Tolar was 0-1 with a 5.73 ERA in 15 relief appearances, clearly unable to replicate his stellar performance from last season.

I would assume that Tim Cain will be moved into the starting rotation until they can sign (insert big leaguer here).

Stevens, Sweeney And Spivey Take Monthly Awards: The Atlantic League has named Lancaster P Josh Stevens and Newark Bears starter P Matt Sweeney as the May Co-Pitchers of the Month, and Bluefish INF Junior Spivey as the Player of the Month.

It’s hard to argue with either selection, as Stevens has thrown complete game shutouts in his last two outings, Sweeney leads the league in wins with five, and Spivey leads the league in hitting with a .404 average.

Bobby Brownlie (All Photos: Mike Ashmore)

Brownlie Watch: The Bobby Brownlie watch continues here at ALB. The Newark Bears starter went seven and two thirds innings last night, striking out seven batters and walking none. He had a strikeout in every inning but the first and seventh, and threw 32 balls and 62 strikes in his 94 pitch outing.

Unfortunately for him, the bullpen couldn’t hold the lead, and the Patriots walked off with an 8-7 win against the struggling Jason DiAngelo.

Here’s a waaaaaaay too detailed look at Brownlie’s outing.

First Inning

Garcia: 3 pitches, 6-3
Olivares: 2 pitches, P-4
Lockwood: 3 pitches, F-9

Second Inning

Nettles: 1 pitch, hit to left
Pressley: 3 pitches, K
Hernandez: 6 pitches, RBI double to left-center
Leathers: 1 pitch, hit to right
Zinter: 6 pitches, strikeout (inning ends on caught stealing at home)

Third Inning

Ayala: 4 pitches, 6-3
Garcia: 4 pitches, single to right
Olivares: 3 pitches, K
Lockwood: 2 pitches, F-7

Fourth Inning

Nettles: 6 pitches, K
Pressley: 1 pitch, P-4
Hernandez: 3 pitches, 6-3

Fifth Inning

Leathers: 3 pitches, K
Zinter: 1 pitch, double to left
Ayala: 5 pitches, single to center — Zinter out at the plate
Garcia: 4 pitches, home run to deep left center
Olivares: 2 pitches, 4-1

Sixth Inning

Lockwood: 5 pitches, K
Nettles: 1 pitch, F-8
Pressley: 4 pitches, F-8

Seventh Inning

Hernandez: 4 pitches, 6-3
Leathers: 3 pitches, 5-3
Zinter: 5 pitches, P-6

Eighth Inning

Ayala: 6 pitches, K
Garcia: 1 pitch, double
Olivares: 3 pitches, 1-3
Lockwood: 2 pitches, RBI single

Relieved by Edwin Almonte

All in all, Brownlie had four 1-2-3 innings and really only made one mistake, the home run by Danny Garcia in the fifth. He pitched a lot better than his line would indicate, and showed excellent command of his knuckle-curve. His fastball, according to a scout in attendance, was at 87-88 MPH.

Barnstormers Reliever Dealt: Jason Guarente writes that the Lancaster Barnstormers have “traded” P Manny Vazquez-Santiago to the Chillicothe Paints of the Frontier League in exchange for a “player to be named later.”

For those of you holding your breath for that guy to show up, might I recommend some oxygen…

13 letters, 17 straight games with a hit…
(Chiaravolloti photo: Ashmore)

Vito’s Goin’ Streaking: Road Warriors INF Vito Chiaravolloti has extended his Atlantic League season-high hitting streak to 17 games.

The former Toronto Blue Jays prospect is now ten games short of the single-season record, set by Billy Hall in 2005, and eleven games short of the overall record, set by Joe Jiannetti this season.

Last season, only five hitting streaks (Mel Stocker, Jiannetti, Raul Marval, Al Benjamin and Kevin Nicholson) lasted longer than 17 games.

What’s also interesting to note is that Pete Rose, Jr. had two 15-game streaks last season, streaks that were only separated by a hitless August 23rd contest.

About That Big Name:

Is it still happening? Yes.

Is it happening when it was expected to? No.

Will it be as ridiculous as when Juan Gonzalez was rumored to be coming to the league for three months before it actually happened and had about eight different estimated dates of arrival? Let’s hope not.

Currently, after initially expecting to have something to announce today, the team which is bringing in the aforementioned player expects him to arrive in approximately a week.

Robinson Cancel, left fielder

Taking The Atlantic League Angle: I am sitting in the second row of the Trenton Thunder press box. Below me, two scouts are talking about how awful a certain player looks in the outfield. It’s none other than former Atlantic Leaguer Robinson Cancel, making his sixth career appearance in the outfield in 989 career games.

Robby is one of the best catchers the Atlantic League has ever seen, but the outfield simply isn’t for him.

Binghamton is carrying three catchers right now, and of course I show up when super-prospect Fernando Martinez is out of the lineup…so yes, it’s Robby Cancel in the outfield. Awesome.

I briefly caught up with Cancel before the game, and then had a stray warmup throw whizz past my head and deflect into the stands, nailing a woman in the chest. I can see we’re in for a great evening.

Just to confuse the hell out of people, the B-Mets have a catcher named Jose Reyes. And what number does he wear? Seven.

UPDATE: It is 7:30 PM. Caleb Stewart was up for Binghamton. I was busy getting a salad when I hear “heads up.” I turn around to see glass flying everywhere, as the ball has shattered a 16 x 20 picture frame behind me. The ball missed my unattended laptop by about the length of my arm. There is glass in the food.

6:45 PM – “I can see we’re in for a great evening.”

That worked out well…

In Case You Missed It: Tom King’s story on the Pride team doctor has caught the attention of a lot of people around the Atlantic League. Check out yesterday’s news, or read the article for yourself.


1. mnlem - June 5, 2007

Nice work, as always.

Keith Law at ESPN has a “where are they now” article on the 2002 draft and states that Bobby Brownlie is out of baseball. Glad that is not the case.

2. Sharks52 - June 5, 2007

Just got back from the AC Surf doubleheader. Are they already starting to demolish Bernie Robbins Stadium? It certainly looks like it. Any rumors on where or if or what league they might be playing in next year?

3. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - June 5, 2007

Probably way too early to even speculate on something like that right now, really…

4. BoosterBabe - June 5, 2007

Anyone know the secret to getting the LI Ducks webcast?
I got to the website, clicked on the link, it opened a window, but there’s NO SOUND and it’s not even streaming. I’m on a Mac. My friend, on a PC, had it for about 2-3 minutes, left the room to check on something in the kitchen, came back…GONE.

Is there a secret or is it, maybe, just down? Grrrr
Beech is pitching and I need to at least HEAR IT!!!!!!!!!

5. southernalfan - June 6, 2007

Mike, Steroids are still very much a part of the Atlantic League. You know it, I know it, the owners know it.

6. fishyfan - June 6, 2007

Does anyone have a score for the Ducks/Fish game?? it came on the web intermittently and now has been off for innings I guess.. the Fish were up 8-5 I think when it stopped.. nothing on the website with a score

looks like 3 former Ducks will be playing in Taiwan.. guess they will be glad to see each other.. apparently only 3 non-Asians allowed per team.. anyone know if the pitchers bat there?

7. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - June 6, 2007

I must have missed the memo that declared it “Ride Mike’s Ass About Steroids Day”

I can only make the same assumptions you make. I don’t go into a clubhouse or a manager’s office or to a GM’s office going, “Oh, by the way, is anyone doing anything illegal?”

It’s not like Player X has a giant box of needles or a big jar with a label that says “steroids” on it sitting in his locker.

Have I heard things about players after they’ve left the league? Yes.

Have I ever known that a player was doing anything while he was in the league? No.

And just because you hear something, doesn’t mean it’s the truth…

I will say that the league could do a lot more with their testing policy. Testing players once a year obviously isn’t enough, and what is and isn’t tested for isn’t made public.

TO MY KNOWLEDGE, no player has ever tested positive for steroids while playing for an Atlantic League team.

Are steroids a problem in the Atlantic League? Maybe they are, maybe they aren’t…but until you see solid facts on the matter, all you’re doing is making an assumption…nobody knows anything.

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