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June 1, 2007 June 1, 2007

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Today’s Headlines: Ask The New Guy…Rojas to Phillies…Nivar To York…AL Reunion in Somerset…Guarente: Scout’s Honor…Brian Bender, bullpen catcher…What $9 gets you…

Top Story – Ask The New Guy: You may know him as one of the pitchers on the expansion York Revolution. You may know him from the website he shares with his brother, Colorado Rockies pitcher, Jason Hirsh.

But you might not know as much as you’d like to about P Matt Hirsh, and that’s why he’s agreed to answer any questions you may have about him or about his time on the road with York in our new “Ask The New Guy” column.

Send me your questions (mashmore at patriotsbaseball.com) and I’ll forward them to him. You can look for his responses in a few days here at atlanticleaguebaseball.com

Rojas To Phillies: Immediately after yesterday afternoon’s game with the Road Warriors, Somerset Patriots P Chris Rojas became the fourth Atlantic League player to be picked up by the Philadelphia Phillies.

Rojas, who was assigned to Triple-A Ottawa, was 2-2 with a 3.14 ERA in five starts at the time of his departure.

Nivar To York: INF Ramon Nivar popped up in a York uniform yesterday. I briefly spoke to Camden GM Adam Lorber about the move, and am hoping to get a little more clarification on it later today.

UPDATED: I spoke to BASA’s David Keller, and he said that Camden released Nivar and that York picked him up…so it isn’t a trade or anything like that. Nivar also briefly joined the Road Warriors inbetween being released by the Riversharks and joining the Revolution, but he never played.

Anyway, the move was necessitated by Travis Hake’s broken hand. Jason Guarente writes Hake will miss a month.

Also, Keller confirmed that the team has signed P Byron Batson. Batson has pitched for the Bears as well as a few other AL teams previously.

AL Reunion in Somerset: Both P Chris Eickhorst and P Evan Thomas are here in Somerset today, speaking with Road Warriors manager Jeff Scott about possibly pitching for the team.

I spoke to both players this afternoon. Thomas said he’s called every team in the league, but with little success. Clad in a Miami Dolphins hat, Thomas expressed a strong desire to want to pitch again, and said he felt he threw pretty well and he was hoping Scott would get back to him.

As for Eickhorst, he attended Spring Training with the Can-Am League’s North Shore Spirit, but things didn’t work out. He too is hoping to return to the league, and he says he’s definitely committed to being a pitcher.

UPDATED: I spoke to Eickhorst again, as well as manager Jeff Scott, and I can confirm that Eickhorst has signed with the Road Warriors. According to the Immaculata grad, he may throw tonight. In order to make room for him, Benito Baez was placed on the DL with back spasms.

Guarente: Scout’s Honor: Jason Guarente has an interesting piece on how the Atlantic League is scouting — check it out here.


Brian Bender, Bullpen Catcher: With the Patriots short of their regular bullpen catcher yesterday afternoon, they turned to radio play-by-play man Brian Bender to fill in. Bender, who did some bullpen work with the Miami Hurricanes while in college, sadly did not vacate the dugout during the bench clearing incident yesterday.

What $9 Gets You: Since yesterday afternoon’s three and a half hour Atlantic League game just wasn’t enough, I headed out to Shea Stadium for the Mets vs. Giants game afterwards. It kind of puts things into perspective about the value of minor league baseball.

At an Atlantic League game, nine bucks will probably put you a few rows from the field. Last night, I had this “birds-eye” view…

Even Barry Bonds, who can probably be seen from outerspace, didn’t look very big from my upper deck spot…

– Mike Ashmore


1. BoosterBabe - June 2, 2007

Lancaster/Bridgeport game called due to rain. No make up scheduled yet but Bpt goes back June 15-17, so one of those will probably be a double header.

I’m not unhappy…we were losing! 🙂

Plus the guys will get back into Bpt a couple hours earlier than they would have if they finished the game. (Yeah…1am vs 3am, still better than nothing.)
6pm start tomorrow so these guys are gonna be TIRED!
Brutal schedule this season.
Damn…Yankees lead 9-3. Not a good night for me in my baseball world.

2. chuckerd58 - June 2, 2007

Interesting piece by Jason Guarnte regarding the scout at the stormer game.The scout certainly didn’t think much of the AL players,guess he had to be there,but at least give them a glimmer of hope.

3. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - June 2, 2007

I spoke to a scout who was at tonight’s game, but basically just to get some info that I know I can use in a few days.

Shockingly, it wasn’t a Phillies scout either…since they apparently have the AL on speed dial.

Very interesting idea by Jason, wish I’d have thought of it.

4. BoosterBabe - June 2, 2007

This reminds me of something at happened on All Star night last night. I bumped into Buzz Hannahan and Dan Krines on the concourse (they were just “watching”, not playing) and there we were, standing there chatting with beers in our hand. Suddenly, Buzz motioned to me to be quiet and cocked his head towards the gentleman behind him on a cell phone. Turned out the guy was a scout who had been watching Luther Hackman. The 3 of us figured we’d see Luther gone in a few days, but it was several weeks before Luther went anywhere. I felt very “in” for a few days, sort of waiting to read about what I thought was “insider” info. Of course, I had a lot of stuff going on in my life…I had my first of 3 job interviews for the place where I work now–the day after the All Star game.

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