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May 25, 2007 May 25, 2007

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Atlantic League Suggestion Box: As you well know, officials from each team and the league read this website on a daily basis. Rather than have me shove my own opinion down your throat, here’s a good opportunity to make some suggestions about what you’d like to see the Atlantic League improve on. What frustrates you the most? What do you like the most?

Leave it in the comments section…

Because It Would Have Been Too Obvious If He Went To France: Ryan Dunleavy of The Courier News is reporting that Somerset Patriots OF Anton French has left the team to play in Mexico.

French led the team in strikeouts at the time of his departure, but left after what was probably his best game as a Patriot.

Since nobody’s using it anymore, I will now use French’s old entrance music (T-Pain and Yung Joc’s “Buy You A Drank”) every time I enter the press box.

SomerStuff: Dunleavy also writes in his blog that the team has signed INF Alan Zinter. Zinter, who turned 39 six days ago, was the first round draft pick of the Mets in 1989.

Zinter is somewhat famous for finally reaching the big leagues in 2002 after playing in 1,414 minor league games. He played for the Astros in 2002 and then more successfully for the Diamondbacks in 2004, but is still only a .167 career MLB hitter with three home runs and nine RBI.

In all, he’s played in 1,728 minor league games and brings 13 seasons of Triple-A time.

Zinter is believed to be the oldest player to suit up for the Patriots since Luis Lopez played for the team in 2004 after celebrating a birthday on September 1, 1964 — which would have made him around 39 1/2 at the time of his last game.

Lopez Leaving: Luis Lopez (no, not the Patriots guy), we hardly knew ye. The Riversharks infielder has left for Mexico, but his roster spot will be filled by Milko Jaramillo, who was originally slated for Bridgeport. – Mike Ashmore


1. beisbol - May 25, 2007

I understand how the Atlantic League is set up to return players to the majors, etc. but I don’t like how they encourage teams to have so much roster turnover. I think there would be a lot more tickets sold if fans had the ability to forge relationships with these players and know that they would be back from year to year.

2. southernalfan - May 25, 2007

I guess I might as well ask for the World.
I wish there was full-disclosure on numerous issues. For example, drug-testing for performance enhancing drugs. Howabout salaries? Who are the big ticket guys and who are the bargains? I love this side of the MLB, NFL, and so on. And I really feel like they should tell us more since so many teams play in tax-payer funded stadiums.

3. BoosterBabe - May 25, 2007

Year to year…how about game to game? šŸ™‚
I love it when the guys move up and out. I understand that’s why a lot of them are here.
But I can understand why some people might be hesitant to “get involved” and start following a team when they know the team will be changing. In 2005, for example, roughly 1/3 of the Bluefish team had turned over by the time the second half began.

But that’s minor league ball. It’s all about moving ’em through to the next level. You have to feel happy for these guys, they are realizing their goals. But yes, I agree, it can be frustrating as a fan. I just look at it as “new people to get to know”. Everytime a guy moves through Bridgeport it’s one more guy whose career in affiliated ball I can follow. And one more will come through to take his place in Bpt.

4. Paul - May 25, 2007

I’m going to echo the common complaint about teams failing to report transactions or update their websites. Why is it so hard to issue a press release when you sign a player?

I understand that most of the people that go to Atlantic League games are there for the atmosphere, giveaways, fireworks etc. more than the game, but I can’t understand why there isn’t more of an effort to promote the players.

I’d also like to see the Atlantic League teams add their daily press notes to their websites, like the MLB teams and some affiliated minor league teams do.

Also, some questions about the umpires: what kind of experience does the average Atlantic League umpire have before he gets the job? What does the average ump make per month during the season? Is there any path for them into affiliated ball, or is this it for them?

5. beisbol - May 25, 2007

I certainly don’t want to sound like I’m not happy for the players who make affliated ball. I love it when that happens. I think the league might be stronger if there were more players like Angel Espada. Good players who probably deserve a chance, but if they don’t the same AL team will pick them up so that the fans have someone they recognize.

I also echo everyone’s statements on transactions.

6. b-fish fan - May 26, 2007

my wish list is simple.one 8 team league the season starts in may 110 games.55 game split season with the split season champs starting the championship the fri night of labor day weekend playing a best of three.if it was to go 3 games the championship would be played the sunday night before labor day monday.no school no work on monday so it could be played at night.all tickets for the 3 game championship would be no more than $7 per game.

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