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May 22, 2007 May 22, 2007

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Ambro Back: According to Jason Guarente, the Lancaster Barnstormers have signed former Long Island Ducks OF Dominick Ambrosini. Good signing.

Ambrosini played parts of two seasons for Long Island, hitting .288 in 2005 and .317 in 2006.

Quotefest: Along with the Halama quotes, I’ll have some stuff from Bluefish P Matt Perisho up at some point tonight.

We Want A Pitcher…: Sounds like Sparky Lyle’s been watching Comedy Central’s “The Colbert Report” lately, because he gave a “wag of the finger” to his pitching staff after yesterday’s 8-4 loss to the Bridgeport Bluefish.

“We’ve got to keep our head above water until we get a couple more pitchers in here to do the jobs of these guys who aren’t doing them right now,” Lyle told The Courier News.

Those “on notice” seem to include Casey Cahill, Phil Norton, and Tony Peralta — all of whom carried an ERA of over six into last night’s game. Norton has been particularly disappointing so far, as he has more Major League experience than anyone on the team.

Norton was the only one of the three who didn’t appear in last night’s game. While Cahill got out unscathed in the runs column, Peralta wasn’t as lucky.

In his second game with the team, he gave up three earned runs and walked two in two innings of work, lowering his ERA to 15.00 – Mike Ashmore


1. jcb811 - May 22, 2007

I noticed Jeff Urban signed with the St.Paul Saints, so I guess he will not be coming to the Patriots any time soon.

2. Paul - May 22, 2007

Peralta actually looked ok in his first inning of work last night. Once he gave up the home run to Nick Ortiz in the eighth, though, he really seemed to lose focus.

3. chuckerd58 - May 23, 2007

Glad to see Anbrosini back in the league with the Stormers. You guys will like his game.

4. BoosterBabe - May 23, 2007

Patriots snapped the 8 game win streak of the Bluefish with a 6-4 win. I’m still not complaining about being 12-5 for the season! Can’t win them all and 8 games is a very nice run.

Sean Fesh took the loss tonight. I have no idea where we are in the pitching rotation. I think Porzio goes tomorrow.

Sox are beating the Yankees in the 8th…..

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