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May 14, 2007 May 14, 2007

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Nettles clad in his pink jersey (Photo: Ashmore)

Nettles Jersey Sells For $1,300; Lyle for $1,100: Thanks to their post-game auction of pink game-worn jerseys, hats and team-signed bats, the Somerset Patriots were able to raise over $7,600 for Susan G. Komen For The Cure at the team’s first-ever Breast Cancer Awareness Day.

Jeff Nettles jersey went for $1,300, beating manager Sparky Lyle’s by $200.



1. PlayerPCCollector - May 14, 2007

Just a note from a previous post. Keep the photos coming, especially from teams which don’t post individual player pictures, such as the Road Warriors or Riversharks.

2. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - May 14, 2007

I’ll try. It’s easiest to do it Sunday games because everything comes out better – and there’s really not much else to do on a Sunday, either.

3. melwearingsghost - May 14, 2007

Great jerseys. The whole league should auction ’em off for this good cause!

4. melwearingsghost - May 14, 2007

Well, we’re 3 series into the new season, and Bridgeport has played some interesting baseball. Junior Spivey looks like he’s hitting one into the gap every time he steps to the plate. Bobby Malek has a great arm in RF, and he’s had some good hits early in the season. Steven Kent tossed 5 no-hit innings against Newark. Garrett Berger has looked good at times. Bluefish have had some great offensive outbursts, and some times when they couldn’t do much. Same with the pitching. But they seem to be better than their 5-4 record would indicate. Newark DOES have a good, solid team. Great pitching. Victor Rodriguez can rip the ball, still. Marcus Nettles flat out FLIES when he’s on the basepaths. When we saw York in Bridgeport, Nate Espy was pretty impressive. But their pitching was so-so. As for the on-the-field entertainment, there are things going on all during a game. But the events like the sack race or the hula hoop contest are held out past 3B. Not much interaction from the crowd, which naturally centers closer to home plate. There was a 4000+ crowd this past Saturday, but it’s no surprise that attendance is challenging. Always seems to be, at Harbor Yard, till school lets out. The front office is trying to get the word out, with some radio ads. But News 12 does the minimum with its coverage. Hardly any feature-type stories. Just a bit of video that often is NOT the key play of a game. The Bridgeport front office is certainly trying to sell the “event” part of a game….with prizes and attention-getters. But there is a core group of fans which DOES follow the player and the league (many of whom read this blog). It’s interesting to see that the Bluefish program, which fans get free when entering the park, has only a short history of the team, and a 2006 recap–which includes an introduction to manager Tommy John. Other than that, NO roster. NO photos. NO biographical information about any of the players. Fans like to know SOMETHING about their team. Even if it’s the stuff like, best moment in baseball, what it was like to play in the major leagues, what’s your superstition, etc. Certainly an intern could ask players those questions….and more. And they could easily fill some program space. Overall, though, the front office is trying to do a lot of things. Having players available Sunday, after the big win over Newark was great: kids ran the bases, and then they could get autographs for about 20 minutes. Parents could stand around and chat with the players. Nice interaction. Nice to put the face with the number, when you cheer for a guy, next game. So, we’ll see how things run in Bridgeport with June just around the bend…..

5. BoosterBabe - May 15, 2007

Celebrating my birthday at HY on Tuesday. (How old, you ask? Let’s just say, I’m already of legal drinking age, twice, and then some!!!) Not sure where we’ll be sitting but if you see or hear me, make sure to say hello and wish me good tidings for the big day, which is actually Friday….but the team is away and I’ve got other stuff to do on Wed and Thur, so Tuesday is the Harbor Yard celebration.

I’ve already informed Matt Beech that he’s pitching on my birthday celebration and I would consider it his gift to me if he could pitch well and get the win on Tuesday. He said he’s do his best. That is all I can ask!!!

A birthday group hug by the team would be awesome, but I’d settle for a game ball!

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