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May 8, 2007 May 8, 2007

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Brownlie To Make AL Debut: The Newark Bears home opener will also be marked by the Atlantic League debut of former Cubs super-prospect Bobby Brownlie.

AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com will be there tonight to tell you how he does.

Road Warriors Axe Two: OF Alhaji Turay and OF David Cardona were both released by the Road Warriors. Turay recently hit a grand slam for them, so this seems a bit odd… – Mike Ashmore


1. mnlem - May 9, 2007

Somerset showing some offense against Road Warriors. Todd Leathers hits a home run. Don’t understand why Leathers was not starting first couple games, I think he is the best hope to replace Radmonvich’s power.

2. Paul - May 9, 2007

It’s funny… I’m a half-season ticket holder for Somerset. The two games I’ve been to this year, they get shut out. The two games I’ve missed, they score runs. I’m beginning to feel like a jinx 😉

3. BoosterBabe - May 9, 2007

Bluefish got destroyed in Newark tonight, 14-0.
I can’t believe I listened to most of it. Talk about die-hard! Worse, we may have lost #4 starter Jordan Pals. He was taken out of the game in the 3rd (or 4th…I forget now) after throwing a curve ball–then IMMEDIATELY calling time and waving the Trainer out to the mound. When he left the game, they said he was holding his right elbow in pain. Probably won’t hear anything about it from the Bpt media until Saturday–hoping for an update tomorrow night from the Newark Bears announcer. (thank goodness for streaming audio and my cable modem!)

Meanwhile, with Albie Lopez AWOL and apparently not joining the team: does anyone know who our 5th starter is???????

I guess Beech can go tomorrow if need be, he pitched Friday and that’s 5 days between starts. So then Bo on Thursday and Porzio back at HY on Friday. But that brings us to #4 and 5 in the rotation again. Back to square one.

I can’t even venture a guess as I haven’t seen many of the newer pitchers to know who’s got the chops to start. Pals, Sturge and Berger all got POUNDED tonight. Kent didn’t allow any runs that I heard. But if he pitched tonight….when can he go again?

If anyone hears of any updates on Pals’ condition (local NJ media, maybe???) or can use their press credentials to make a call to a PR department at a ball club to find out (Mike? Scott?)…please post it here. Until the team gets back to Bridgeport, we’re in the dark here in CT! (and even then….we usually have to go to the opponent’s website for a box score or game recap….)

Heck, if tomorrow’s Newark Star Ledger publishes the starting pitchers for tomorrow’s game, I’d appreciate someone posting that here, too! At least it would solve the mystery for me much earlier in the day than waiting until 7pm!


4. LIpaperlantern - May 9, 2007

anyone know if the reason the RW are already cutting players, is because the league is tight on their budget??

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