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May 7, 2007 May 7, 2007

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A Revolutionary 0-3: Matt Dryer hit two home runs and added five RBI to increase his league lead with 10 on the young season, but York still continues to look for their first win.

Bridgeport swept the Revolution, winning yesterday by a score of 12-7. Matt Ford had a rough first start, giving up nine earned runs in three innings of work.

Junior Spivey was 5-for-5 with four RBI.

York is the only winless team in the Atlantic League, while Bridgeport is obviously the only undefeated team.

Sharks Ride Strauss To The House: The Riversharks took two out of three from the Ducks, winning the rubber game, 5-4.

Brad Strauss was the hero again for Camden, driving in three more runs after yesterday’s bases-loaded triple.

Chris Fussell got his second straight save for the Riversharks, while Danny Graves got the loss for the Ducks, allowing three runs in the ninth inning.

SomerStruggles: For the second time in three games, the Newark Bears shut out the Somerset Patriots, this time winning by a score of 4-0.

Matt Sweeney didn’t look particularly sharp in his Atlantic League debut for the Bears, but Patriots batters were unable to solve him. He walked four and struck out six, but only gave up two hits.

Patriots outfielder Anton French left the game in the fourth inning because he didn’t feel well and was replaced by Jose Morban.

Run Over By A Bus: One day after one reporter who shall remain nameless compared them to the 2004 version of the club, the 2007 Road Warriors stuck it to the Barnstormers via a 17-7 butt-kicking at the Barn on Sunday afternoon.

Alhaji Turay hit a grand slam and Estee Harris drove in five. Jason Guarente wrote in his blog that there was a little animosity in this one, with Manny Santana getting plunked twice. Road Warriors batters were hit four times as well.

Jason Norderum, already on thin ice after getting booted out of the rotation this spring, managed to put together a string of 14 consecutive balls in this one.


1. LIpaperlantern - May 7, 2007

the RW released two outfielders already? What gives?

2. Barnstorming - May 7, 2007

and Alhaji Turay hit a Grand Slam yesterday against the Barnstormers

3. Riggzy - May 8, 2007

Hey Boosterbabe,
on your may 6th comments on bluefish marketing…I will say ” I’m with ya all the way “..they need to branch out more..all these
silly Gimmicks are not working…I will say though I did hear a commercial for opening day on I 95 fm…when i first became a ticket holder in 99 you could not get a seat.. now the place is half empty..go figure .. gotta run..

4. BoosterBabe - May 8, 2007

Wow, I-95…not bad. A commercial though. Not a few. A commercial doesn’t work. I heard a few 10 sec traffic sponsorships on WEBE. Better than nothing but certainly NOT compelling at all. I mean, nothing more than “its the 10th season, come to a game”.
It’s really frustrating.

5. b-fish fan - May 8, 2007

boosterbabe,enjoy the bluefish while they are here.at the home opener i sat next to a guy who has heard if the bluefish flop out the staten island yakees would come running to bpt.he said the s.i. yankess of the ny/penn league draw less than 1000 people a game in a 7000 seat stadium.

6. jcb811 - May 8, 2007

Re: SI Yanks

Some clarification: As a mini-plan ticket holder (who is ready to go to war with them because the “new & improved” management screwed up my ticket order). The SI Yankees draw more than 1000 poeple in a 6500 seat stadium. Compared to the Cyclones, they underperform @ the gate, but the new management is basically going to fill the stadium by offering “all you can eat deals” for $4-6 extra on top of your ticket price. They are also locked into a lease for another 10 years, I believe.

7. mnlem - May 8, 2007

SI Yanks are not coming to Bridgeport. They are not as successful as the Cyclones but still draw 3,000 a game and with better promotion should up that.

However Bridgeport does seem in jeopardy as a Atlantic League franchise. Do they eventually join the Surf in Can Am where a 3,000 gate is acceptable?

8. b-fish fan - May 8, 2007

like i said some guy who sat next to me said that about the si yankees.i have never been to there stadium or know anything about the ny/penn organization.

9. BoosterBabe - May 8, 2007

It’s usually best not to discuss things you hear 2nd or 3rd hand, unless you know something about it.
You don’t know the guy who discussed the SI Yankees, yet, you quote him in a public forum and accept what he says as undisputed facts. Even when people right after you have disputed what he says.

Glad I’m not the only mini-plan holder who got their seats messed up. My friend and I have had the same seats FOREVER….they moved us way over, in the middle of section 11. I liked being in the middle of the dugout, closer to home plate but she needs to sit on an aisle b/c of a medical condition…besides that, they weren’t OUR seats. We went down to the box office, he moved us to section 15 on the WRONG AISLE (the aisle with sec 17…TOO FAR AWAY) and it was just all wrong. Oor angle in relation to the field was wrong, nothing looked right, we couldn’t really see the pitcher (a hardship for me!) we had trouble seeing the batters box b/c the brats in front of us kept standing up and turning around to talk to someone in our row….it was very discomforting. Weird, but once we moved over to the 13/15 aisle (the other end of the section we were in, across the aisle from our usual seats) b/c there were empty seats, in the bottom of the 6th–the boys in Blue found their bats and scored 12 runs. Coincidence? Yeah, definitely. But still…it was as if the planets weren’t lined up, and suddenly, they were.
Anyway, our ticket SNAFU was fixed, and we got our usual seats, except for this Saturday, when we have to sit a little bit behind, but on the correct aisle, anyway.

Anyway, there is PLENTY that frustrated me this past weekend, but let’s give them a break, the season is only 3 days old. They aren’t dead yet, the new front office has to iron out the wrinkles..let’s give them a few weeks to get their feet wet before we write this team off for 2007 and beyond, ok?

I admit, I’ve got a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach, too. But let’s try to enjoy what we have, while we have it and hope for the best. And do what we can as individuals to try to drive up attendance among our own circles. I work for a fairly large company: I’ve got 2 boxes of mini-schedules up in our common area…we’ve already gone through about 40 and I’ve refilled both boxes already. I have talked it up with HR and I think we are doing a group outing. That’s all we can do. Talk it up and drag people down there with us.

10. b-fish fan - May 8, 2007

its over boosterbabe.it is so over.the people of ct.dont care about bluefish/minor league sports.the list of failed and failing teams is to long to go through.i have come to the realizations that it is not the mgmt.of the bluefish but the people of ct.

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