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April 24, 2007 April 24, 2007

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Patriots Rotation Crumbles: When I spoke to Somerset Patriots Director of Player Procurement Brett Jodie on Sunday, he walked me through the starting rotation and listed the names Andy Van Hekken, Tony Mounce, Brian Reith, Josh Stewart and Chris Rojas.

Spring Training hasn’t even started yet, and two-fifths of that rotation has vanished.

According to Ryan Dunleavy’s Spring Training Diary, Stewart and Mounce quit this morning, saying that they didn’t feel like they belonged there.

The old adage goes — Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Considering the not-so-glorious run that Gene Stechschulte had a few years back after initially getting released, coming back and then getting released, I was somewhat surprised that Mounce returned considering he was also cut last year for the same reason Stechschulte was — he couldn’t recover from an outing quickly enough.

I spoke to Mounce this off-season, and he was optimistic that things would go well this year.

“I’ll feel as good as I normally would at that time of the year,” Mounce said at the time.

The Patriots have two extra arms in the bullpen, and outside of signing someone new, the only options they’d have right now would be to move Dave Elder and/or Sam Marsonek into the rotation.

Patterson Collage: Mike Ashmore

Patterson Makes First Affiliated Start: I went to Trenton yesterday to do a feature on former Lancaster Barnstormers P Scott Patterson. Imagine my surprise when I looked at the lineup and saw he was the starting pitcher.

The big guy with the wacky mechanics got the nod for the Thunder last night in a spot start, working 3.2 scoreless innings against the Connecticut Defenders, the Double-A affiliate of the San Francisco Giants. He allowed three hits and struck out five.

Chase Wright was sent down to Trenton last night, so Patterson’s stay in the rotation will be short lived.

Victor Torres is currently serving as the Defenders hitting coach while their other coach recovers from a knee problem.

Ducks Sign Harris; Assign Him To Road Warriors: The Long Island Ducks are well-known for their “use” of the Road Warriors throughout the season. This year, they’re getting an early start.

OF Estee Harris, drafted by the Yankees in the second round of the draft just four years ago, has signed a contract with the Ducks. He was then assigned to the Road Warriors.

He never made it past A-Ball because he never really got his bat going. He’s a career .218 hitter with 27 career home runs in 1,014 at-bats. He’s a Central Islip native, so this is somewhat of a natural fit.

According to some Yankee fans I’ve spoke to who’ve seen him play, Harris has a lot of raw tools but could never establish himself as a contact hitter. He also has a below-average arm, according to what I’m told.

Road Warriors Roster: Back when Norm Hutchins came into the Atlantic League in 2003, he started out with the Road Warriors. After stints with the Ducks, Patriots, Barnstormers, Bluefish and Bears, his Atlantic League career has come full circle.

I managed to get my hands on a copy of the Road Warriors spring roster (which reeeeeeally shouldn’t be as difficult as it is), and Hutchins name headlines the list of players not yet announced.

Pitchers: Derek Barrows, Benito Baez, Chris Flinn, Bernie Gonzalez, Julio Guerrero, Trevor Marcotte, Jose Nieto, Darwin Soto

(Flinn is a 26-year-old righty who spent six seasons in the Devil Rays organization. He started early in his career, but primarily came out of the pen over the last few seasons. Nieto was with Edinburg of the United League last season.)

Catchers: Sandy Aracena, Manny Mejia

(You know about both of these guys.)

Infielders: Ron Fenwick, David Housel, Gabe Suarez

(I know I’m missing two infielders — I’ll try to get you those names ASAP. Fenwick was with Bridgeport in 2005.)

Outfielders: Jason Bryan, David Cardona, Stephen Doetsch, Jose Garcia, Estee Harris, Norm Hutchins, Alhaji Turay

(Seven outfielders? I wouldn’t count on that lasting. Anyway, Cardona was an eighth round pick of the Dodgers in 2001 who has also spent time in the D-Rays organization. He’s never made it past A-Ball. Doetsch spent four seasons with Braves and also didn’t advance past Single-A. Garcia…I found six different Jose Garcia’s. Couldn’t tell you which one it is.)

– Mike Ashmore, mashmore@patriotsbaseball.com


1. Dave - April 24, 2007

“they didn’t feel like they belonged there.” What does that mean? They are not ready to pitch or too good for this? Why show up at all?

2. Mike Ashmore - April 24, 2007

I called Mounce, so I’m kind of hoping to get an answer to that myself.

Suarez, by the way, has very limited experience in the Nationals and Rockies organizations.

3. BoosterBabe - April 24, 2007

Wonder why Hutchins didn’t come back to Bridgeport? He had a lot of heart. I always liked Norm.
Nice that we’ll get to see a lot of him this season, though, with the RW. And it will be nice to see Ron Fenwick again, too.

4. Mike Ashmore - April 24, 2007

Specifically with Mounce, he spoke very positively about the league this off-season (Ex: Saying he didn’t understand how a lot of players in the league weren’t with organizations) so I don’t think he felt he was too good for it.

Can’t say on Stewart — never met him, never talked to him.

5. chuckerd58 - April 25, 2007

I alway’s wondered why it is so hard to get Road Warrior info. I guess the leauge wants to treat them like stepchildren.

6. Me - April 25, 2007

Long Island Ducks announced today that Richard Hidalgo has retired before putting on a Ducks uniform but Todd Erdos will join the team once again after stints the past 2 years…Will they get another big name before the season starts?

7. Jeff - April 25, 2007

Camden acquired LHP Aric Leclaire from the Nashua Pride today, for the player who keeps getting traded, Future Considerations

8. chuckerd58 - April 25, 2007

I noticed some familiar faces missing so far on the AL roster’s. No Rich Barrett with Camden,Jack Santora with Newark,Dominick Ambrosini and Carlos Hernandez with the Duck’s. I’m sure there are other’a i’m missing.Guess that’s life in the AL.

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