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March 15, 2007 March 15, 2007

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Hake Speaks: I just had a great 20-minute conversation with new Revolution infielder Travis Hake. Hake was in his native York to announce his signing with the club at a press conference.

“I’m not a real big fan of being in front of the cameras, I don’t think I’d be a very good actor,” he joked, referring to the turnout at this afternoon’s event.

After spending the last two seasons with the Lancaster Barnstormers, Hake was selected in the Revolution’s expansion draft. He got a text message from Ryan Minor while he was hunting with Bears manager Wayne Krenchicki in Illinois, informing him of the team’s interest in his services.

It came as a bit of a surprise to Hake, who believed he’d be heading to Lancaster as Frank Klebe’s starting second baseman.

“Klebe knows my personality, and I know his, and it looked like it was going to be a good fit,” Hake said.

“I had a good time in Lancaster.”

An original Barnstormer, Hake will now have the opportunity to be a part of another franchise’s inaugural season.

“The whole newness is cool for me,” he said. “I already went through it with Lancaster, and it’s going to be hard to top that. York’s going to be huge, but I’m a little more used to it now.”

The 30-year-old former Brewers draft pick doesn’t know what York’s plans are for him in regards to playing time, but did weigh in on playing in front of a hometown crowd.

“You have to meet all new people all over again, so it’s going to be a little uncomfortable at first,” Hake said. “There are good and bad things about (playing in front of friends). If you have a bad game and you have 1,000 friends there and they’re all talking about you, that’s not so good.”

The Revolution have already inked Vic Gutierrez and Rayner Bautista, so Hake will likely be used as a utility player or spare infielder to start the season.

Pride Send Stevens To Lancaster: The Can-Am League’s Nashua Pride announced a bunch of transactions this evening, and they officially announced that P Josh Stevens has been dealt to the Barnstormers for future considerations. Stevens finished the season with Lancaster and did quite well for himself, going 2-0 with a 2.63 ERA in two regular season starts.

Who’s Getting Patriotic?: The Somerset Patriots have apparently signed a slugging corner infielder with prior Atlantic League experience. You’ll know more when I do…

Bears Bring Back Brunson: The Newark Bears have agreed to terms with 2B Matt Brunson. Brunson, the ninth overall pick in the 1993 draft by the Detroit Tigers, hit .286 last season after joining the Bears in July.

Return of the Road Warriors: Jeff Scott will be coming back as the Road Warriors manager in 2007. Former Pride and Bluefish slugger D.J. Boston will hang up his cleats to take a coaching position with the club.

Lachey To Perform In Somerset: Nick Lachey, who you might remember from his MTV Series with Jessica Simpson, will be performing at Bridgewater’s Commerce Bank Ballpark according to the Somerset County Park Commission Website.

Along with Newlyweds, Lachey was a member of the “boy band” 98 Degrees, and also went on to release two solo albums. I had to do a lot of research for that, because I didn’t know any of that off the top of my head. I’m also an awful liar.

Tickets go on sale on April 28th at 9AM for the July 13th performance.

Lachey will join Simpson, Tony Bennett, Jerry Lee Lewis, Stacie Orrico, Chuck Berry and others who have performed in the yearly concert at the ballpark. – Mike Ashmore, mashmore@patriotsbaseball.com



1. Dave - March 15, 2007

What ever happened to the “fan favorite” the Pats were signing?

2. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - March 15, 2007

Give it a couple days, it should be announced sometime next week I would think. Here’s a hint: You have to respect him.

3. Jason - March 15, 2007

“I am thrilled about the opportunity to play in my hometown and to be part of another, inaugural season,” Hake said. “From experience, I know what the excitement of a new ballpark and a new team can bring to the community, and I am glad that I will be a part of it here in my hometown of York.”

If Travis Hake actually said that, I’m an alien.

4. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - March 15, 2007

Definitely has that “press release quote” look to it…

5. b-fish fan - March 16, 2007

mike,the buzz up here in bpt over the signings of these players is just amazing.with tickets going on sale soon the bluefish are really the talk of lower fairfield county.hell forget fairfield county all of new england.what a joke this team is.march 15th and not one announced signing yet.

6. Amy - March 16, 2007

Barnstormers reaccquire Josh Stevens from the Nashua Pride for “future considerations”. Nice pickup for our starting pitching!

7. BoosterBabe - March 16, 2007

Well, I just got home from a business trip to Syracuse NY, over 300 miles away….with a very important stop on the way home. Ok, it was about 40 miles out of the way, but I figured I was getting paid mileage for most of it, so what the heck! On the way home from Syracuse to Bridgeport, I took a detour and stopped in…….


Oh my god! It took forever to get there, it is in the middle of NOWHERE. I passed miles and miles of nothing but empty, snow covered farms. It was sleeting at the time, and I’m in the mountains (the Catskills, maybe? I’m not even sure which mountains!) But I finally pulled onto Main Street, Cooperstown around 3:15 or so. I was in desperate need of a ladies room….went there first and the funny thing is, the rest rooms just off the lobby have photos of baseball players on them. A vintage photo from the Women’s baseball league from WW2 (the inspiration for “A League of their Own”) on the Ladies’ rest room, and of course, male players, a sketch with the same 1940’s feel to it, on the Men’s rest room. I took a photo of the Ladies’ room door! (as I was leaving).

Once I paid my admission, I walked into the room where all the plaques are, and I actually got choked up. I looked at each one, tears streaming down my face. Why I don’t know…but I got very emotional.

I only had a limited amount of time, they closed at 5pm but I saw everything. I could have spent more time, for example, with teh Women In Baseball exhibit but I wanted to see everything, even briefly.

Plus, I had a mission. I had a photo of my dearly departed Dad, a tremendous baseball fan who would have LOVED to visit Cooperstown. It was on the list of things to do but unfortunately, he ran out of time and never got there before he died. I knew I wanted to leave that photo there, but I had to find the right place for it. By the time I got to the third floor, where the World Series exhibits were, I was all by myself. I saw Shilling’s sock…and wept. And I knew, that was the place.

So I left the photo of my Dad, sitting behind the dugout at Fenway in July, 1995, smiling at the camera….right next to Curt Shilling’s bloody sock. I took a picture of it.

I stopped in the gift shop and asked the woman who worked there if a lot of people leave photos of loved ones and she said all the time. I asked what happens to the photos and she told me they do not throw them out. They don’t display them but they do keep them in an archive somewhere in the back. I started to cry. I thanked her for telling me that and she smiled at me and said “did you leave a picture?” All I could do is nod…I think I mouthed the words “my dad”. She smiled and said “well, he’s here now. He’s in the Hall of Fame!” I left soon after that and got on the road. It’s a ridiculously long drive but it was an hour and a half of my life I will never forget. I took lots of photos and I would love to go back. But…not until they perfect Teleporting as a mode of transportation!!!

I actually have to go to work tomorrow and I’m dreading having to drive the 15 miles to work….

Oh and my cat is pissed at me for leaving her here with 2 friends coming a couple times to feed her. Hahahah

Did I mention I wore my Bluefish Booster Club golf shirt? I thought it was appropriate.

I was one of maybe 6-10 people in the museum at the time, not including the workers. I would definitely recommend going there in the “off season”. You can spend as much time as you like with each exhibit, no crowds, no lines, no screaming kids and tourists to distract you. I can’t imagine going there induction weekend. Me? I would HATE to fight the crowds. My friend is the biggest Ripken fan I know, she will be there in July, already has her hotel reservation! I took a photo of Ripken’s display for her. Tony Gwynn has one too but I don’t think I snapped any pictures of his…hmm.

Anyway, GO to Cooperstown! It’s worth the trip. (and I hate long drives!)


8. SharkGirl - March 16, 2007

Sheryl, that is one of the warmest stories I’ve heard in a long time. It must have meant so much to you to do that for your Dad. Aside from all the bad weather, the “in the middle of nowhere” traveling and the long drive home, it will be one of the most memorable days in your life! Take care. Hope to see you in Camden.

9. number1surffan John - March 16, 2007

and I thought you were going to call us before the Cooperstown trip!

I wonder if my wife/children would do same for me (if I don’t end up getting up there sometime to visit myself). hmmmm

“Batter up,”


10. Amy - March 16, 2007

Beautiful story boosterbabe….its true the hall of fame is out of the way and in the midst of no where…but it makes it all that more special when you get there. Thanks for sharing that story. I have been to 2 induction weekends…once for Steve Carlton and once for Mike Schmidt and Rich Ashburn… and learned the first time that the museum is no place to go on that day. You can’t really see anything as there are too many people. We have been to cooperstown quite a few other times…we find it best to go in the fall. If anyone ever gets the chance to go to Cooperstown…do it!

11. BoosterBabe - March 16, 2007

John, Don’t leave it up to your wife and kids to leave your photo there after you’re gone….GO WITH THEM and have a photo taken there with them. Life is short and if you share baseball with your family, you need to share this with them while you can. Baseball is SO much bigger than the sum of its parts. It’s shared memories, it’s shared sorrow…it’s shared joy. I don’t need to tell anyone here this: we all know it, that’s why we are here, because Baseball gets inside us and makes us happy. Cooperstown celebrates what makes baseball so special. I was thinking about this: the stuff that made me cry, that makes 80 year old men cry when they go there: for someone who’s not a fan, it’s all just stuff. A dirty ball. A bloody sock. A broken bat. Some overpaid guy’s face printed on a piece of cardboard. But for us: it’s what that dirty ball represents: someone pitched a perfect game with that dirty ball. Someone got a World Series winning game with that broken bat.

Being there yesterday validated my feelings about this game. How I feel about it can’t be wrong, I can’t be strange to feel this way, because here is a entire museum celebrating exactly how I feel about the game of Baseball! So obviously, I’m not the only one.

12. number1surffan John - March 16, 2007

I may not recall the title correct, but I believe it’s called

“Chicken Soup for the Baseball Lover’s Soul”. Read a story from it each night for a while to my sons (what was appropriate for bedtime stories, that is). They slept. I teared up. Many times.

Non-baseball fans just don’t get it. Then again, I don’t get the allure of Nascar (oooh – he’s turning LEFT!)

13. SharkGirl - March 16, 2007

and turning left AGAIN! Oh look, another left! I wonder which way he’ll turn next?
hee hee…I’m with you, John!

14. BoosterBabe - March 17, 2007

Yeah, I really do NOT get NASCAR. Never did.

Daytona is what? 500 laps?

Couple years ago, dear friends invited me over to watch the race. He and the kids sat there, enraptured. His wife and I watched for 10 minutes, looked at each other, took our Apple Martinis and went upstairs to watch a video of Bull Durham on the other tv. (Baseball….AND Kevin Costner in the bathtub! It’s the perfect movie! giggle) When the movie was over, we went back downstairs and they were still driving around in circles!!! I just don’t get it.

I’ve heard of the Chicken Soup series but I never read any of the books. Didn’t know there was one for baseball fans.

My birthday is in May…..

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