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March 7, 2007 March 7, 2007

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Rocker Rocks HGH: Former Long Island Ducks pitcher John Rocker has admitted taking the human growth hormone HGH. He later; however, denied taking anything that was not prescribed.

“That was a growth hormone that was prescribed by a doctor in relation to his rotator cuff surgery in 2003, so I don’t really think there is anything to the story,” Debi Curzio, Rocker’s publicist, told the Daily News for a story on the newspaper’s Web site Tuesday night.

It would be two years later that Rocker would join the Ducks as he attempted to make a comeback after spending time with the Atlanta Braves and Cleveland Indians.

We’ve gone back and forth over the steroid policy in the Atlantic League and I’ve always been told that it is identical to that of the majors. I do know that testing does occur; however, we’ve heard very little in terms of offenders.

My question: With Rocker being a huge name and with all the publicity that he drew, if he was on HGH, would the league have scolded him, if he was even tested. – Scott Stanchak

Keep Mike’s cat, Bo, in your prayers. Read yesterday’s post for details.

Bears Complete Almonte Trio: In the history of Major League Baseball, three players with the last name of Almonte have taken the field. Last season, the Patriots had Hector and the Ducks had Erick.

This season, Newark has signed P Edwin Almonte. He briefly reached the big leagues with the Mets in 2003.

Here’s a press release trick for everyone. If a batting average, win-loss record or ERA is omitted, there’s generally a reason for that. As for the release, I’ve had some e-mail issues, so I haven’t been receiving releases from a few teams — so I apologize for not reporting this earlier.

Almonte posted an 11.12 ERA in 12 games for New York. He gave up runs in eight of those 12 outings, so it really wasn’t one bad outing that got him.

He apparently throws a low-90’s fastball, slider and changeup. His numbers at the higher levels aren’t necessarily that great, so it’ll be interesting to see how he does with the Bears.

By the way, you might remember a fourth Atlantic League Almonte — former Orioles farmhand Wady, who played with the Ducks a few years back. – Mike Ashmore


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