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February 20, 2007 February 20, 2007

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Adam Gladstone (right) during the 2004 Patriots ring ceremony (Photo: Mike Ashmore)

Gladstone Speaks: In his first public comments since the Patriots named Brett Jodie their new Director of Player Procurement, Baseball And Sports Associates’ (BASA) Adam Gladstone has no regrets about his tenure with the Somerset Patriots.

“I had a great four years with the Somerset Patriots,” Gladstone said. “We had a pretty good run.”

The Director of Baseball Operations for the Keystone Baseball-operated BASA, Gladstone endured a lot of criticism last season for the Patriots struggles.

“The way that we handled Somerset was the same exact way that we handled Camden and Lancaster as a group,” he said.

Gladstone said that BASA had established salary-related (my term, not his) guidelines for all of their teams, and that was something that Somerset might not have been accustomed to.

Despite all of the criticism from the media and players alike, he has nothing but good things to say about his stay in Somerset.

“I was able to work with a lot of good people like Steven (Kalafer) and Patrick (McVerry),” Gladstone said. “Just because I’m with BASA now and Somerset isn’t, doesn’t mean there was any sort of falling out.”

And just because he’s no longer with Somerset doesn’t mean he isn’t keeping busy, as he’s in charge of putting together teams for Bridgeport, Camden, Lancaster and York.

He’s also educating the managers for each squad about the rigors of putting a club together, as each team’s manager is new to the league except for Lancaster’s Frank Klebe, who Gladstone thinks is a little ahead of the curve due to his exposure to the league last season.

Gladstone also recently returned from what he described as a very successful scouting trip in the Dominican Republic. The three-day tryout, which was coordinated by Ellie Rodriguez, was apparently very fruitful. Although Gladstone wouldn’t commit to there being a larger Latin presence in the league this season, he did make note of another scouting trip in Puerto Rico during the first week of March.

He also spoke positively about Somerset’s new relationship with Jodie, saying that he talks to Brett every day and thinks he’ll be a great fit for the club.

All good things come to an end, and two rings in four years certainly wasn’t bad.

AL News and Notes: I spoke to Atlantic League Executive Director Joe Klein for a few minutes today, and got some updates on the Road Warriors coaching situation and York’s ballpark.

The league expects to make an announcement regarding the Road Warriors coaching staff following the first of March. It seems unlikely that Jeff Scott will return, although Klein did say that the league was speaking to a few candidates for the positions at this time.

As for the Revolution, Klein told me that unless he hears otherwise, that the Revolution will open their ballpark on schedule.

Todd Re-Signs: 2006 Playoff MVP Jeremy Todd has officially re-signed with the Lancaster Barnstormers. C Lance Burkhart is reportedly not far behind in his signing being announced.

List of now-affiliated AL Alums: Here’s an updated list of AL alumni that have signed in affiliated baseball…

Erick Almonte – Colorado Rockies
Giancarlo Alvarado – Seattle Mariners
Benito Baez – Milwaukee Brewers
Cory Bailey – Chicago Cubs
Larry Barnes – Los Angeles Dodgers
Joe Borowski – Cleveland Indians
Gary Burnham – Philadelphia Phillies
Robinson Cancel – New York Mets
Jim Crowell – Philadelphia Phillies
Eric Crozier – Boston Red Sox
Kane Davis – Philadelphia Phillies
Tomas de la Rosa – San Francisco Giants
Leo Estrella – Kansas City Royals
Jeff Farnsworth – Philadelphia Phillies
Quincy Foster – San Francisco Giants
Joe Gannon – Chicago White Sox
Luther Hackman – Milwaukee Brewers
Jeremy Hill – Los Angeles Dodgers
Mike Huggins – Milwaukee Brewers
Joe Jianetti – Detroit Tigers
Brad King – Minnesota Twins
Fernando Lunar – Atlanta Braves
Pete Maestrales – Baltimore Orioles
Carlos Mirabal – Houston Astros
Damian Moss (*) – San Francisco Giants
Gerry Oakes – San Francisco Giants
Jeremy Owens – Tampa Bay Devil Rays
Curtis Pride – Los Angeles Angels
Brandon Puffer – Pittsburgh Pirates
Mike Rivera – Milwaukee Brewers
Tommy Rojas – Washington Nationals
Jared Sandberg – Texas Rangers
Jason Shiell – Kansas City Royals
Ruben Sierra – New York Mets
Jason Simontacchi – Washington Nationals
Pedro Swann – Philadelphia Phillies
Steve Torrealba – Detroit Tigers
Jeff Urban – San Francisco Giants
Charlie Weatherby – Philadelphia Phillies
Ben Weber – Houston Astros
Justin Wechsler – Chicago White Sox
Joe Winkelsas – Atlanta Braves

Note: Add Mel Stocker to the list, who signed with the Milwaukee Brewers.

* denotes the player has been released or voluntarily left camp

A lot of former Patriots are on this list, 14 players (Barnes, Cancel, Davis, Gannon, King, Lunar, Owens, Puffer, Rojas, Sandberg, Shiell, Urban, Wechsler and Winkelsas) on the list have suited up for Somerset at one time or another.

Garces To Can-Am’s Nashua: I’ve wished Nashua had stayed in the Atlantic League on a few occasions recently. Now is definitely one of those times. The club has reached an agreement with Rich Garces. Any Red Sox fan worth his salt knows him best as “El Guapo.”

I would have looooooved the chance to interview him, he was a cult hero during his days in Beantown. – Mike Ashmore, mashmore@patriotsbaseball.com



1. Sharks52 - February 20, 2007

I believe you can add Jeff Farnsworth to the list who is now with the Phils.

2. sstanchak - February 20, 2007

I’m sure you all were aware of this from his chat a few weeks ago, but Jeremy Todd is officially returning to the Barnstormers.

3. Fausto Gabon - February 20, 2007

Mike, when they say you are a compiler, that’s a compliment.
1) Of the guys with big league time, who’s most likely to start the season on a roster? Borowski?
2) Who among the rest can break out and make a team by year’s end? With the state of Philly’s bullpen, I think Weatherby could find his way to a callup if they implode. How about you guys?

4. Jason - February 20, 2007

Mike Rivera has a shot. He’s third on the Brewers’ depth chart, but catchers are an oft-injured lot. Rivera posted a .783 OPS in 46 big-league games last year. The guy can hit at any level.

5. francis - February 20, 2007

Damian Moss has already left Giants camp, and according to a report on Rotoworld.com, is not expected back.

6. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - February 20, 2007

Thanks for the notes on Farnsworth and Moss, I’ve updated the list accordingly. I just left Farnsworth out, which was stupid considering I just posted something about him the other day.

I think Borowski is pretty much a lock for the big league roster.

Outside of that, I think Curtis Pride, Brandon Puffer, Jason Shiell and Ruben Sierra all have legitimate shots to make their big league clubs.

A breakout guy? Benito Baez. I know he has previous big league time…but the man can flat out throw.


7. Dave - February 20, 2007

I would like to once again point out that both BASA and Lancaster are owned by Keystone Baseball. Is any one surprised that lancaster got the best of it.

8. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - February 20, 2007

Keystone also owns Camden and York.

Last year, I made it very well known that I thought Camden had no chance to win with the roster they had at the start of the year…

As for York, let’s see.

Under your theory, Bridgeport should be worried…

9. Jason - February 20, 2007

I don’t think Lancaster won because of BASA. Many of the key players on that team: Todd, Gonzalez, Ortiz, Hileman, Van Rossum and Burkhart — all starters — were acquired before BASA took over.

Crozier, Weatherby, Patterson and Knox were all signed because Herr sought them out.

The pitching staff was a patchwork mess for most of the season, except for Harriger, who was taken in the dispersal draft. The Ducks could have had Harriger, but they took Becker instead. Their mistake.

BASA provided Taylor and Bowers, who were big contributors, but to say it built most of the roster would be incorrect.

10. MorpheusDreamweaver - February 21, 2007

The Newark Star-Ledger had a nice article about Kevin Lidle today:


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