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February 1, 2007 – And The Next Q&A Is… February 1, 2007

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Jeremy Todd Set To Do A Q&A: You’re going to want to be on atlanticleaguebaseball.com on February 7th at 7PM. Why? Because one of the best players in the Atlantic League, Jeremy Todd, is going to be stopping by to do a chat with fans.

All he did last year was hit .322 with 16 HR and 63 RBI, leading the Lancaster Barnstormers to the 2006 Atlantic League Championship.

Todd started his Atlantic League career in 2004, being signed very late in the season by a dismal Somerset Patriots team.

Things really took off for him in 2005 though, a season he split between the Newark Bears and Barnstormers. A member of the AL postseason All-Star team, he hit .298 with 26 home runs and 107 RBI, a total good for second best in the league.

He was dealt to Lancaster halfway through the season for Norm Hutchins. While Norm played well for Newark, it seems fairly obvious who got the long-term better end of the deal.

He started 2006 with the Dodgers organization before returning to Lancaster.

He also has experience in the Mets and Rockies organizations, not to mention experience in three other independent leagues.

This might just be one of our biggest names yet to take time for atlanticleaguebaseball.com readers, so you’re going to want to make sure you get your questions in early and often.

Send your questions to mashmore@patriotsbaseball.com to take advantage.

Daneker Named Coach In Calgary: The Northern League’s Calgary Vipers have named P Pat Daneker has their new pitching coach. Daneker played for Camden, Somerset, Newark and the Road Warriors during his stay in the Atlantic League.

Also, the Vipers named Morgan Burkhart as their new bench coach. Burkhart is the brother of Lancaster C Lance Burkhart.

John Rooting For The Bears: According to The New York Times (Still your #1 source for Atlantic League News!) Bridgeport manager Tommy John is the father-in-law of Chicago Bears long snapper Patrick Mannelly. Check out the article for more.

My pick? Colts 30-Bears 16.

Baseball America – Atlantic League is “Semi-Pro”: Leafing through my 2007 Baseball America Prospect Handbook (which I use for Eastern League coverage) I encountered an interesting passage when reading up on the Phillies.

“The Phillies were so short on position talent at first base last year that they found former Phillie Gary Burnham playing in a semi-pro league and signed him.”

We all know how awful Burnham is, he only went on to hit a combined .348 with 17 home runs between Reading and Scranton Wilkes-Barre last year.

When players complain about the Atlantic League not getting the recognition it deserves (in most cases) this is exactly the crap they’re talking about. – Mike Ashmore, mashmore@patriotsbaseball.com



1. Amy - February 1, 2007

Awesome news on the next q and a…as some of you may know Jeremy is my favorite player!!! I will have plenty of questions Mike!

2. Barnstorming - February 1, 2007


As spring training nears, Taylor’s still unemployed
Barnstormers star is frustrated that his Atlantic League success hasn’t led to an invitation to training camp from an affiliated squad.


3. BoosterBabe - February 1, 2007

Don’t I have a pic of you and JT on my fridge???? 🙂

4. Amy - February 1, 2007

hmmmmm???? That would be most correct MS boosterbabe. Make sure you tune in for that q and a….Mike may use me as a correspondant, haha.

5. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - February 1, 2007

Well, I certainly expect you to send me quite a few questions. The more the better.

I eventually hope to get these to the point where I have to start picking the best questions and leaving a few out…


6. Amy - February 1, 2007

Yeah…there’s plenty to choose from today!

7. SouthernALFan - February 1, 2007

I’m sorry folks, the AL is a semi-pro league in many respects.
Just visit wikipedia:
A semi-professional athlete is one who is paid money to play and thus is not an amateur, but for whom sport is not a full-time occupation, generally because the level of pay is too low to make a reasonable living based solely upon that source, thus making the athlete not a full professional athlete.

8. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - February 1, 2007

Considering I can go in and change that definition to “Oreos are good” any time I want, Wikipedia’s probably not your best source of info.

Using your argument, all minor league baseball players are semi-pro. Worst case, the Atlantic League is a Double-A league…depending on pitching, it can be a high Triple-A.

9. SouthernALFan - February 1, 2007

Suit yourself… it is semi-pro.

But please know that I didn’t mean to insinuate that you are a semi-pro writer. I hope you didn’t take it that way.

10. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - February 1, 2007

You’ve already said I’m not a real journalist and an AL puppet, so I’ll take that at the same face value I take what I see on Wikipedia at times.

Explain to me then, the difference between a “minor league” player and someone in the AL.

11. Jeff - February 1, 2007

Shame on Baseball America. Anywhere on their website they never refer to the AL or NL or another league as semi-pro. They claim to be the source of minor league/independent league information, and make a mistake like that.

12. Jeff - February 1, 2007

The Burnham situation reminds me of Pedro Swann. He plays great for Camden, is signed by the Phillies, lights up the Eastern League, the Phillies are forced to promote him to Scranton, and he is solid there too.
Some of these guys are pretty good players, and can play the pants off some of the affiliated so called ‘prospects’.

13. qwackedup - February 1, 2007

I’ve always used this as semi-pro:
If players get paid, they are professional. If former professional players are in the league, it is semi-pro. So all minor leagues and independent leagues are professional. Stan Musial and the Mens Senior Baseball Leagues are semi-pro. Connie Mack and Babe Ruth are amateur. I’m not sure about American Legion baseball rules so I can’t comment on that.

14. BoosterBabe - February 2, 2007

Yeah, Gary Burnham Sucks. That’s why he now holds the record for hitting the most career home runs in the history of the Reading Phillies.

15. Amy - February 2, 2007

now boosterbabe…try to remain objective…hhahahaha.

16. number1surffan John - February 2, 2007

Mike – your musings continue to entertain.

“Considering I can go in and change that definition to “Oreos are good” any time I want, Wikipedia’s probably not your best source of info.”


btw – any news re AC Surf and JB?

After a flurry of phone calls from new employees calling me @ home with such professional greetings as “John, buddy, we still have your season ticket seat available for a great price….” I’m more and more considering doing a “traveling fan” journey this summer to other Atlantic League (PROFESSIONAL – not Rookie League) Teams.

17. BoosterBabe - February 2, 2007

It’s a dubious distinction that GB holds in Reading….dubious because those what, 53? homeruns took place over 4 seasons–would have been better for his career to get out of the minors….but whatever, it’s an accomplishment and I’m sure, knowing Gary, he’s mighty proud of it. (As well he should be). He always reminded me of Crash Davis in Bull Durham (but trust me, I am NO Annie Savoy!!!!)–the road weary slugger who just wants to make it in the show…

I understand GB is back in the Phillies organization this year and he’s expecting to play in AAA Ottawa. It’s a hockey town up there, GB, hope you realize you are not gonna get the fan support you get here in the states. If you ever get a craving for banana bread, you know where to find me!

18. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - February 2, 2007

No word on AC. I was supposed to have received a phone call and I didn’t.

I will be exceptionally pissed off when I see Schuster quotes in the Press of AC (again).

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