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January 21, 2007 January 21, 2007

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The Money was Sucky For Bucky: The Seattle Times did this article on former Long Island Ducks star Bucky Jacobsen.

Among other things, it’s revealed that Jacobsen pulled in $350 a week, or $1400 a month durng his stay with the Ducks. Considering what he did for them on the field, it’s hard to imagine he’d come back for that salary again.

UPDATE – Things Just Ducky for Bucky, He’s Actually Quite Lucky.

It could be worse, I could write in haiku.

Anyway, as it turns out, the figure listed in the article is inaccurate. Jacobsen was actually quite well taken care of in Long Island. Either that, or his definition of a week includes a few less days than everyone else’s. – Mike Ashmore



1. matt - January 21, 2007

Erick Almonte has signed a contract with the colorado rockies as a non roster invitee.

2. Sumosid - January 21, 2007


Thanks for the link. Interesting story. Bucky really didn’t have nice things to say about the AL.

Why do you think his salary that was listed in the article was inaccurate? How did you find out what it actually was?

Re:”their crew of has-beens and never-wuzzes”.
I hate when writers must stoop to refering to independent / minor league players in such a derogatory (sp?) manner. These players don’t make much money, but they still have fans and they are Professional baseball players. I would gladly earn a 1/3 of my current salary if it meant playing Baseball professionally.


3. Fausto Gabon - January 21, 2007

Ungrateful fat man,
Never a champion here.
Go sell insurance!

4. Chuckerd58 - January 22, 2007

That’s a little harse Fausto,the guy played hard last year,try living across country without your family and see how you feel.

5. Duckfan - January 22, 2007

Buddy needs to lose about 5o lbs. He could hardly move last year. He also wasn’t what I’d call a clutch hitter. Yeah, he put up some decent numbers but they were meaningless numbers. Who cares if he belts one 500 ft. when the Ducks were already ahead by 10? Too many of his K’s came in the late innings with the Ducks down by a run or two. If he doesn’t come back, I won’t miss him.

6. Chuckerd58 - January 22, 2007

Well,I think he made itclear he isn’t coming back. I don’t know,maybe i’m naive,was he as good as i thought he would be,no,but,he was better than some of these guy’s from last year,Jaun gone as an example. I think he was definatly better in the first half than the second half.

7. Tom - January 22, 2007

Hey Duckfan — His name is Bucky not Buddy and it’s too bad that he won’t be back this year. I wish more players on this team would have had the drive and desire to play hard for every game like he did. It even boiled over on several occasions when he personally challenged other players on the team who weren’t hustling. He even came to blows with one in the dugout after a game.

8. Fausto Gabon - January 22, 2007

Chuckerd58 said…
That’s a little harse Fausto,the guy played hard last year,try living across country without your family and see how you feel.


I know it’s cold outside, but air out your sense of humor. It’s a hai-FREAKIN-ku, have some fun with it.
I will not waste my “salary cap sonnet” on you people.

9. Jeff - January 22, 2007

Thanks fausto gabon. We appreciate you saving us the pain.

10. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - January 22, 2007

Bucky put up some real solid numbers last season and was a good guy as well, based on everything I’d heard.

As for how I uncovered the information that I did, you know I can’t answer that question.

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