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January 5, 2007 January 5, 2007

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Coaching Carousel: There are still a few coaching vacancies in the Atlantic League, including the entire Road Warriors staff.

But Camden still has a pitching coach position to fill, and Newark has a hitting coach spot open.

Both spots appear to be fairly wide open, with both teams having had discussions with AL names you know for the positions. But both teams have also talked with names outside the league as well.

As for Bridgeport, Scott Stanchak wrote yesterday that new manager Tommy John is interested in bringing in George Foster and Willie Upshaw, as well as possibly bringing back Terry McGriff and Brian Warren.

I’m particularly interested to see how that situation plays out – I wonder if McGriff would be a candidate for other open positions if he didn’t return to Bridgeport.

Lancaster To Name New GM Monday: The Lancaster Barnstormers are scheduled to announce the second General Manager in team history at a Monday afternoon press conference.

York Expansion Draft Results: The York Revolution have announced the results of their expansion draft; results that include four former big leaguers. Each current Atlantic League team could protect 13 players from their 2006 rosters. Here’s who York took from each team.

Atlantic City – P Charlie Hesseltine
Bridgeport – P Kevin Hodges
Camden – OF Jason Conti
Lancaster – INF Travis Hake
Long Island – P Pete Hartmann
Newark – OF Anthony Sanders
Somerset – P Mike Johnson

Hake is a York native, so this should be a nice boost to his career. He was reportedly somewhat miserable towards the tail end of last season in Lancaster, so this could be the boost he needs to get him back to the form he showed in 2005.

Hodges, Conti, Sanders and Johnson all bring big league time to the Revolution.

Keep Sending Modica Questions: We’ve gotten a nice response to the Greg Modica Q&A, set to take place on January 8th. Keep sending your questions to mashmore@patriotsbaseball.com for a chance to do my job.

Also, I will announce who will be in the next Q&A following the Modica session.

Old, But Good News: This came out a while ago, but the Florida Marlins made John Duffy a pitching coach in their organization. Duffy appeared in six games for the 1999 Somerset Patriots and also played for the Surf.

Duffy will be a coach for the Greensboro Grasshoppers, one of Florida’s Single-A teams.

AC Fun: Here’s an excerpt from an official press release from the Fort Worth Cats of the American Association. You tell me which part of the sentence is wrong.

“The Fort Worth Cats have traded catcher Ken Lup to Atlantic City in the Atlantic League, it was announced today.”

As a general rule, when you’re trading someone, it’s beneficial to know exactly where you’re sending him. – Mike Ashmore, mashmore@patriotsbaseball.com


1. SouthernALFan - January 5, 2007

Reading the article today at http://www.lancasteronline.com paints a different picture about Hake. He is apparently upset about leaving Lancaster and doesn’t really want to play in York. Of course, he may just be looking for a nice rai$e by saying he may not play this season in York.

Mike, any predictions as to how many of these guys actually are on the opening day roster?

2. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - January 5, 2007

Here’s what I find odd about that. Lancaster and York are owned by the same group. If they didn’t think Hake would play for York, then they wouldn’t/shouldn’t have drafted him. Regardless, I stand by saying I think a change of scenery would do him some good.

I also find it odd that a team that’s no longer in the Atlantic League had to lose a player. But that’s a separate thing.

As for how many players I expect the team to sign…I’d say half. Couldn’t tell you which ones, but I’d expect to see a few deals involving the rights for these players. Pretty sure Quincy Foster was acquired for Jamie Steward, who Lancaster picked in their expansion draft. They also picked Kris Beech, you never suited up for Lancaster.


3. Amy - January 5, 2007

yeah Lancaster picked up the following guys in their expansion draft..Ryan Minor, Clint Smith, Cliff Smith and Norm Hutchins who did eventually sign with them. They also picked up Matt Beech, Rodney Dickenson, Jaime Steward and Kevin Henthorne who did not sign with them. So Mike’s estimate of 50% is about right on!

As for Travis Hake, I talked to him numerous times during the final few weeks of the season last year and he was very uphappy about his lack of playing time towards the end of the season. VERY UNHAPPY. I know he lives in the York area so the Revolution is a good fit for him…as for his not wanting to play there I don’t know. He just was very upset at the end of the season..trust me!

4. SouthernALFan - January 5, 2007

Well, at some point, many AL players do have to let reality set-in and think about their life. Unfortunately you can’t pay the bills and invest in an IRA if you are an AL player… unless you have a Mom and Dad that support you. Maybe Hake is realizing that he isn’t going to make it to the big leagues.

5. Amy - January 5, 2007

Absolutely southernalfan….he’s thirty now so that is part of it I am sure! I was just surprised that he wouldn’t want to play one more year in front of “hometown fans”…similar to what Matt Knox did last year for Lancaster.

6. Amy - January 5, 2007

I just read the article you linked about Travis Hake. It just looks to me that he really liked playing here and that just because York is closer to home he didn’t necessarily NEED to go there. And he wasn’t demanding to go there or even asked to go there. Probably just would have been preffered to understand WHY they didn’t protect him in the draft or something like that. Its really a shame because Travis did EVERYTHING they ever asked of him here…including last year when he obviously needed the elbow surgery before the all star break and he put that on hold until we clinched the playoff berth. That messed with his batting average..he sacrificed his average for that. He played third, a position unfamiliar to him..he did alot for us. I really hope he does play in York. I don’t think his career is done yet.

7. Amy - January 5, 2007

cool Mike..let us know!

8. qwackedup - January 6, 2007

What’s the deal with Dick Such? Is he the manager in Lancaster? No moves announced and his name doesn’t appear anywhere.

9. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - January 6, 2007

Frank Klebe is going to manage Lancaster this season. No word on where Such will land — if anywhere in the A.L. There are some openings though so don’t be surprised if he lands somewhere.

10. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - January 6, 2007

Scott is correct. Such could pop up in one of the various pitching coach openings in the league; Bridgeport, Camden, Lancaster and the Road Warriors.

As Scott reported, Such and Tommy John are good friends, so that could be a possibility. Depends on if ownershiop wants to completely purge the old coaching staff or bring back Brian Warren.

Newark has Steve Foucault, Somerset has Brett Jodie, York has Tippy Martinez and Long Island doesn’t have an official pitching coach.


11. bringbackhake - January 6, 2007

Does anyone know if Lancaster is going to add another coach to their staff in order to replace Klebe and/or is Wise coming back as the pitching coach?

12. Amy - January 6, 2007

bringbackhake….I love your user name!! Gotta agree with ya on that…but on to the topic. I wonder that myself about Rick Wise. As of the end of the season I remember someone asked if he was coming back and I know that he wanted to but….you never know how things work out. I also would imagine we will be getting another coach…no idea who. Hope we finalize something pretty shortly. Perhaps after we get our new gm (on Monday) that the coaching staff will be the next order of business!

13. BoosterBabe - January 6, 2007

Ya know….I feel bad for Brian Warren.
He’s an awesome guy. He was the “interim” pitching coach at the end of 2005 when they let the guy with the bad temper go. (what was his name…? I can see his face….bad temper, always cursing….a fan complained at least once b/c of his foul language in front of her kiddies….Jim something or other…..Dedrick! Jim Dedrick! I knew it would come to me!)

Anyway, Brian was pitching coach for about a month in 2005, they hired him as Pitching Coach last season. But he really didn’t get much say…LaPoint really governed everything with the players, off and on the field. We never really got to see what kind of pitching coach Brian Warren could be.

I would love to see him back so we can see what he can do. Plus–how cool for him on a personal level to be Tommy John’s pitching coach??????!

Don’t know much about Such, so I can’t say. McGriff is a perennial favorite, he’s an old friend, ya know? And I think he is well respected in the clubhouse. Not a fireball personality but he’s got a quiet dignity about him. I wonder if he wouldn’t do well on a another team, though. Sometimes, when you stay in a job a long time….it’s not always the best thing. (In any business, baseball or otherwise). He might go farther with another team. Might be just the thing to fire him up. I dunno. I wish Griff nothing but the BEST.

14. qwackedup - January 7, 2007

Ducks do have a pitching coach. It’s Don McCormack.

15. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - January 7, 2007

Technically, Mac was brought back as a “bench coach.”

Everything I’d heard indicated Wise wouldn’t be returning, but I’ve yet to see any sort of official announcement either way.


16. Amy - January 7, 2007

Well I would guess after we get a gm we’ll have more news on the other staff guys.

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