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January 3, 2007 January 3, 2007

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Player Names To Be Released Tomorrow: So I made a few phone calls, and it appears that the York Revolution will be set to announce the names from their “expansion draft” tomorrow — Friday at the latest.

You’re going to see a few big leaguers on this list, it sounds like York did a pretty solid job with their selections

I can tell you that there’s a great deal of anticipation from York officials on this press release, and multiple people have told me it’s a very big deal for them.

It’s nice to see this kind of excitement around the league so early in the calendar year.

Modica Questions: Keep sending questions for P Greg Modica to mashmore@patriotsbaseball.com. Modica will participate in a live Q&A on January 8th. – Mike Ashmore



1. SouthernALFan - January 4, 2007

If you know some of the names now, why don’t you report them???
Wouldn’t a true reporter move forward with the story? It’s as if you are a puppet of the league sometimes.

2. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - January 4, 2007

A) I know all of the names. I’m supposed to. Not a big deal.

B) Do what I do every day and you’ll understand why I won’t release them early. You have NO IDEA how pissed off people would be if I dropped these early – this is a huge deal for York. It would absolutely bite me in the ass and isn’t worth it.

3. Amy - January 4, 2007

Agree with you Mike. Things like this should be left to the TEAM to release…as you say it is a big deal for York to do this and its really not your place to do so. If you did this early…you would never get any information at anytime again!

4. SouthernALFan - January 4, 2007

but what’s the point of getting info if you do nothing with it, except sit on it? Basically, you know, what they want you to know, when they want you to know it, and then you report it, when they are too lazy to release it themselves.

5. BoosterBabe - January 4, 2007

The point is, the team has every right in the world to control when they release information to the press, just as you would control the flow of information that you wanted released to the public.

It’s their prerogative to decide when and to whom, the information is released. Sure, Mike could post it on the web for all to see. But they would never, EVER trust him with any advanced information again.
The media is entrusted with information ahead of time precisely because they agree not to release it until the appointed day and time. Sure, there are agreements companies make with certain media outlets for “scoops” or the exclusive rights to break a story, but again, that’s in the control of the companies releasing the info, and it’s a negotiating point. Breaking a story without permission is career suicide in the media, at this level, anyway. If it’s a BIG story, and you’re a really big media outlet, the benefit of being first MIGHT offset the bad blood with the source of the story, but in this case: at best, it would be considered bad form. At worst: no one in the league would trust him wth any advance info and he’d get his news from other media outlets, not directly from the team.

It’s not fair of you to criticize a journalist for having the integrity not to break a story before the source requested the story be broken.

6. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - January 4, 2007

How you get your information determines what you can do with it, people tend to not understand that and think I’m a prick for sitting on information.

There’s a saying that every good beat writer knows more than he can write. I’m not saying I’m good, but I’m saying that statement applies here.

I’m damned if I do and I’m damned if I don’t.

If I don’t tease the list at all, people think I knew nothing about it when it comes out and think I’m an idiot for not knowing.

If I do tease the list, then people want the names that are on it and think I’m an idiot for saying anything at all.

Either way, I’m an idiot.

Not a winnable situation.


7. BoosterBabe - January 4, 2007

Don’t sweat it, Mike.
Those of us who understand how the media works don’t think you’re a prick. We know you’re just doing your job.

It never ceases to amaze me how naive people are when it comes to the news media.

The distribution of information in today’s world is, for the most part, very carefully orchestrated.

With the exception of “breaking news” (sudden, unpredictable events that are newsworthy), such as the WTC Attacks, the Space Shuttle Columbia explosion a couple years ago, things of that nature–most of what we see, hear and read in the news are stories that were planned to break at a certain time for maximum impact.

Oh, and let’s not forget, that the statements that are released are just the tip of the iceberg–they are usually “prepared statements” with limited actual facts…the statements are carefully crafted for maximum Damage Control.

I’m not blaming the media: not one bit. They are in the business of distributing information that is fed to them and it IS a business–they have to play with the folks providing the information. But the public needs to understand that and accept it for what it is. Those providing the information keep tight reins on what, where, when and how it is distributed.

8. freddy - January 4, 2007

maybe the players dont know they have been picked up by York yet because they are oversees playing winter ball and the teams want to make sure it comes from them rather then the media?

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