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December 15, 2006 December 15, 2006

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Krenchicki Speaks: I spoke to the new manager of the Newark Bears, Wayne Krenchicki, and he’s confident he’ll be able to put together a strong team in 2007.

“We’re looking to have a strong pitching staff like we had the past few years in Camden,” said Krenchicki in a phone interview.

Newark has been somewhat notorious for having difficulties in compiling strong pitching staffs thanks to the small dimensions of the ballpark, but Krenchicki believes that he and Steve Foucault (hardly breaking news that he’ll be the team’s pitching coach) will be able to attract pitchers based on previous relationships. He also pointed out that Atlantic City was able to put together strong pitching staffs despite being a tough place to play as well.

The eight-year Major League veteran also stressed strong defense as a building point for next year’s version of the Bears.

While the “search” for a pitching coach never really existed, the same cannot be said for the team’s open hitting coach position. Krenchicki, who would have loved to have Victor Torres on board before he left to take a job in the Giants organization, said he’s only had preliminary discussions with the Bears front office about the spot.

Although he did indicate he’d prefer to not have a player/coach situation as was the case in Camden — a result of budgetary restrictions — Krenchicki did confirm speculation that the names of several players had come up in early talks with the team. – Mike Ashmore



1. Sumosid - December 16, 2006

I guess Pete Filson is out of a job. Could he end up in Camden?

2. BoosterBabe - December 16, 2006

Press Conference is being called for 2pm Monday, 12/18 to announce the new manager for the Bridgeport Bluefish. Wish I could go…unfortunately, I have to work.

3. b-fish fan - December 17, 2006

i hope terry mc griff gets the job.the guy has been a player now coach for years in bpt.he deserves a shot.

4. b-fish fan - December 17, 2006

bpt bluefish new mgr.is tommy john.

5. BoosterBabe - December 17, 2006

And that would be WAY better than Dave LaPoint, huh?

See, now it all makes sense. They were talking to him for over a year. When they found out he was still available….

Keep Dave LaPoint?
Hire Tommy John?

Hmmm…we need to get butts in the seats. We need to attract people to come out to the ballpark. Who would people who’ve never been to the ballpark pay good money to see? Dave LaPoint? Or Tommy John?


While it’s true that LaPoint managed the team into the championship last season and they won a lot of games under DLP, the fact is, they played many of those games in front of empty seats. A big name will bring fans into the stadium.

This is exactly the boost they needed!

I am SO excited now!!!!!

6. BoosterBabe - December 17, 2006

If memory serves me correctly, Tommy John either pitched the ball that Henry Aaron hit for the record, or he was in the bullpen and caught it, in Fulton County Stadium when Henry Aaron hit the home run that either broke or tied Babe Ruth’s record…..I was about 10-11 years old, it was on Monday Night Baseball on NBC, Joe Garagiola was the commentator, and I was watching, all excited, with my Dad. I remember my Dad telling me that we were about to watch history in the making and I didn’t really understand it but he told me to remember it and I did.
(albeit vaguely….) Gonna go Google it!!!
I think….Tommy John

7. BoosterBabe - December 17, 2006

“On April 8, a Monday night game on national TV, he leaned into a 1-0 fastball from Dodger lefty Al Downing. He hit the ball with his weight on his front foot, as was his custom, on a slow arc into the left-field bullpen, where reliever House made a nice catch. “

Ooops…I guess my memory was wrong.

I don’t know why I always thought it was Tommy John who caught that ball. It was another pitcher. Oh well.
As they used to say on Saturday Night Live, “Never Mind”.

8. SouthernALFan - December 17, 2006

I can see how you confused Tom House and Tommy John. They are both known for things other than their own careers. Tom House and is pitching guru and everyone has heard of Tommy John Surgery. Of course, many people are coming to realize that whoever Tom House works with, ends up having Tommy John Surgery. In recent year, House’s theories have fallen out of favor. I was in San Diego a few years ago and saw Tom House, Nolan Ryan, and Mark Prior make a presentation together. At the time, House was bragging that Prior was the perfect pitcher, with perfect mechanics. Uhhh? What happened???

9. b-fish fan - December 17, 2006

boosterbabe are you kidding?.3/4 of the people at a bluefish game couldnt tell you the difference between tommy john or olivia newton john.tommy john wont draw anybody to the game.this is another moronic bluefish mgmt idea trying to steal the somerset patriots idea with sparky lyle.i dont blame the new gm because if you read the article this was a ownership hire without a doubt.so bluefish mgmt this is your second hire if it doesnt work out will you please replace yourselves.

10. b-fish fan - December 17, 2006

mike and scott what do you guys think of this hire?

11. Sumosid - December 17, 2006

Tommy John was manager of the SI Yanks back in 2004. As a long time mini-plan ticket holder, I recall is hiring created a nice buzz. But, attendance actually went down (2003 /163,432 to 2004 / 147,572) his year at the helm. It didn’t help the team was horrible (not his fault.)

As you may recall in John Brandt’s Q&A, he said the big name’s really don’t “put fannies in the seats” (i.e. Rickey Henderson) just create some buzz, which is good.

12. BoosterBabe - December 17, 2006

Once again, Bfishfan, you have proven that you are incapable of having a positive thought whatsoever.

What a grinch!!!!

13. BoosterBabe - December 17, 2006

Bfishfan–are you sleeping with Terry McGriff or something? You must have mentioned him in regards to a manager’s job 5-6 times.

He’s a great guy, I happen to like him a lot, but don’t you think if he was regarded as having what it takes to manage, someone in the league would have grabbed him by now?

Get over it. And if you really are that much against the Bluefish management, why don’t you find another team to follow? I mean, really, if it’s that bad….why do you even bother????

14. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - December 18, 2006

Real quick Tommy John story…

TJ was slated to throw out the first pitch in Trenton this season.

I prepared a few questions for him and was told I’d be able to talk with him.

He threw out the first pitch and then pretty much left – I was told all he wanted to do was show up and get out.

So. What do I think of the hire?

I like it because I’ll get another shot at him, but I’m concerned it’ll go like the first one did…

15. b-fish fan - December 18, 2006

BOOSTERBABE IT IS CALLED LOYALTY.mc griff has been a good solider who deserved a shot.boosterbabe i will repeat for those who dont know.you will never say a bad word about bluefish mgmt because you know they would throw you out on your ass and make sure you have nothing to do with the booster club.you cant be taken serious because you are beholden to blufish mgmt.

16. Tom - December 18, 2006

Ahhh–Peace on Earth, goodwill towards men and Merry Christmas to all—except between boosterbabe and b-fish fan. I swear they are Bridgeport’s version of the Hatfields and the McCoys. I’m surprised boosterbabe hasn’t come back with her everlasting Frank Boulton conspiracy theory (since Frank owned two NY Yankee minor league teams and both Dave LaPoint and Tommy John are both ex-Yankees along with Sparky Lyle). Have you two ever considered taking your act on the road? I think you guys would be great doing Abbott and Costello’s “Who’s On First” routine.

I think Tommy John will be good for BP. I think there will be a stiff competition between TJ and Lapoint as to which team attracts the better quality pitchers for the Atlantic League. TJ was a great pitcher and Dave had one of the best changeups in the big leagues so the opportunity to work with either one will be a drawing card for the better pitchers that are available to the league to come work with. Hopefully this effect will also lead to an increase in attendance since more fans would come out to watch these better known pitchers than someone who they have not heard of before.

17. Fausto Gabon - December 18, 2006

I think b-fish fan actually is boosterbabe, off their meds.
I may even be both of them too, come to think of it.

18. qwackedup - December 18, 2006

The good part is that those two are Bridgeport’s 2 fans right now. So we get to hear both sides of every move the club makes. When the Fish gets another fan, then we’ll know things are starting to improve there.

19. BoosterBabe - December 18, 2006

Gotta love the internet.
The minute someone reacts passionately to something it’s “he/she must be off their meds”.


Bfishfan knows nothing about the Booster Club. Bluefish management has no say in who does what with the Booster Club, it is a separate organization.

I, for one, think Tommy John is gonna be a GREAT manager and I cannot wait to meet him and see what his plans are for the coaching and player staff.

20. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - December 18, 2006

It’s not like I can’t see the point that’s been made about McGriff, though. A lot of people around the league were pulling for him to land one of the managerial jobs.

As easy as it is to complain when “the same old names” are recycled, it’s hard to say that one of those guys, such as McGriff, doesn’t deserve a shot. The same can be said for Brad Strauss as well…both guys who’ve been around the league for a while that are starting to get looks for managerial positions.

And, of course, it’s about that time for me to throw out the “quit the bitching” routine and tell everyone to cut out anything that even resembles a personal attack…


21. fishyfan - December 18, 2006

Another Fish fan here.. this one much more in tune with BoosterBabe.. I think that having a new manager and GM will help the Fish for the 07 season.. I think that having Tommy John will make players more apt to consider the Fish.. (apparently many players last year really didn’t get along with LaPoint)

I’ve met the new GM and he is really dedicated to finding out why the attendance fell off and how to change all that.. with other big works slated for the city of Bridgeport (Steel Point development) now is really the time to put the Fish back on the map as one of the big attractions in town..
Happy Hanukah and Merry Christmas to all

22. BoosterBabe - December 18, 2006

As for the personal attacks, “He started it” (or should I say “It started it” since we really have no idea who or what Bfishfan actually is).

If “it” stops with the personal attacks, I will too.

Of course, that doesn’t mean I will stop posting my opinion. Bfishfan is gonna have to be the grown up and not attack me for having a difference of opinion. Because if “it” comes after me–I’ll come right back against “it”. I promise you that.

Mike, I respect your wishes not to have a flame war on your site…but if I get flamed, I’m gonna flame right back.

Merry Christmas to All! (and here’s to a winning 2007!)

23. b-fish fan - December 18, 2006

im sorry boo hoo boostersbabe.and have a happy kwanzaa to you and yours.

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