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December 10, 2006 – Keep sending Brandt questions December 10, 2006

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Camden Names New Manager On Thursday: According to a source close to the situation, the Camden Riversharks have scheduled a press conference for Thursday to name their new manager. I think fans of the Riversharks and the league will be excited about this one, it’s a name new to the Atlantic League and a name that was on the back of a big league jersey for more than a dozen seasons.

Two Other Teams To Announce Coaching Staffs: As early as Tuesday, two other Atlantic League teams are expected to announce their coaching staffs for the 2007 season.

JOHN BRANDT Q&A: Make sure you send your questions for Newark Bears GM John Brandt to mashmore@patriotsbaseball.com

Brandt and the Bears will be announcing their new manager earlier in the day on Tuesday, and the GM will be here live to answer fans questions.

Patriots Toy Drive A Success: Hundreds of toys were collected for the Somerset County United Way’s Gifts of the Season program.

“It’s a great event and the support each year has been tremendous. We are always focused on our community and I’m proud to make this toy drive a success each year,” said Patriots manager Sparky Lyle, who signed autographs at the event.

There were boxes and bags full of toys inside the Patriots gift shop when I dropped by at around 3:30, and I placed my Chutes and Ladders game on top of one of the boxes.



1. Tom - December 11, 2006

Geez boosterbabe, I can’t believe you’re still singing that “conspiracy” tune. Believing that everything that happens to the Fish is a conspiracy and that everyone in creation is against the Fish is getting old. Ask Santa for a new “theory” on Bluefish life for the upcoming year.

2. b-fish fan - December 11, 2006

tom you cant take boosterbabe serious.the bluefish cant and dont do anything wrong in her eyes.plus she believes the ducks/boulton are out to get the fish.every bluefish fan says the same thing”lapoint asked for more money and/or more power and the ownership fired him”case closed.only boosterbabe thinks the atlantic league mgr.of the year left the bluefish after taking them to the alcs on his own

3. BoosterBabe - December 11, 2006

Maybe he wanted more money than Bridgeport was willing to pay. The fans in LI loved him. I’m not so sure the feeling was the same in Bridgeport.

I’m not yelling “conspiracy” but I am saying….maybe the way it turned out is how the deal was actually arranged.

Or maybe it wasn’t. We’ll probably never know for sure.

That’s my point. WE don’t know what actually happened.

Let’s say, theoretically, someone worked for the Buick division of GM as an assistant manager. Pontiac calls him one day and offers him a one year contract as a full manager with the first right of refusal for next year. He spends the year at Pontiac, likes his job, but maybe he doesn’t like the boss, or maybe he doesn’t like where the job is, there’s some reason he is not happy….he calls his old boss at Buick, who’s got an opening for the higher position….and says “hey, I really would rather work for you, if Pontiac doesn’t ask me back, can I come back there?” It would create bad blood between Buick and Pontiac to “steal” Pontiac’s manager, but hey, if Pontiac decided not to take him back for another year, Buick would be free to hire him, no problem. So…an idea gets planted…the boss at Pontiac gives it some thought, decides know what? We’d rather not have him work with us anymore.

2 weeks later, Buick announced their new manager has returned from a year at Pontiac.

It’s really not that far fetched to think that something like this happened in this situation. All I’m saying is, not everything is what it seems.
And B-fish fan…If the stupid Conn. Post would print my letter to the editor about the parking situation, you’d see that I do disagree from time to time with what Bluefish management says.
So stop making accusations you know NOTHING about, especially when you don’t know me and know nothing about me, except what I post here.

4. b-fish fan - December 11, 2006

boosterbabe please put down the bluefish pom-poms.what fan didnt like lapoint?you mean the booster club didnt like lapoint because he didnt come to booster functions and kiss ass like you expected him to.lapoint was liked more by fans than that fool jose lind who was the worst mgr.in atl.history.im not saying the bluefish didnt have the right to let lapoint go,but please dont tell stupid stories about going in another direction and starting over.those bs lines insults the fans.ownership should admit lapoint wanted more money or power and we wouldnt give it to him.why do you feel the need to protect the bluefish and attack the ct post.its the ct post job to question the motives and moves of the organizations when they feel they are getting fed a line of bull.

5. Fausto Gabon - December 11, 2006

Just in time for the holidays!

From the team release:

Defending AL champions to announce coaching staff changes

The Lancaster Barnstormers will make announcements regarding the team’s 2007 coaching staff tomorrow during a press conference beginning at 10 a.m. in the Wheatland Suite at Clipper Magazine Stadium. Barnstormers coaches and front office personnel will be in attendance.

6. BoosterBabe - December 12, 2006

Bfish fan, you need to go back to 1st grade and learn how to read.
I am not attacking the CT Post. The Bluefish management released a statement, the Post printed it. That’s how it works. I’ve worked in the media for over 20 years, I know how it works, I’ve done PR. They will print the story exactly the way the story is presented to them.

And you know how every single fan in Bridgeport felt about Dave LaPoint? I don’t. That’s why I phrased my comment as I did. Re-read my comment: “The fans in LI loved him. I’m not so sure the feeling was the same in Bridgeport.” I’ll translate that into single syllable words so you understand:
I know the fans in Long Island loved him. I do not know for sure that the fans in Bridgeport loved him. I do not know how every fan in Bridgeport felt. I know some who did like him, but I also know many who did not like him. I know that quite a few of the players did not like him. So I based on my experience, I have to go with “I can’t say that he was well liked in Bridgeport.”

Perhaps everyone YOU know liked him…but I can’t imagine you having any friends, with your constant contrariness and completely negative attitude, so I don’t know what kind of judge you can be.

Again, stop attacking me for being positive and stop assuming you know anything about me. Because you don’t.

7. BoosterBabe - December 12, 2006

WHo said anything about Chico Lind? I never liked him. I was stunned when they hired him in 2003, couldn’t believe he lasted one season, let alone 3. You’re the only one who brought him up.

And stop putting words in my mouth. I never said I personally didn’t like LaPoint. I simply said I didn’t believe he was universally loved. Willie Upshaw was universally loved. I didn’t see that with LaPoint. That’s all I’m saying. You’re putting words in my mouth again and of course, you’re jumping to the wrong conclusions.

I just re-read your comments about LaPoint “taking them to the ALCS on his own”. What the…?

On his own? There were 25 men playing their hearts out every day, THAT’S what got them to the ALCS, not LaPoint “on his own”. Where do the players factor into your equation? Was LaPoint out there throwing 80-90 pitches in 90 degree heat? Was LaPoint sliding into home plate on his belly to score runs? Was LaPoint slamming into the outfield wall to rob the other teams from home-runs? I’m not saying the manager doesn’t play a role in a winning team, he certainly does–but hell…to say he took them to the ALCS on his own is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard!

8. b-fish fan - December 12, 2006

boosterbabe,end this stupid chatter answer one simple question.
IN YOUR OPINION DID THE BLUEFISH MAKE A GOOD OR BAD MOVE BY LETTING LAPOINT GO?stop with your beating around the bush about if bpt fans loved him or not.just answer the question.it is a simple YES or NO.

9. BoosterBabe - December 13, 2006

It’s not a simple yes or no question.

The only thing that’s black and white in baseball is the stats.

And the fact is, whether I agree with letting him go or not is entirely irrelevant because it’s done and my opinion about it isn’t going to change what happened. And I can sit here and eat my heart out because he’s gone, or I can approach this like a grownup, realizing that sometimes change is good and maybe someone better is on his way to Bridgeport.

If a better manager replaces LaPoint, one who brings the clubhouse together, someone the players like and respect, who can put together a great team and then motivate them to win 85-90 games next season, then it will turn out to be a good move. If they get someone like Chico Lind…it will have been a bad move. At this point, without knowing who the replacement is, I can’t form an opinion because I don’t have all the facts.

Unlike you, Bfishfan, I am not jumping to conclusions based on what I think I might know, because the one fact I do know is that I don’t know the whole story (and I’m willing to bet you don’t either).

Stop challenging me, stop attacking me.

10. b-fish fan - December 13, 2006

from the conn post 10/4/2006.
“Foster said she hasn’t looked at any specific candidates to replace Dowd, but she did confirm Tuesday that manager Dave LaPoint is not a candidate for the position. LaPoint had assumed the baseball operations duties in July.

“Dave is great in the community and he has (been a general manager) before,” Foster said. “But his role is as the manager. We will be looking for a new general manager. There will be an active search.”

jeez boosterbabe according to the owner of the bluefish she thinks lapoint was great in the community.i guess your opinion about him not be loved was irrelevant.boosterbabe i repeat DO YOU THINK THE BLUEFISH FIRING LAPOINT WAS A GOOD MOVE OR A BAD MOVE.please answer the question.

11. BoosterBabe - December 14, 2006

Gee you really DON’T understand how business people work the media, do you?

Do you really think Mary Jane Foster (or any other executive running any type of business) would be quoted in the press saying anything negative about someone who works for her? Do you really think she (or any other executive) would release a statement to the press that is 100% honest and tells the whole story behind hirings and firings? If so, you are either stupider or more naive than I thought.

OF COURSE she’s going to say he was great in the community. She also said John Cunningham left to pursue other interests. What else is she going to say?

But understand, the way things SEEM to play out in the press may not necessarily be how they actually happened.

WHy do you care so much about my opinion, Bfishfan, anyway?

You really wanna know what I think? I’ll tell you. I didn’t believe for one second that LaPoint was fired. I think he wanted LI, they wanted him and somehow, it all worked out. And I’m not crying “conspiracy” at all. I’m simply looking at the reality that those who wield the power in the league also happen to run the Ducks. So things have a way of working out the way the Duck owners want it to. That’s my theory.

Is LaPoint going to LI bad for Bridgeport? I don’t know. Depends on who they get to replace him.

I think anyone who will motivate the guys in a positive way will be good for the team. It has to be someone who will command respect and also GIVE respect. It has to be someone who gets along with ALL the players on the team….that’s as far as I’m going on this subject.

Suffice it to say, I didn’t feel he was the BEST manager the team ever had, I did plenty of armchair quarterbacking this season…but I also know for a fact he was WAYYYY better than what they had from 2001-2005. (yeah, I’m including Dyer in that) He did a good job. Might there be someone better out there for this team? I’m sure there is. There always is someone better.

Unlike you, Bfishfan, I see shades of gray. Lots of shades of gray. You are black and white. Everything with you is either Good or Bad. Yes or No. Positive or Negative. I take that back, EVERYTHING with you is NEGATIVE. Everything is absolute with you. and that’s just not how the real world works.

I’m finished playing with you with this. Stop badgering me.

12. b-fish fan - December 14, 2006

boosterbabe you are nothing but a lap dog sorry in your case a lap cat for bluefish mgmt.so i will tell you how it is.the bluefish were foolish to let lapoint go.here are the reasons.
1.the fish will now face him in the divison now.
2.he will lead players away from the bluefish with his conections in baseball.by saying they tried to go cheap on him.
3.the guy is a excellent gameday manager/pitching coach.

13. BoosterBabe - December 14, 2006

1. You said “now” twice.

2. While some players may go to LI because they like him, there are plenty of others who won’t, because they don’t. That’s a wash.
And WE DON’T KNOW WHO WILL REPLACE HIM, MAYBE SOMEONE WITH BETTER CONNECTIONS!!!!! Get that through your thick skull. We might get someone BETTER than LaPoint!!!!

3. He may be an excellent game day manager pitching/pitching coach, but he’s not the ONLY excellent game day manager/pitching coach out there. There are others who will do as good a job, if not better. Again, We don’t know who will replace him.

As far as facing him in the division: the only thing that even remotely concerns me is the emotional aspect of it. There may be some bitterness underlying, but he’s a pro and it won’t show up to the fans. It might be channelled towards some extra motivation in the locker room…”This is my old team, guys, beat the crap outta them”, that sorta thing, but I don’t see it getting ugly because of this. And honestly, he’s good, but I just don’t see him as the “Force to be reckoned with” that you do.

All of this energy and emotion you are wasting about this is completely and totally useless. Until we know who the replacement is, you’re wasting my time.

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