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December 8, 2006 – Submit John Brandt Questions Now! December 9, 2006

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Bears To Announce New Manager Before Brandt Q&A: The waiting is over, as the Newark Bears are scheduled to name their new manager on Tuesday, December 12th.

And YOU can ask Bears GM John Brandt all about it.

Brandt will be appearing LIVE on atlanticleaguebaseball.com at 4PM on the 12th to answer fans questions, and will be appearing just after the team makes the official announcement.

This site will be the only place to be for Newark Bears news on Tuesday, as we’ll be the first place to have quotes from both Brandt and the team’s new manager.


Again, Brandt will be live on the site, so you may also ask him about the team’s new manager at that time as well.

But there are many other things to be asked. Brandt’s been a part of the Atlantic League since its inception as a part of a few different organizations, and was most recently the GM of the Camden Riversharks before heading to Newark last season.

Trying to return the Bears to glory, dealing with low attendance and playing in what can best be described as a difficult market are all things Brandt deals with on a daily basis, and I certainly think there are many questions to be had from those categories as well.

Preliminary discussions have also taken place in regards to Victor Torres’ replacement as the team’s hitting coach, and while several candidates with Atlantic League ties have popped up in conversations, the team is exploring all options.

But getting back to the Bears new manager, it’ll be interesting to see what impact this move makes on the rest of the Atlantic League. With so many openings, the Bears have made the first move, and the first domino has fallen.

Who’ll make their move next? Well…

York Close As Well: The York Revolution are also close to naming a new manager as well, and the new skipper is reportedly someone WITHOUT Atlantic League ties, but someone with ties to an American League East team.

Patriots Toy Drive: Make sure you stop by the Patriots toy drive tomorrow if you have time. Manager Sparky Lyle will be appearing for two hours, and the team encourages you to bring an unwrapped gift. For times and places, check out the post from a few days ago on this site, or head on over to somersetpatriots.com

Yours truly will be stopping by to drop off a brand new Chutes and Ladders game. I played a lot when I was a kid, so hopefully someone else will get some enjoyment out of a fun game. – Mike Ashmore


1. Sumosid - December 9, 2006

I just came across the the website of former Nashua Pride player, Eric Shanks. He has now has three self-produced music CDs available.

If interested, check out http://www.ericshanksmusic.com/

I plan on purchasing “This Crazy Life”. The songs come from his experiences as a minor league ballplayer.

2. Amy - December 9, 2006

Hmmmm someone with ties to an American League East team….I am guessing an Orioles alum or somone with ties to the Orioles….York is very big Orioles country!

3. b-fish fan - December 9, 2006

i dont understand the delay in naming a mgr.in bpt.i would have thought if you are going to cut lapoint loose you would already have a replacement lined up.

b-fish fan

4. StormerDude - December 9, 2006

Mike Flanagan maybe……….

5. Amy - December 10, 2006

Good possibility there stormerdude. I heard a couple other names but for the life of me I just can’t remember them!

6. BoosterBabe - December 10, 2006

Who said LaPoint was “cut loose”? Just because it was presented to the media that way, doesn’t mean it’s true, it just means that’s how the owners wanted it to appear. Did it ever occur to you that he wanted to go back to LI? Lots of stuff goes on behind the scenes that we, fans, know nothing about.
Just remember, things are not always as they appear to be.

There is a lot of politics in this league and it wouldn’t surprise me if this whole thing was planned to “work out” the way it did….

That being said, they are close to making a decision in Bridgeport but that’s all the detail I was able to get.

And from who I spoke with, Larsen got a big thumbs up as GM, so we’ll see how it goes next season.

7. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - December 10, 2006

Did Dave want to go back to Long Island? Sure he did.

Was it his choice? Not necessarily…

Leave it at that.

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