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November 28, 2006 November 28, 2006

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Even More Q&A’s: This is a late night update, so it’ll be quick. At least two more players have agreed to do Q&A’s on the site. One’s an Ashmore Award winner and one’s a big leaguer. But you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out who they are.

Ducks Name Lapoint Manager: To nobody’s surprise, Dave LaPoint has re-joined the Ducks, this time as their new manager. Don McCormack will now serve as bench coach, with Bud Harrelson and Kevin Baez also returning.

I’m assuming that means Dick Such is out, as his name was not in the press release.

I’m a little surprised that McCormack decided to return, especially in that role.

It also ends a little guesswork about who Camden was talking to. Yes, I know, but no, I can’t say anything.

Riversharks News: Former Shark Kevin Jordan will be returning to the Phillies organization, joining Lakewood as a coach.

Also, it looks like Camden GM Adam Lorber will be joining us for a Q&A in the very near future.

Bears News: The Newark Bears have lost hitting coach Victor Torres to the San Francisco Giants organization. Torres, who’s spent five seasons in the Atlantic League — four with the Camden Riversharks — will serve as their Arizona Giants (Rookie League) hitting coach. – Scott Stanchak

More Q&A’s: Fresh off the successful Q&A with Jeremy Booth, I’ve lined up a lot more of these for the near future.

Al Benjamin has agreed to do one, Greg Modica has agreed to do one, Chris Eickhorst has agreed to do one and the Newark Bears GM John Brandt will also be participating in one as well.

I’ve contacted numerous people around the league, and will continue to do so over the next few days. I’m hoping to get a beat writer or two, maybe a few radio personalities, and maybe a few coaches or managers as well. And players, of course I’ll be getting some more players. Even front office members around the league would be good, I want the fans to get first-hand perspective from as many different aspects of the Atlantic League as possible.

If anyone has any early questions they want to send in, you can always send them to mashmore@patriotsbaseball.com

However, I will be announcing each Q&A individually and ask for questions then as well, and will also release the dates that these are scheduled to happen.

I hope everyone enjoyed the first one, because there’s going to be a lot more where that came from. – Mike Ashmore


1. Tom - November 29, 2006

boosterbabe–What makes you think that the games between the Ducks and the Fish are going to get uglier? Your organization fired LaPoint after he took them to the Championship, the Ducks didn’t lure him away. Also, equating the Ducks/Fish rivalry to the Yankees/Red Sox is not even close. I don’t see it making that much of a difference to the players since each team’s roster constantly changes from year to year. I hope you’re not suggesting that the Ducks/Fish fans will carry on like the Yankee/Red Sox fans do?

2. Chuckerd58 - November 29, 2006

I like the move by the Ducks. It seems strange that McCormack is sticking around. It would seem like a demotion,and why would anyone want to stick around after that.

3. b-fish fan - November 29, 2006

please bluefish mgmt.do the right thing here.HIRE TERRY MCGRIFF!!!!

b-fish fan

4. Fausto Gabon - November 29, 2006

After flushing everything else from the previous regime, you really see that happening? And I don’t say that as a criticism.

5. b-fish fan - November 29, 2006

fausto what are they flushing? the new ownership brought in lapoint.lets face it here,lapoint had the hammer and was trying to use the ducks against the fish.the fish let boulton/ducks bully them out of their manager.when the money and power/duties got to much for the bluefish they blinked.the ducks are about winning the fish are about saving money.

6. Fausto Gabon - November 29, 2006

Read “regime” as the C. Dowd era.
Again, it goes back to letting the new GM have “his guy”

“the ducks are about winning”
The same number of championships as BPT, at last count

“the fish are about saving money”
And it’s about time. How are they going to market the team if they can’t afford to? A good team on the field has had little to do with the number of butts in the seats to this point, a re-allocation of resources might be in order.

7. b-fish fan - November 29, 2006

“the ducks are about winning”
The same number of championships as BPT, at last count
fausto how many years have the fish been around compared to the ducks.i repeat fausto lapoint had nothing to do with the dowd regime.lapoint was hired by the new ownership.if they felt a change was needed why wait until nov.to move.

8. BoosterBabe - November 30, 2006

“how many years have the fish been around compared to the ducks” you asked?

Hmmm…..Bluefish started in 1998. Ducks started in 2000.
Two years is not that big a deal this far down the road.

What’s your point?????

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