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November 27, 2006 – Q&A Announcement November 27, 2006

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More Q&A’s: Fresh off the successful Q&A with Jeremy Booth, I’ve lined up a lot more of these for the near future.

Al Benjamin has agreed to do one, Greg Modica has agreed to do one, Chris Eickhorst has agreed to do one and the Newark Bears GM John Brandt will also be participating in one as well.

I’ve contacted numerous people around the league, and will continue to do so over the next few days. I’m hoping to get a beat writer or two, maybe a few radio personalities, and maybe a few coaches or managers as well. And players, of course I’ll be getting some more players. Even front office members around the league would be good, I want the fans to get first-hand perspective from as many different aspects of the Atlantic League as possible.

If anyone has any early questions they want to send in, you can always send them to mashmore@patriotsbaseball.com

However, I will be announcing each Q&A individually and ask for questions then as well, and will also release the dates that these are scheduled to happen.

I hope everyone enjoyed the first one, because there’s going to be a lot more where that came from.

RiverStuff: Oh crappy headlines, you. Anyway, the Camden Riversharks are currently interviewing candidates for their open managerial position and will likely be talking to a suddenly hot commodity tomorrow. I’d expect a few of these openings to be filled in the next week or two. – Mike Ashmore


1. BoosterBabe - November 27, 2006

Wondering if that “hot commodity” is none other than Dave LaPoint?
We’ll see soon enough where he lands, I guess.

2. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - November 27, 2006

Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaybe. Maaaaaaaaaaaybe not.


3. SharkGirl - November 27, 2006

Oh gosh…I hope not!!! He is not wanted here either! At least not by me or my family! I might just have to stop in the Shark’s office tomorrow for a visit to see if I can see who the mystery person is….lol!

4. Amy - November 28, 2006

Mike it sounds great about the upcoming q and A’s…it will be nice to hear from all sides of the league!

5. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - November 28, 2006

God, I shouldn’t post this, but I can’t not.

Probably not safe for kids, might be a little sketchy language in here…



6. SharkGirl - November 28, 2006

SharkGirl like that Rickey site. SharkGirl like Rickey. SharkGirl want Rickey back in the AL. SharkGirl got to go now ’cause SharkGirl sleepy. But you know where you can find SharkGirl if you need her…she right here on da best d@#% site for AL news there be.

7. East Meadow - November 28, 2006

Dave LaPOint is new manager of Ducks for 07. McCormick is now the bench coach

8. Sumosid - November 28, 2006

Press Release: “Long Island Ducks team officials today announced the coaching staff for the 2007 season. Manager Dave LaPoint will be joined by bench coach Don McCormack, third base coach Kevin Baez and first base coach Buddy Harrelson for the team’s eighth season of play in the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball.”

I guess Pointer is going to handle the pitching coach duties too…

9. BoosterBabe - November 28, 2006

No Surprise there.
If it had happened any other way, it would have been a tremendous shock.

Look for the Bridgeport / Long Island rivalry to get even uglier now.

(Shades of Red Sox / Yankees!)

10. Fausto Gabon - November 28, 2006

Where’s Dee Jenkins when you need ’em?

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