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November 16, 2006 November 16, 2006

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Booth To Do Q&A: Jeremy Booth, who has played for four Atlantic League teams during his career, has agreed to do a Q&A with the readers of atlanticleaguebaseball.com

The 29-year-old previously played for Atlantic City and Bridgeport before splitting time with the Newark Bears and Somerset Patriots in 2006. He finished his 2006 campaign in the Can-Am League, a league that has seen two former Atlantic League teams join it over the past two seasons.

TO SUBMIT A QUESTION, which Booth will graciously take time to answer early next week, you may either post your question(s) in the comments section or e-mail me at mashmore@patriotsbaseball.com with the subject “Jeremy Booth Questions” and I will make sure your questions get passed along.

Booth can provide perspective on playing for many Atlantic League managers and for many Atlantic League teams, and can also provide some insight for Surf fans on what the Can-Am experience is like. Atlantic League experience aside, Jeremy has played for a lot of different teams in a lot of different places and has encountered a lot of different players.

To the readers of this site, this is your chance to get to be a reporter for a day. Do your research, and see what you can come up with for the versatile Booth.

Transactions: Quincy Foster (Camden, Lancaster) re-signed with the San Francisco Giants organization, Leo Estrella (Atlantic City) signed with the Kansas City Royals organization, Pedro Swann (Camden) re-signed with the Phillies organization, Tomas De La Rosa re-signed with the Giants organization.

Manager Carousel: As of right now, the only Atlantic League team that will sure of their manager in 2007 is the Somerset Patriots. Sparky Lyle will definitely be back at the helm of the Pats next season, but he’s the only one on stable ground for 2007. While Tom Herr and Don McCormack are still with their respective ballclubs, Herr has long been rumored to be leaving, and Rich Elliott suggested in yesterday’s Connecticut Post that LaPoint could be headed to the Ducks are their new manager.

Here’s a handy-dandy chart listing each Atlantic League team and their managerial situations for 2007:

Bridgeport – Empty
Camden – Empty
Lancaster – Tom Herr (?)
Long Island – Don McCormack (?)
Newark – Empty
Road Warriors – Jeff Scott (?)
Somerset – Sparky Lyle
York – Empty

Camden has to replace Steve Foucault, Lancaster will reportedly have to replace Rick Wise and Somerset will have to replace Liam Healy. There might be other coaching changes I’m overlooking, too. But either way, this Atlantic League off-season has had more uncertainty than any other in recent memory. – Mike Ashmore


1. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - November 16, 2006

I’ve already received a few questions via e-mail, so if you guys are more comfortable doing that, that’s fine.

Again, it’s mashmore@patriotsbaseball.com



2. b-fish fan - November 16, 2006


what a joke this team has become.

b-fish fan

3. Fausto Gabon - November 16, 2006

I hear the Cutters are looking for butts in the seats, why not jump ship while you still have a stomach lining?

4. b-fish fan - November 16, 2006

cutters are unwatchable baseball.

5. StormerDude - November 16, 2006

Lancaster Barnstormers Scott Patterson has re-signed with the New York Yankees — according to Baseball America’s minor league transactions.

6. BoosterBabe - November 17, 2006

Jeez bfishfan, do you ever have a positive thought, EVER?
Are you capable of saying anything positive? Or do you have to argue with EVERYTHING?

Hey, here’s one for ya: the sky is Blue.

Have a nice day….or at least, TRY. Maybe you should start with smiling once in awhile?

It’s a clean slate. A fresh start. Let’s try to go with that and see what the season brings.

7. b-fish fan - November 17, 2006

boosterbabe please give me a break with the company line.a fresh start.lapoint won the atl mgr of the year.took the team to the playoff and atl championship.not to mention he brought in the players after the all star break.now the guys out as mgr.boosterbabe i know you cant say a bad word about the bluefish mgmt.or they will throw you out on your ear,but please dont critize fans for being negative when the person running the fish is taking the fans for fools.

b-fish fan

8. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - November 17, 2006

While I’m not as cynical as others appear to be, all I’ll say is that Bridgeport’s new ownership has made some moves that have me scratching my head since they took over.


9. b-fish fan - November 17, 2006

mike,there has to be something going on behind the scenes.no teams mgmt.could make this many bad moves.they are either in over their heads fiancially or the ownership group is at each others throats over the direction of the team in bpt and the atlantic league.

b-fish fan

10. baseballfan - November 17, 2006

The Bridgeport Players hated LaPoint and, according to the grapevine, he and mgmt did not see eye to eye on several issues

11. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - November 17, 2006

I guess the only comparison I could make, and I’m not even sure it’s entirely accurate, is Florida firing Joe Girardi this season.

Spent one season there, was named Manager of the Year (for the NL, anyway), then he got canned.

Comparing the AL to MLB is kind of like comparing Criss Angel to David Blaine (Angel > Blaine, easily) but there still are some parallels there.


12. Fausto Gabon - November 17, 2006

I think this is a classic case of a new ownership wanting “their guys”. If you take over an organization you need a clean slate, rather than fight the “we have always done this” kind of atttitude. And how much worse could it get? A good team on the field hasn’t gotten Bport much, and you won’t continue to field a team without turning a buck at the turnstiles. Maybe because the new owners are focused on the business side first, the koolaid drinkers will lament the loss of their supposed “flagship franchise”, but that ship sailed about 2002. If it doesn’t fly this time, kill ’em for it then, but I would wait and see.

13. b-fish fan - November 17, 2006

baseballfan i heard that rumor that the latin players disliked lapoint for some reason.all i can say about the mgmt issue is why wait 2 months to fire the mgr.i have got to believe they tried to go cheap on lapoints contract and he was playing hardball with them so they cut him loose.last year it said in the conn post ownership hand picked lapoint to mgr the team.

14. Fausto Gabon - November 17, 2006

Why not leave Lapoint in place and give the new GM a chance to decide he wants him? Bird in the hand, eh? Larsen should also get the chance to go to war with his guy, and live with the consequences. At least they had the decency to cut him loose early and get a new deal somewhere. This is how the big boys play, nice to see the Fish go this route. And nice to see new blood in the league, not the same-old recylced names on the merry-go-round.

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