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November 15, 2006 November 15, 2006

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LaPoint Out: Bridgeport Bluefish manager Dave LaPoint will not have his contract renewed by the team for the 2007 season. The team also signed a new G.M., Bill Larsen. I doubt Larsen’s first move as the team’s acting G.M. will not be received very well as LaPoint had tons of connections in baseball and was well liked by the fans. – Scott Stanchak

Player Q&A: I mentioned this a while ago, but I am planning on having a player Q&A on the site sometime next week. You will basically be taking my job, if only for a few minutes, getting a chance to ask a player whatever you’d like (within reason, of course). I’m hoping to have this finalized by Friday, so that you have the weekend to submit questions via our comments section.

The player will then answer your questions, and will hopefully give you some insight on what it’s like to play in the Atlantic League and elsewhere.

If this is successful, I’ll see what I can do as far getting others to participate.

Pinto Out In Lancaster: Joe Pinto, the only General Manager in Lancaster Barnstormers history, has stepped down from his position. He will remain Lancaster’s GM until a replacement is named, which the team expects to do before the end of the year. – MA



1. Bloomberg Mike - November 16, 2006

Welcome Back to the Ducks Dave.

2. SouthernALFan - November 16, 2006

Hopefully Lancaster will at least have some of their players back… no Tommy Herr, no Pinto, and isn’t Danos gone too??? I have to think that Pinto is being moved to the overall Atlantic League’s front office. Boulton and his crew are probably tiring of the day to day (website et al.) and they probably want Pinto to help them out.

3. Chuckerd58 - November 16, 2006

Yea,wouldn’t mind seeing LaPoint back in the flock next season. Of course,he probably will have plenty of options so i guess we will wait and see.

4. b-fish fan - November 16, 2006

please bluefish mgmt.sell the team or fold the team asap.you are destroying a once proud organization and making total fools out of yourself as well as the fans of the team.how do you let the manager of year leave 2 months after the season?are you telling the fans of bpt.you fired charlie dowd one of the best gm’s in the league[if not the best]to let lapoint run the team in july and the guy only had a 1 year contract? this might be the most dumb ass thing i have ever heard of in sports history.now i know why elsberry kills you guys in the conn.post he sees you as a pack of morons.and i cant disagree with him.

b-fish fan

5. b-fish fan - November 16, 2006

do a search on the new bluefish gm.this guys has been apart of atleast 3 failed/folded organization.one team he ran in the frontier league folded in back to back years in 2 different cities.it also says he tried to start the great lakes league which he was ceo of never played a single game.jeez what a great hire.

b-fish fan

6. Amy - November 16, 2006

Jon Danos is not gone from Lancaster. Its just that he is also a part of the Camden and now York so it would seem he will be splitting his time between all three places. I know this for a fact as on Election Day he came to vote in our polling place and I had a chance to talk to him about the York front office. He told me they are slowly but surely getting the York front office in place. As for Joe Pinto…a job with the league sounds probable….I am also speculating perhaps he will be more involved with Keystone Baseball. Perhaps the job that Keith Lupton left at the end of the season…vice president/franchise development? Not sure but both of these sound possible and would probably be more 9 to 5ish and let him spend more time with his family.

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