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November 5, 2006 November 5, 2006

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Sosa Returning To Baseball: Sammy Sosa, who spent the 2006 season watching from home, is planning a return to baseball in 2007.

I do not at all think it’s far-fetched to think you could see Sosa in an Atlantic League uniform next season. Atlantic League official Ellie Rodriguez, who was instrumental in bringing Juan Gonzalez to the AL, keeps in touch with Sosa as well.

Just imagine him running out to the outfield at Citibank Park or Commerce Bank Ballpark with a little American flag in his hand. I don’t think he’d last too long, though. He wants to get back to the big leagues, and I think he’d retire again before spending an entire season in the AL.

Something to keep in the back of your mind. – MIke Ashmore


1. SouthernALFan - November 5, 2006

Haha. Mike, I HIGHLY doubt that Sosa would ever step foot in the AL. But given the AL’s lack of drug-testing and wide availability of drugs, maybe he will.

2. Barnstorming - November 6, 2006

check this out on e-bay

Spend a day with Andy Zwirchitz ,#36 pitcher for the 2006 Atlantic League Champions Lancaster Barnstormers.

You will also get a 2006 Lancaster Barnstormers autographed baseball card from Andy Zwirchitz.

Played for the Atlantic City Surf, Newark Bears, New York Mets, Atlanta Braves and Seattle Mariners organizations.

50% of the proceeds will go to charities one of which will be the Ronald McDonald House in Hershey, PA.

Location must be local (within 1 hours of Lancaster, PA)


3. Barnstorming - November 6, 2006

only 6 hours left

4. RSharksFan - November 6, 2006

The Atlantic League drug tests all players at spring training and random testing is done during the season

5. Fausto Gabon - November 6, 2006

York logos rolled out today:


6. Amy - November 6, 2006
7. SharkGirl - November 7, 2006

Barnstorming…the ebay item you mentioned was up for bid at the end of Oct. No one bid on it and the bidding started at only 50 cents!!! Poor Andy-he’s not feeling the love!!! I’d bid but I’m too far away. C’mon Barnstormer fans-a day with Andy!!!

8. Amy - November 7, 2006

Andy is a great guy…I talked to him the other day and he’s pretty cool about it. He realizes the situation as far as the price goes. It was just a spur of the moment thing he decided to do…its all fun. I really wish that I had the money to bid on this….he’s a fun guy and i wouldn’t mind hanging out with him.

9. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - November 7, 2006

If anyone tried emailing us as of late, it was probably bouncing back to you. The problem is fixed now though. Sorry.

10. Barnstorming - November 9, 2006

After not playing this past season, Sammy Sosa says he feels good physically, and he wants to come back to the big leagues in 2007.

The 37-year-old slugger rejected a non-guaranteed offer of $500,000 from the Washington Nationals for 2006.

11. dcpolak - November 9, 2006

If he’s passing on that kind of offer, I doubt that he’s willing to come to the Atlantic League or anywhere else to show everyone what he’s got left.

Sounds like he wants guaranteed money in case he falls on his face.

12. b-fish fan - November 9, 2006

ac surf home schedule released.the canam didnt do the surf any favors.how do they only get nj and sussex home for 1 series? moronic!

b-fish fan

13. StormerDude - November 11, 2006

Just heard Rick Wise will not be Back for Lancaster next Year. šŸ˜¦


on the other hand heard Denny Harriger might replace him..

also heard Tommy Herr Is Heading to coach the Memphis (AAA) team.

Now thats sad šŸ˜¦

so those are a few rumors i’ve heard floating around the Stadium

14. SharkGirl - November 11, 2006

I heard a rumor during the season that Herr would not be returning…that IS sad! As for Rick Wise…I say GOOD RIDDANCE! He is not approachable AT ALL!!! I’ve seen him tell little kids “NO!” when asked for an autograph–even after a great win! What’s up with that? And please don’t say “well I got his autograph”. I have seen him do this to people DOZENS of time! And that was just in the first season!

15. Amy - November 12, 2006

Shark Girl…..that’s very true about rick Wise! As a big autograph collector I made the mistake of asking a few times in 05…he’s very nasty to everyone. He is always nasty to kids as well. One time he was coaching a pitcher before the gates opened and I was standing behind a fence watching….he, in a very loud voice, told the player not to sign for me…”she’s here everyday”. Well, he was dead serious and nasty. The player then went out of his way to come over and sign. Needless to say I did not ask Mr. Wise at all during the season…I waited until fan app day when he HAD to sign. That day he was very approachable!

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