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October 27, 2006 October 27, 2006

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Not So Fast: While Surf officials expect Jeff Ball to return to the club when it debuts in the Can-Am League next season, don’t be so sure about that.

As I said yesterday, I will contact the man himself to see what’s really going on.

Bears Manager Search Narrows: The Newark Bears have narrowed their list of candidates for their new manager to a handful, and all have a common thread.

Previous managerial experience. Previous successful managerial experience, that is.

With that said, an announcement regarding the new skipper of the Bears is expected by the end of the year at the absolute very latest. – Mike Ashmore


1. SharkGirl - October 27, 2006

When Camden lost Wayne & Steve, I had hoped Jeff Ball would take over coaching the Shark’s when the rumors about the Surf going to the Can-Am league started to surface. It would still be local for him & he would get to stay in the better league. C’mon Jeff-put your hat in the ring-one bite and you’re hooked!

2. StormerDude - October 27, 2006

Tuesday, May 15, 2007, is when the York Revolution are slated open their inaugural season at Sovereign Bank Stadium. First pitch is set for 7:05pm – weather and stadium construction permitting.

3. KenD - October 27, 2006

Mike & Scott,

Can one assume from today’s post that Jeff Ball is a candidate for the Bears job?


4. b-fish fan - October 27, 2006

ac press reports ball in coming back to surf

5. lol - October 27, 2006

the ACPRess reported that Gore won the election (and invented the internet, and Clinton doesn’t know the definition of “is”)……

don’t believe everything you read in that paper. It does make good bird cage fodder though

6. SouthernALFan - October 27, 2006

When you get the rules from the league that talk about the RWs players and their ability to be picked-up by other teams, can you also get the Drug-Testing Policy, if there is one?

7. Scott Stanchak - October 27, 2006


You’re absolutely correct. I’ve heard from some reliable sources that he is probably going to interview with the Bears next month.


8. Riggzy - October 27, 2006

I was just wondering were you think the atlantic league will be let see.. say 10 years from now???

9. dcpolak - October 27, 2006

Where will the Atlantic League be 10 yesrs from now?

Celebrating the 15th year of Road Warriors baseball!!!

10. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - October 27, 2006

Ball is as much of a candidate for the Bears job as anyone else is.

However, trust me when I tell you that the job appears to be fairly wide open at this point…assuming that this is Ball’s job to lose would be as wrong as assuming it’s Wayne Krenchicki’s job to lose.


11. b-fish fan - October 27, 2006

why would ball take a job in newark when he can stay home and have a job in a.c.it cant be for that much more money or he would be gone by now.im sure the surf owner is not a fool.he wouldnt sing his praise in the a.c.press then try to lowball the guy.ball would be nuts to leave a.c for newark.a.c.is going to be a top tier franchise in the can-am league.they already have the best stadium and the best city to play in the league.with 30 less games a year in a city with tourism the surf will draw 2500+ avg.attn this year.imo

b-fish fan

12. Amy - October 27, 2006

You really think AC is going to almost double their average attendance by shortening their season by 2 months and going to a lesser league? Wow, that’s a dream! I have never been to a game in AC where they have had that many people EXCEPT for a fireworks game on July 4 and even then it wasn’t full. To average 2500…well that’s a lofty goal! I hope that they do better in the CAN-AM league I really do….but I don’t see them doing THAT well.

13. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - October 27, 2006

Say what you want about the Can-Am League, but it’s obvious the Atlantic League is the premier independent league in the country.

If you’re going to be managing in independent ball, why would you not want to be at the highest level?

That isn’t any sort of hint towards anything, that’s just my personal opinion.

As for AC getting a random boost in attendance by 500-1,000 people via a league switch. I’d be very, very surprised if you see a noticeable change in attendance, if any.


14. b-fish fan - October 27, 2006

amy how are the doubling the attn if you add 500.cmon guys its basic math.if you have a few fireworks night that avg 6000 and play 30 less games your avg will go up per game.not to mention they are playing the games at tourism peak season.

15. Amy - October 28, 2006

OOOO pardon me…I made a mistake. What is your problem? First of all there is no way Atlantic city is going to pull in 6000 for a fireworks night. As I said in my previous post…I have been to games there on JULY4 for fireworks….the year I was there, the fireworks were the ONLY ONES IN TOWN….and they only had an attendence figure of around 3300. Even if they closed down every casino in AC for one night…AC would not draw 6000. AC is not going to draw much more than they do now. The people who go now and have season tickets may still go but then again even surffanjohn has said he may not go as often….but the CAN-AM league will not bring in 500-1000 more fans for the whole season let alone enough to bring the avg attendance up! Sure you have 2 less months of the season and the avg will maybe go up ….but not by the numbers you are talking. The same people will still attend.
They are playing at the peak of the tourist season…but they always have….people, unfortunately do not go to AC to watch baseball…they go to the beach or the casinos. The casinos do not want any competition so they don’t help the Surf promote baseball. This hurts the Surf alot attendance wise. As Mike says i would be very surprised if the attendance changes.

16. b-fish fan - October 28, 2006

amy you are wrong again.this year for fireworks they drew over 7000 fans to a game.fact.nice try.maybe you can try again.so your next point about cutting games off the season is wrong again a.c. has always drawn crowds better in june,july,august due to tourism. it is a fact.so you are wrong again twice in the same blog.how about 3 for a quarter.i will repeat this for you since you dont understand.less games will equal greater per game avg.attn.it is basic math.fact.

b-fish fan

17. dcpolak - October 28, 2006

I also don’t think AC’s per game attendance will rise much, if at all, because of the league switch.

They are lopping off a piece of the schedule where they currently draw the poorest.

But…by cutting the number of games, they are also cutting expenses. That seems to be the key here to trying to make a franchise profitable in AC.

18. b-fish fan - October 28, 2006

sorry amy you were right it wasnt 7000 it was 6988.


b-fish fan

19. b-fish fan - October 28, 2006

dcpolak the majority of people who go to atl.games couldnt tell you 5 players in starting lineup of their home team.it is not about the baseball it is about entertainment.the players come and go in the minors the people root for the uniform,not who is wearing it.

b-fish fan

20. b-fish fan - October 28, 2006

amy i will solve it for you since your previous post said the same people will still attend.
surf avg.attn in 06 of 1,984 in 70 game which equals 138,880 total fans.if they do the same in 07 that is a avg.of 3229 per game.but since they are playing less games i will knock off the 38,880 thats a 100,000 in a.c peak season and when school is out it still is a avg.game attn of 2325.300+fans a game greater.next question amy?

b-fish fan

21. Amy - October 28, 2006

Pardon me “bluefish fan”. I really don’t understand why you are attacking me for this. This is my opinion, plain and simple. Of course they draw better in June, july and August…I never said that they didn’t…NEVER. The point is the average attendance will not rise as much as you think it will. Thank you dc yes the key here for Ac is to cut expenses. Very true.

22. b-fish fan - October 28, 2006

read you post amy you were wrong about the facts in it.you said they never could draw 6000 for fireworks they did and i proved it.you also said the can-am league wont draw anymore fans in.i proved they dont have to just keep the same fans and the avg.attn.goes up.then you wrote the tourist dont go to games go read the boxscores in june,july,august the attn goes up when the tourism season is in peak.im not attacking you i just dont like people who dont do their homework and cant admit when they are wrong.

b-fish fan

23. Amy - October 28, 2006

There is no reason to apologize…it is my opinion. Up until 6:50 this was a civil discussion. As of now I am done with it…thanks for your comments, opinions and attacks. And please do not comment on my opinions anymore.

24. annoying - October 28, 2006

I don’t think b-fish fan was attacking you. He may have an abbrasive way of saying things, but that’s all it is.

Anyway, I think the average attendance goes up as well. It went up for Nashua, granted only about 150 per game, but it still went up.

25. dcpolak - October 28, 2006

B-fish fan…

You’re absolutely correct, that there is an entertainment component that is part of minor league baseball attendance.

And…many Atlantic League fans probably don’t know a lot of their home team’s players, particularly when the roster turns over constantly.

But I don’t think it’s an accident that the AL’s stronger franchises in a business sense – Long Island, Somerset, Lancaster – are 3 who at least try to put a representative team on the field.

You know the situation in Bridgeport better than I, but I can speak about the fans in Somerset since I live 5 minutes from the ballpark.

I find a lot of them to be highly knowledgable – suprisingly so – for fans of an Independent League team. That’s demonstrated by the crowd response when guys like Nettles and Radmanovich step to the plate even when they’re slumping.

Two winters ago, the Patriots kept Emiliano Escandon around to do public relations work such as visiting schools, etc. He was the team’s captain and they obviously, thought he had name recognition in the area.

Yeah the teams need dizzy bat races, visits by the Amazing Rubber Boy and fireworks to draw in the casual fan. But I still think that if you’ve got a population near your ballpark with a decent amount of disposable income, have decent weather, put a team on the field that plays hard and can get publicity from local newspapers, you should be able to turn at least a modest profit in the AL.

26. b-fish fan - October 28, 2006

amy i will comment on incorrect statements when ever i feel like it.

b-fish fan

27. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - October 28, 2006

Do I really have to start deleting stuff?

Calm down. IT’S OCTOBER.


28. SouthernALFan - October 28, 2006

We’re all adults. Please don’t delete anything. The League is entertaining and this board is entertaining. If someone can’t handle this board, they don’t have to read it.

29. SouthernALFan - October 28, 2006

Any chance an AL team will land in Harrisburg? Is $10m cheap for a Double/Triple A team that doesn’t own their stadium??

“Mayor Stephen Reed will announce today that the Harrisburg Senators are officially on the market to be sold. It’s not a surprise: the city once tried to sell the team to David Hersh and then again last year in anticipating of landing a Class AAA International League team. Both efforts fell short. The sale price is expected to be around $10 million, given past sales in the Eastern League, and Reed says he’ll work to keep the team in Harrisburg. That remains to be seen: the team has been consistently profitable, but promised ballpark renovations are now at least a few years away. There have been a few rumblings of another Eastern League team on the market, but that talk seems to have died down.” -Ballparkwatch.com

30. Amy - October 28, 2006

Not sure about Harrisburg getting into the Atlantic league….I am sure that they want affiliated ball..and since they already have it, they won’t give it up! The city has been trying to sell for a couple years now as the article states…and the renovations to the stadium would need to be done . There really is no timetable for the renovations anymore…everything seems to be on hold and has been for a year or so. I personally would like to see the lancaster-York-Harrisburg rivalry but the Atlantic League is not what the Harrisburg area wants…they want affiliated ball.

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