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October 26, 2006 October 26, 2006

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Same Ball-Game in AC: As of now, Jeff Ball is expected to return to the Atlantic City Surf when they join the Can-Am League in 2007. I’ll give the man himself a call in a few days once the dust settles, but that is the word out of Atlantic City.

I can also tell you the Surf believe strongly in the Can-Am League, and will have some sort of announcement in the next week or so regarding a new addition to the team. – Mike Ashmore

Scott’s Take: I swear I didn’t create a new post to take away from all the fun Surf talk you all were having yesterday — you can still do it here.

I just wanted to mention something about the requiring of people to create user handles. This is nothing more than to create an identity for the many posters we have out there. Each day there were dozens of posts under anonymous and it’s hard for people to tell who is posting what. You are still anonymous after you register — no one will know who you are and we have no way of finding out. I honestly don’t even care if you make up the information in the registration box. That’s not why it is being done. I just want it to be a little more organized.

I’m so glad that there is this much discussion on the board so far this off-season. We’ve heard from numerous coaches, players and front office staff this off-season telling us how much they enjoy checking the site daily and I’m glad you do too. – Scott Stanchak

And thank you to all who keep clicking on the Google ad at the top of the page. It’s definitely helping in getting more server space for an upgrade.



1. dcpolak - October 26, 2006

Since we’ve been reading about and debating the AC league switch for weeks, I figured I’d check out the Surf’s web site.

I found some other interesting news items. The Surf are planning a fireworks night this Saturday..in the offseason!! Another item said you can have your event “catered by the Surf” at Robbins Stadium.

I guess with some of these franchises, it really has become all about making money as someone mentioned on this site yesterday.

What’s next for the Surf? Maybe they’ll have the players form a wedding band. Or,,,they can have a promotion where the worst-hitting players get demoted to the catering unit.

If this is an indication of the direction the Surf are headed in, the AL fans among us who are truly interested in BASEBALL shouldn’t be sorry to see them go.

2. Amy - October 27, 2006

Well I think its common for all teams to try and use their stadiums as much as they can in the off season. Tax payers don’t like to see these places sit empty in the off season unless they absoluytely have to! I know last year Lancaster had a snow tubing park built over the seating area…and this year they are planning an ice skating rink. Holiday parties and catered events go on all the time there too…its a good way to use the space. We also had Deck Parties during the summer when the team was on the road on Friday nights…they have a band, cheap cover charge and food and its a really nice evening. Over the last month they have had comedy Thurs where they had comedians come in and do shows. Really maybe some more of these teams should try and use their stadiums over the off seasons…people come in, see the stadium then maybe you can get them back for a ballgame? It takes some planning and creativity to come up with ideas for this but its not a bad thing to use the stadium all year if you can.

3. Tom from Long Island - October 27, 2006

Mike- Who created the 2007 league schedule? In looking over the teams that have posted their schedules (Somerset, Newark and Long Island) the teams are scheduled to play 6 consecutive games in 6 consecutive days against the same team (home and home) several times. Somerset does it 7 times, Newark 7 times, Long Island 4 times, Lancaster at least 6 times, Bridgeport at least 4 times and York at least 2 times. The only ones that do not do it (as of yet) are Camden and the Road Warriors. I can see playing the same team twice in a two week span but not in 6 consecutive days. What’s your take on it?

4. b-fish fan - October 27, 2006

dcpolak i hate what the surf are doing to the atl.but as a business move it is smart.you cut off 30 home dates in the worst part of the season.the surf avg attn in 70+ games was 2000 with a less inventory of home dates they increase the daily attn. and payless to players and day to day operation.i wouldnt be surprised in a.c doesnt become the best franchise in the can-am.i go to surf games in the summer when im on vac.i bet more than half the fans are families on vac.

b-fish fan

5. b-fish fan - October 27, 2006

tom you want to really be amazed in august the bluefish play 21 home games and 8 on the road.from july 31 to sept 11 the bluefish play 27 home games and 12 on the road.how could a atl.league exec.allow that.

b-fish fan

6. dcpolak - October 27, 2006

b-fish fan,,,

I have no problem with AC making the move to the Can-Am league for baseball-related business reasons. A team does have to be financially viable.

But a few of the things I see suggest that the strategy there is becoming ANY WAY to make money. I start to worry that putting the best baseball product on the field isn’t the top concern any more.

7. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - October 27, 2006

I guess, being a hockey guy, I kind of like the home-and-home aspect of the schedule.

As for the schedule itself, each time likely has the same issues with having more home games in one month than another. I think that point loses a little validity considering each team (except the obvious one) has more home games than those on the road.


8. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - October 27, 2006

*team, not time…


9. PhillySportsTeams.com - October 27, 2006

To be fair, even the Phillies host & cater holiday parties, wedding rceptions & business meetings all throughout the year. I can’t see how you can knock an organization for attempting to increase the revenue stream as long as it DOES NOT interfere with the on field baseball operation itself.

I was shocked to see the new head honcho of the surf say in The Press of AC yesterday that he wishes the Sandcastle was a smaller stadium because he believes in a more cozy atmosphere being better for the fan. That isn’t a quote but conveys his stance.

Has anyone noticed that the Pride left the AL & had the absolute WORST attendance in the Can-Am League this year?

My opinion is that an organization making a move to a lesser league is never good because in the eyes of the people in your area a step back is never looked at as progress. Obviously we are the diehards but don’t you think the average Joe in AC watches the news, hears about the move & thinks it is a step backwards? Delaware is looked at as a succesful football program in Division I-AA but if Temple was to willingly drop from I-A to I-AA the perception among their students & alumni would be that the program had taken a giant step backwards. They know that the competition is not up to the level of what they were used to & how many people are going to be EXCITED about looking forward to games on a lower level? I know, I know Temple is so bad it probably wasn’t the best choice for me to make my point but I think you all get the ideal I’m trying to get across.

I’m just curious, does anyone know if there is or ever has been talk of a Can-Am team taking the jump up to the Atlantic League? Do they have successful, well regarded organizations? After seeing 3 Can-Am games including the pathetic circus known as the New Jersey Jackals I had had enough & never really paid much attention to them.

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