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October 24-25, 2006 October 24, 2006

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SURF LEAVING ATLANTIC LEAGUE: Straight from the press release…

DURHAM, NC-The Can-Am League and Atlantic League announced today that the Atlantic City Surf will be joining the Can-Am for the 2007 season. After nine years in the Atlantic League, Atlantic City will become the Can-Am’s ninth member. The Can-Am League will add a road team as its 10th member.

“We discussed this move for a long time and are very excited to have Atlantic City in the Can-Am League,” said Can-Am League Commissioner Miles Wolff. “They have a tremendous organization and are a great fit for us geographically.”

Atlantic League CEO Frank Boulton also expressed his support for the switch. “Atlantic City has been a great member of our league, but the Can-Am schedule of Memorial Day to Labor Day makes sense for the summer population surge in Atlantic City.” He added, “The great cooperation between our two leagues makes it all possible.”

The Surf plays its home games at Bernie Robbins Stadium, as known as the “Sandcastle”. This ballpark was funded by the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority(CRDA) and the city of Atlantic City and seats 5,900 guests, including 20 luxurious Castle Suites.

Atlantic City will join the Brockton Rox, Nashua Pride, New Haven County Cutters, North Shore Spirit, New Jersey Jackals, Quebec Capitales, Sussex Skyhawks and Worcester Tornadoes. The league will commence its 94-game schedule on May 24, 2007.

The York Revolution is the newest member of the Atlantic League and joins the Bridgeport Bluefish, Camden Riversharks, Lancaster Barnstormers, Long Island Ducks, Newark Bears, Road Warriors, And Somerset Patriots.

Other Notes: The Road Warriors will be returning next season, as is noted above. I am told there will be no changes on how the team is run, but am hoping to acquire the “specific set of rules” that teams use to acquire players from the team.

The perception around the league is that the Ducks are the only team that can use Road Warriors players, and I think acquiring the set of rules that teams need to abide by to acquire a Road Warrior would alleviate any confusion regarding that.

As for the Surf, I was told that a change in ownership had not been made yet…I’d assume that’s imminent.

From the I told you so department, Southern Maryland is notoriously absent from the list of teams playing next year as well.

York, however, will be playing in 2007. However, they are expected to play the majority of their first half home games in Lancaster.

Announcement: In an effort to curtail things getting out of hand again, we are now requiring users to be registered to post comments on the website. For the majority of you, this won’t be a problem because you already are. For those of you who aren’t, follow the instructions about registering when attempting to post a comment.

I will also be more aggressive in deleting offensive postings in the future.

I will always encourage healthy discussion about the Atlantic League, POSITIVE OR NEGATIVE. If all you do is come on here and complain, as long as you do it constructively, that’s fine. I WILL NOT have personal attacks between users of this board, and I will not have out-of-line personal comments made towards anyone associated with the league or its teams.

Not that I encourage it, but if you wanna say a player sucks or a team sucks, that’s fine. Just avoid the personal stuff. – Mike Ashmore


1. Anonymous - October 24, 2006

with the atlantic leagues contiuned growth and success, do you ever see down the road the canam league and atlantic league merging together. in time they could spread it out into north/south type leagues with 2 divisions in each league andthe winners of each league face off for the title..

2. Anonymous - October 25, 2006

not gonna happen. even though both leagues are crummy, the AL is much better run and than the Can-Am.

3. ALfan - October 25, 2006

The only thing that I can think of the leagues doing is something that Joe Klein has always said he was going to do. Make a smaller league (Can Am), the minor leagues of the AL. The feeder system would be the “smaller league” so that when the AL teams lose players, they have a pool of players to pick from. It would make it easier for teams to replace players that have been released or picked up by major league affiliates. I’m on the fence with this one since the “smaller league” won’t have the quality of players the AL is looking for.

4. SouthernALFan - October 25, 2006

Can’t wait to see what happens!!! Anyone know if earth is moving in Southern Maryland??? That team already has a name and will be owned by Peter Kirk. This means he will own Lancaster, York, and Southern Maryland. Heck, the Blue Crabs are already selling season tix for 2007.
This means, the league will have
York, Lancaster, Bridgeport, Camden, Long Island, Newark, Somerset, and Southern Maryland and NOT Atlantic City and NOT the Road Warriors.
Mike-can you tell us who owns each team???
Kirk-Lancaster, York, Southern Maryland, and part of Camden
Boulton-Long Island, AC Surf, and part of Camden
Kalafer-Somerset, Newark, and part of Camden

5. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - October 25, 2006

Without getting into specifics, Southern Maryland is not in the Atlantic League’s plans for 2007 as far as I know…

I can elaborate on everything after 9 tomorrow…


6. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - October 25, 2006

Marc Berson owns Newark…I’m honestly not sure of Mr. Kalafer’s involvement with the Bears, if any.

Same goes with Camden. I think Keystone Baseball took that over entirely, and Mr. Kalafer isn’t a part of that.

Who owns what team is really, really low on my priority list, so I honestly don’t even pay attention to teams changing hands.


7. Anonymous - October 25, 2006

um, how come Southern Maryland already held a FanFest for 4,000 fans, already sold their stadium’naming rights for $2.88m and “Our hope is to begin play in Regency Furniture Stadium some time in 2007, but it is possible that play will begin in 2008.” – from a letter by Brooks Robinson to all season tix holders.
You SHOULD care about the owners because as the owners go, the league goes. Is the league really financiall stable if Peter Kirk dies? The guy owns have the league. Look what has happened to Camden.

8. SharkGirl - October 25, 2006

I’m pretty sure it’s BKK that owns Camden. I was introduced to them when the ownership change took place & it was Boulton, Kirk & Kalafer that I met. Hope this helps.

9. Anonymous - October 25, 2006

the surf must be leaving or this would be a non-story.i cant understand why the atl.would allow the surf to leave and bring back the warriors.why not just give the money to a.c to field a team in 07.then let them go to can-am when s.maryland comes in 08.

b-fish fan

10. Anonymous - October 25, 2006

it’s all about money. it actually costs a lot of money to field the Surf and they LOSE a lot of money. They have to have their own front office, ushers, field guys, etc. etc. Having the RWs allows LI, Lancaster, York, etc to have more home games… which leads to more money for the league. Plus, there is no need for a front office staff for the RWs. It is very beneficial to the league to have the RWs.

11. Anonymous - October 25, 2006

i agree with your comments about fielding the rw.but the surf does have ownership that can pick up most of the tab give the surf the rw budget and let surf mgmt.pick up the rest.

b-fish fan

12. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - October 25, 2006

Hey, look! It’s exactly why I’m changing the comments around.

Throwing out a theoretical about an owner dying, COME ON.


13. SouthernALFan - October 25, 2006

however, a good point has been made, even if it wasn’t done tastefully. i think the point is, this league depends one 1 or 2 people. if they decide to go away, what happens to the league?

14. number1surffan John - October 25, 2006

the Atlantic City Press has 2 articles in today’s paper regarding the Surf going to Can-Am and Boulton turning over ownership. Somehow they keep trying to paint this as a good move. I don’t get it.

15. number1surffan John - October 25, 2006

Okay, now it has been officially recognized. TWO minor leagues will now Each have a Road team as opposed to each having full league rosters. {sigh}

16. b-fish fan - October 25, 2006

jeez mike great journalism the breaking news you couldnt report was posted on two different website by 11pm last night.

b-fish fan

17. Sharks52 - October 25, 2006

The Surf going to the Can-Am league is not a good move for us, but they will probably hold steady in attendance by eliminating those May and September dates. Most going are families or groups who won’t be too concerned about the level of play, if at all. It certainly won’t cut into the day care and school group crowds.

18. b-fish fan - October 25, 2006

how do you think frank boultons coffee is sitting this morning reading the jabs he got from schuster in the ac press.

b-fish fan

19. b-fish fan - October 25, 2006

by the way mike this logging in every time you want to post really sucks.what a real pain in my ass this site is becoming.

b-fish fan

20. Barnstorming - October 25, 2006

well Mr. b-fish fan thats the way the cookie crumbles.
Get use to it OR LEAVE just like the Surf

21. b-fish fan - October 25, 2006

“the way the cookie crumbles”what are you 86 years old.how about coming up with something original.by the way.i am this site without me here posting the truth about the atl.this place would be a blogging graveyard.

b-fish fan aka the truth.

22. annoying - October 25, 2006
23. Amy - October 25, 2006

According to Baseball America’s 2006 Directory…Camden is owned by BKK Sports, LLC… with the principal owners listed as Boulton, Kalafer and Kirk. Preisdent is Jon Danos and VP is Brad Sims….both of whom are also Keysone Baseball employees. And according to the Lancaster/Camden 2006 Media guide in a sentence in the Keystone Baseball…the History it says “Keystone is also principal owner of the Camden Riversharks”. So what’s in a name?
As far as a feeder league or team….the Road Warriors have been that feeder team in this league. Just look where some of these players have gone after release from one of the other teams…to the Road Warriors. The RW roster changes so much because of this. You get released by a team…you can go to the RW and stay in the l;eague. That’s why I am surprised that the RW are “gone”…now the league has to find another feeder team. Seems to me that they are shooting themselves in the foot. Since the RW need a “home” and the league needs a feeder team…I would think that putting the RW team in AC would be some part of the answer? I don’t know financially how that would work exactly but the league never made any money on the RW since they didn’t have a home and i would think any money from AC is better than none at all? Just an opinion!

24. BoosterBabe - October 25, 2006

Re: Logging in each time you post.
Both my home and work computers retain my login/password info for this and many other sites. All I have to do is hit “enter”. Twice, I think….
Shouldn’t be a huge big deal. Anyone should be able to set their preferences to remember logins.

25. BoosterBabe - October 25, 2006

Tonight is the Bluefish’s MVP (Season Ticket Holder) party. The Booster Club is presenting our player awards tonight, should be fun.
Anyone from here who’s gonna be at Murphy’s tonight, make sure you say hi! I will be the one making the presentation for the Booster club.

26. Amy - October 25, 2006

boosterbabe….I hope you have a great time tonight at your party. wish i could go…haha!

27. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - October 25, 2006

B-Fish fan, if you really couldn’t put two and two together based on the way I worded the original update, then…

Also, the logging in is something we’re going to experiment with. I can’t have anonymous people going around saying ridiculous things like was going on in the past.


28. sharkgirltoo - October 25, 2006

number1surffan john..sorry to hear your team is leaving the AL. Any chance of becoming a Shark fan?

29. Amy - October 25, 2006

So the Road Warriors are staying huh. That just makes my comments previously posted about the Road Warriors being a feeder team in this league that much more legitimate in my opinion. Also in my opinion it seems the league does not really want to get rid of the Road Warriors….by bringing in teams one at a time instead of an even number of teams at once….we will continue to perpetuate the “need” for the Road Warriors. Whether they are only here to “feed the Ducks…” (pardon the pun!) or whomever….it seems like we won’t be really getting rid of them anytime soon. In 08 we will bring in Southern Maryland…that’s one team again…so we will still “need” them. Its an interesting situation that’s for sure. I just hope AC does better in the Can Am League attendence wise….although I still don’t see that happening! Cutting off a month at the beginning and one at the end does not seem like a solution to me….they still have those games in the other months which don’t draw well either. How will a lesser league bring inmore people?

30. Amy - October 25, 2006

Oh yeah….and Mike thanks for changing the anonymous policy….this is a good idea.

31. number1surffan John - October 25, 2006

too – dunno. Went to 8 of the 9 Surf games there this year, I think a half dozen in ’05 – but unfortunately 2 of those trips were during Tweeter Center shows, and the guests we brought were very VERY upset about the walk through the heart of Camden for parking…..particularly on a fireworks night where we were about 5 blocks past the prison….

I could go to a game or two maybe. Same for Somerset. I guess I could also follow the (Single “a”) Lakewood BlueClaws – they are about as close as the Riversharks….

Looks like I’m going to need a new identity here…..

32. sharkgirltoo - October 25, 2006

Just curious..which teams carry internet and/or radio coverage of their games (all vs home). The Sharks had no radio broadcast and hardly had any on the internet this past year which was very disappointing. I was able to pick up some of the away games thru the other teams webcasts.

33. Amy - October 25, 2006

I am sure you already know this but Lancaster has all games on radio. And York next year as well.

34. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - October 25, 2006

AL front office will tell you themselves that the Road Warriors are a feeder team, a developmental team more than anything else.

That’s what they were designed to do, and that’s the way they’ll be operated this year as well.

The only difference being contemplated, from what I heard, is players may not have the option to choose to stay on the Road Warriors as they did last year.

I.E. if a player is “called up” or “claimed” or “allocated” or however they want to word it from the Road Warriors, they would have to go to that team.

However, that’s just talk right now…


35. Amy - October 25, 2006

Right Mike….I am just saying that I find it interesting that they say we won’t have a Road Warriors team (a traveling team) and they talk about how this makes the league look bad…when in all actuality they WANT them. As a feeder team, a developmental team ..whatever they want to call it. Articles are written about them and whatever press they get is as a poor traveling team….but you never hear them say they are a feeder or developmental team. They WANT them and if they didn’t have them who would be the feeder team? I have the utmost respect for those guys…don’t get me wrong…I just don’t think they really ever want to get “rid of”them.

36. b-fish fan - October 26, 2006

mike is it true not all clubs in can-am and the atl.wanted this change.like the bluefish/bears who wanted less home dates.

b-fish fan

37. John Burke - October 26, 2006

John – Surf fan. I too am upset with the Surf moving. We will not have the talent level that we are used to. My wife and I normally go to about 20 games a year. I don’t think we will be doing that many now.

38. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - October 26, 2006

I guess the question that still needs to be answered on the Can-Am side of that is whether or not the Surf were forced to fund the road team that needs to be created to keep the league at an even number of teams.

As for the Atlantic League side of it, I had heard that there might have been a team or two that would have liked fewer home games, but to my knowledge, none of them voiced any displeasure about the move.


39. John Burke - October 26, 2006

I can’t understand how the other Atlantic league teams will be better off without AC. A quality visiting team normally brings in more fans. Is there more changes in the future years ? 1 larger league from these two ?

40. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - October 26, 2006

Quality visiting teams generally don’t play much of a role in the Atlantic League or even minor league baseball for that matter, unless there are circumstances like a natural rivalry (Lancaster-York) or special players (Rickey, Juan Gone)

And even then, the attendance spikes were far from anything significant.


41. dcpolak - October 26, 2006

I have the utmost respect for the guys who play for the Road Warriors and continue to chase a dream under trying conditions.

But… in all honesty, it’s a joke that the Atlantic League has had a “traveling team” for this long and continues to perpetuate the practice.

How many of us would want our kids to play on a Little League team that always had to be the visitors and endure the handicap of having to bat first?

This league…or any other that uses an all-road team… will continue to have problems being taken seriously.

42. SouthernALFan - October 26, 2006

Sometimes I am not sure the AL cares if it is ‘taken seriously.’ The League exists to provide entertainment to the fans, opportunity to a select group of players, and MONEY to the owners. Oh yeah, it also offers ‘minor league’ baseball to cities that have grown impatient in their attempts to attract an affiliated team.

Everyone in PA knows that one of the reasons that Lancaster and York moved so quickly to land their teams and build their stadiums was the time-sensitive status of the state grants they received to build their stadiums.

43. b-fish fan - October 26, 2006

you will know the long term status of a.c.when we find out what schuster paid boulton for the team.i have heard from a friend who lives in a.c that once the city sells the airfield and the stadium land to developers.the developers will pay the surf off to walk away and fold the team.

b-fish fan

44. BoosterBabe - October 26, 2006

So B-fish fan. Just wondering. Were you at teh party at Murphy’s tonight? Ya shoulda said hi if you were.

I got to give a little speech….it was nice. More schmoozefest than anything else. But nice to see people. Chatted with Dave LaPoint and Steve Hine. And the owners. Like I said…schmooze fest. Planning for next year already. The schedule for 2007 will be on the website soon…… Can’t wait.

Amy–some fans have expressed interest in the Booster CLub doing an overnight trip to Lancaster in 2007. Can you help with lodging suggestions? Where do the teams stay? Do you think they will give us a deal because of our team affiliation? (and will they have 25-30 extra rooms?)

Please email me…we can go into more details after the weekend. (I have a relative visiting from Texas Thursday-Sunday).
Talk soon!!!!

45. PhillySportsTeams.com - October 26, 2006

The Bergen Cliff Hawks LIVE!

Soooooo…. we have an Atlantic League team that has already unveiled their uniforms, logo & even their caps. Are the Blue Crabs the “new” Cliff Hawks?

I really hope not. I already attended their fan fest. In light of what I’m reading here I’m starting to get “concerned”

I’m sooooooo bummed that the Surf have died. Can-Am- Shman- Am.. we all know the AC Surf as we know them are dead. Seems like there is an unwritten rule that you can only leave the AL if you are a playoff team. Looks like I’ll be crossing AC off my yearly baseball tour. People I talked to who were literally officially connected with the Surf told me they really felt the team was staying put & moving to the race track. I can’t see them moving a Can-Am team to that location. Maybe I’m biased because I do care about level of play when deciding which teams to see play but I think teams really underestimate what fans want. For the day camp games- sure who cares but are season ticket holders going to keep their interest in a MAJOR step backwards?

Props on requiring logging in to post. I require that on all of my own sites for the very same reasons done here. Believe me, unless you run websites for a living you have no concept of how much work is involved & how many headaches there are behind the scenes- ESPECIALLY when you have message boards. I’m also set up for auto login. Good work.

46. PhillySportsTeams.com - October 26, 2006

FYI- Bergen Cliff Hawks:

Current uniform colors: White with maroon piping for home games and grey with maroon piping. Home with the word “Cliff Hawks” across the front and number on the back. The away has the word “Bergen” across the front and number on the back. Black hats with the letter a depiction of a stylized hawk.

Current logo design: The wordmark “Cliff Hawks” in white outlined in black superimposed over a stylized, maroon hawk with black outline. The hawk is depicted with its talons gripping a baseball. The beak and the talons are the color ‘sand.’

47. b-fish fan - October 26, 2006

boosterbabe are you kidding me?game 4 of the world series was suppose to be played.if they were having that party in my backyard i wouldnt have went.

b-fish fan

48. Alex - October 26, 2006

It’s great that the Road Warriors are back. I don’t see how the team detracts from the league’s credibility. The league can’t compete with the history and formality of the MLB.

Meanwhile, the Road Warriors bring an exciting new dimension to the game. The players’ sacrifice demonstrate true dedication to the game. And as a fan, its fun supporting the underdog and traveling from stadium to stadium.

Go Road Warriors!

49. PhillySportsTeams.com - October 26, 2006

One thing you have to give the league credit for- the name Road Warriors for a traveling team is genius. They are technically the Barnstormers than my own beloved Barnstormers are.

There was someone who posted during the season that they were looking into launching a Road Warriors website for fun. If that person is reading this, I have webspace on my site that I’ll be happy to offer to host it.


50. Roadwarriorfan - October 26, 2006

Awesome to see people jumping on the Road Warrior bandwagon. I agree with Alex, it seems that all the players on the Road Warriors all play purley for the love of the game.

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