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October 19, 2006 October 19, 2006

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Nine Things The Atlantic League Can Do To Improve: 2007 will mark the tenth season in Atlantic League history. The league has come a long way from the days where immortals like Craig Worthington put butts in the seats. But there are still many things the league could look into to further their lead as the best independent league in the country.

1) Put names on the backs of the jerseys

“Oh, I remember that guy” and “Didn’t he used to play for” are not only things that the casual fan say about Atlantic League players, it’s stuff I find myself saying frequently as well.

Nashua briefly had player names on the back of their home jerseys, and they looked great. They also let you know who was on the field without needing a roster at all times, and gave the one-time fan a better chance of associating a positive memory with a specific player and wanting to come back to see him play again.

2) Requiring each team has a radio deal, internet-only or not

There is absolutely no reason a professional baseball team should not have a radio guy. End of story. The Atlantic League is fortunate enough to have some very talented radio personalities such as Brian Bender, Jim Cerny, John Leon, Dave Collins and Chris King.

Patriots fans are lucky to have Ryan Dunleavy covering their team, as he’s the only full-time beat writer in the league and does an excellent job of doing so. So whether you listen to the radio or read the paper, you’re going to know what the Patriots are doing, and you’re going to know a lot.

But if you like Bridgeport and Bridgeport’s on the road…you’re in trouble. Rich Elliott, who does a great job at the CT Post, usually only covers the team at Harbor Yard. Same with Camden, who get sporadic coverage from the Camden Courier-Post.

And if you like the Road Warriors…good freaking luck.

Making sure each team has a radio deal, or at least a signal available on the internet, gives your fans a way to connect with your team.

3) Acquire a National TV deal

Let’s not be ridiculous with this one, you’re not going to get a national network to broadcast all 140 games of your season. But the Frontier League, or at least one of their teams, has a deal with Fox Sports Net. The St. Paul Saints of the American Association have also had their games broadcast on FSN as well.

The Long Island Ducks would be considered AL pioneers if they were able to get a few games on FSNY. A deal like that could benefit the league as a whole, as you could likely sell FSN on the Atlantic League All-Star Game. This would also solve another problem…

4) If You’re An All-Star, you’re going.

It should be in the ever-popular standard AL contract that if you are chosen for the Atlantic League All-Star Game, you’re playing in the Atlantic League All-Star Game.

And you can bet that if the game was televised, guys wouldn’t be ducking out of the game.

When a quarter of the league is selected for the game, and a small percentage of that 25% doesn’t show up, it only waters it down even further.

5) Update Your Website. Every Day. This Isn’t My Job.

Some teams do an excellent job with keeping their fans updated through their websites. And some teams do a terrible job. No, wait…TERRIBLE.

If I find out a player signed with your team by seeing him on the field, that’s a bad job by you. If you sign a player and don’t add him to your roster, that’s a bad job by you. If you release a player and don’t take him off your roster, that’s a bad job by you.

My personal favorite involves Joe Bigleaguer. When you sign Joe Bigleaguer, make a big deal out of it!!! Send out a press release, put it on your website, do something. Joe Bigleaguer signed with your team because he thinks you give him the best chance to get back to the bigs. If nobody knows he’s there, not even the people who follow the team, you’re doing the guy a big disservice (sic).

6) Let the fans in for free one day a year.

This has always been my suggestion for NBA and NHL teams hosting preseason games. Why am I paying regular season prices to see Joe Gettingcut, Bob Sucksalot and his buddies play?

The Atlantic League’s dilemma is a different one. There are several teams with huge attendance problems, that’s no secret. But if you let fans in totally free once a year, and promote the hell out of it, you might actually hook a few and boost your attendance long-term. And, if you pack the place, you could break theoretically break even or close to off of concessions.

A lot of what you’d get would be little kids; see Camp Days. As much as 6,000 screaming five-year-olds makes my job a nightmare, you should see the freaking lines at the concession stands. You can’t even make it through the concourse without having a kid in heelie sneakers run into your kneecaps. Why do you think teams do Camp Days?

7) Utilize MySpace

The best free resource a team has, and the best free resource they never use. MySpace.com, for those of you unaware, is one of those friend/networking sites popular among teens and college age folks such as myself.

It’s free.

In theory, a team could create a free page. Using the site’s search engine, there are literally thousands of potential butts you could put in your seats out there, and you can search for them based on location. If you were the Somerset Patriots, for example, you could send a friend request to everyone within 25 miles of Bridgewater, then offer them a ticket discount to a game or a discount on concessions or something like that. Teams could compete for who has the most friends, you could have exclusive downloads and such on your page, etc.

And again, it’s free. Teams should view it as a supplement to their standard webpages, not their main site.

8) Atlantic League Fantasy Baseball

Would this not be a hell of a lot of fun? Would I not take Ryan Radmanovich with my first pick? The AL needs to make this happen.

9) Player Salaries

This one is two-fold. First off, instead of this terminology about a salary cap or salary guidelines, why doesn’t the league just say what the maximum player salary can be. And if there is, what is it?

Secondly, it’s about time the Atlantic League start offering a little bit more money to their players. Some players still play for under $1,000 a month, which just isn’t going to get it done when it comes to trying to support yourself or especially a family. Why do you think so many players are trying to catch on with baseball academies? To supplement their AL income. – Mike Ashmore

Scott’s Take: Mike did a great job with all his suggestions. The only one I would add, and maybe this is because I’m media, is an all-time record book. It would feature all-time roster lists, stats, records, team info and more. What a better time than for their 10th season? In fact, Mike and I have thought about putting something together, but it was just a light conversation. – Scott Stanchak



1. Anonymous - October 19, 2006

Sounds like you should be working in the main office for one of these teams! A lot of great ideas here. Would be interesting to see your ideas come to fruition.

2. StormerDude - October 19, 2006

The Barnstormers do have a TV Deal With a local cable company (Blue Ridge Cable) they time delay there sunday games.

3. Tom from Long Island - October 19, 2006

Mike–Your suggestions are great and hopefully some of them will be adopted by the league. I especially like the one about the players being required to play in the All Star Game. The fans go through the trouble of selecting the team and to then have the players decide that they don’t care what the fans want and not show up for the game is a slap in the face to us. I don’t know if they get a bonus for being selected for the All Star Game but maybe that would be an added incentive to play in the game. Also, the requirement for all the teams to have ALL of their games broadcast (either on the internet or on the radio) is one that should be at the top of the list. Since the cost to have the games put on the internet is very minimal ($25 or less per game to utilize the internet network plus the cost of paying the expenses of the announcer), there is no reason why this can’t be done.

4. Jose Castellar - October 19, 2006

Good morning Mike- True..some of your ideas are helpuful. Pretty good ones if you are a fan. I have been reading your comments lately and you have a lot of fire and passion for baseball ha? That’s great. The names on the jerseys is a cool idea. Makes a lot of sense. But then if you ask teams to do that, what are they gonna say? The usual…”it cost us too much money, because players come in and out like a revolving door.” right? You have to understand Mike, that these owners and front office staff, well about 80% of them take it as a job! JOB, saving money, maximizing while minimizing. Money, it’s a great idea I think, because you can identify with the different personalities and also makes the player feel good about himself, but making a player feel better which in turn will want to play better and produce is not in the standard contract…you smell what I am steppin in Mike? I am with you Mike. Not against you, I just want you to understand that the insides of baseball, are not all that luxurious or as sweet as people think. The All Star game? Another almost good idea. For the fans yeah…die hards…yeah! Let me ask you this, in the past how is the attendence during the playoffs? They are horrible! 500 to 1000 for playoffs! Wow are you kidding me? What do these guys bust their butts for all year? Fotr this, and you get 1000 people out there for the most important games! So, a player shouldn’t have to be obligated to do anything. A lot of scenarios for that. Maybe a nagging injury? Maybe fly home to see their families which is hard to do during the season. Maybe a dad is away for 6 months and doesnt get to see his little baby girls pretty face, or hear her call him “daddy.” A lot can happen, players have a life outside of baseball as well. You can’t play baseball forever, I wish eevrybody could, but the reality and just of it all is that you can’t. But it will go on. Now salaries hahahah..good one! Real good topic. The so called Max salary in the Atlantic Leagie is $3000.00. The average now is about 1500-1700.oo . You are right, it’s a joke. Some teams even break it down to 52 weeks, so the pretty much pro-rate it and yiou get paid every 14 days instead of 15 or 16. But that’s another story in itself. Guys do make $1000, which in turn comes out to about $380-400 maybe every 14 days, unless you claim 9 dependents or claim exempt. If you are an ok player and are playing for $3000.oo you can maybe get by. Rent, family, car, insurance, cable, credit cards, food, gas..etc..etc..maybe! Good luck if you are making less. I am a realist..if a guy is struggling to make ends meet and has people breathing down his neck, eevryday to produce so he can maintain, an donly making petty money, how good do you think the quality of play is going to be? Seriously. There are exceptions to the rule, 1 out of maybe 10 guys will overcome and do well, but the rest will be stressing about bills and family, that it will be a long long season. So, yeah raise the salary when abnd where it’s due. If you deserve it, yes, and if not earn it. Owners make a lot of money, they just don’t like to spend it on the players. Investing in their own franchise as far as marketing and to the fans maybe, but talk to some players who have been in the trenches and you will get the real scoop. I promise, it’s not ptretty but it’s Canseco style….”The truth.”…Sorry for the typing errors. But you get the point right Mike?


5. Anonymous - October 19, 2006

jose no one has a gun to these players head to play ball if the cant make ends meet hang it up and get a job that pays.the fans are the ones who run the league not the owners not the players.without fans the league doesnt exist.mike ideas are for making the league more enjoyable for the fans.give players more money so fans can watch a higher caliber player,make them play in the all-star game becuase fans want them to.case closed.everybody has problems in life these guys are getting paid to play a kids game not to mention the back door cash they make giving lessons/camps.as far as the owners in this league go look no farther than the former owner in bpt.who pretty much extorted the city bpt out of back rent he owed.if the city council in bpt had any guts they would have told him pay up or fold the team.

b-fish fan

6. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - October 19, 2006

The names on the jerseys could be accomplished with velcro nameplates. But yes, you’re right, that does cost money.

Not only do I think it helps the fans identify with the players, I think it adds some professionalism as well…but you’re absolutely right, a lot of decisions come down to money, and a lot of ideas that seem good aren’t necessarily so when the financial aspects of them are considered.

The personal aspect of the All-Star Game and any break in the schedule is one that I’ve considered. In all honesty, the Atlantic League All-Star Game is more of an event than a game that anyone gives a crap about. Let’s be realistic there.

However, if it’s going to be an All-Star Game, it should be an All-Star Game…not just 25 guys on each team who could make it.

If teams put more money into player salaries, I don’t think anyone would complain…outside of a front office or two. It would improve the product on the field, attract better players, and keep players happy.

7. Jose Castellar - October 19, 2006

My point exactly. Spoken like a true professional. I was refering to “atlanticleague’s” comment. I knew someone was going to comment and say “nobody is asking these guys to play..etc..etc.” The usual comment on someone who has obviously neevr been in the batters box as a professional. So much goes on in the inside, sometimes, I wish i had the ability to wiretap some of these so called “good guys” and see what we get. It would be interesting to say te least. Sure these guys are not in it for the money, so think…if you run a business and your employees are not happy, for whatever reason, do you as an owner think you are going to get maximum effort from these guys? My money is on mediocure at best, just to get by until they see more incentive to turn it up, sad yes, but again the TRUTH. Hey B-fish fan..just out of curiosity what do you do for a living? I wish people could opay 7 dollars to go to where you work and drink beer and evaluate you, good or bad, i’d pay to do that! That would be fun! Quick footnote, why do you think 90% of NBA players questioned about who or which team they’d like to play for, and hands dopwn was the Dallas Mav’s! Shocker, the guy is always out there, explaining to the regular folk, or old school business “people” that if you treat your employees and players like actual people, not cattle or numbers, then you have a way more productive workforce and workplace, which in turn equals success.

8. sharkgirltoo - October 19, 2006

Mike, you definitely made some good points. I agree that the names should be on the jerseys..but, oh, that money issue and the constant turnaround in players so I doubt it will happen. The front offices should really consider it though because the fans can now relate to who the players are by name..they are not just “a number”. Of course us diehards know who the players are without the names but for those fans who come for only a few games during the season it makes it more personal. It bothers me when a fan just calls out a player by #, “hey # 9″ for example. I often find myself telling that person who the player is..”that’s Richie Barrett”. Maybe twice a year they could have an auction on those jerseys of players who left to recoup some of that money. Those players may have been favorites to some of the fans who would be willing to buy them.
As far as the radio deal..wouldn’t I love that but I can’t see that happening for the Sharks right now. They hardly had any games on the internet this year and I was very disappointed about that. If I was lucky, I could listen to the webcast provided by the opposing team like the Stormers, Pats.
The Riversharks definitely have room for improvement. It might be worth it for them to put some money out and take a chance to draw more fans to the ballpark. It would be nice if the players would connect more with the fans too. Some are more fan friendly than others. I remember Travis Anderson, when he played with the Sharks, would sometimes stay around after the game and talk to the fans and showed his appreciation by thanking the fans for coming out. That made the fans feel good too. I guess it all depends on the player. We’ll have to wait and see who will be on the Sharks roster for 2007.

9. Amy - October 19, 2006

Mike…you have some good ideas here . Points well made about the money involved in these ideas also. All star games, as awhole, are somewhat of a kjoke…and this goes for ALL sports and no matter where they are held. They are held for the fans only and its more of an event rather than a real game. Unfortunately there is really nothing to play for so players find every reason to skip them….even when they are fan voted. I don’t know if forcing players to “be there” is the answer but maybe it helps? If a player doesn’t feel that he owes it to the fans to be there…well I am not sure there is anything that can be done about it. Players salaries? I agree about that…its incredible how little they are paid ! Talking to one player this past year I learned what really is being paid. I was very surprised to hear what he told me. One of the easiest solutions to improvement in the league is the names on the back of the uniform idea. I love that and i would hope that someone/some team decides to try it…in my opinion the cost of this is pretty minimal and would add to the enjoyment of the game. Most people don’t even read the program or take time to find out the names of these guys!

10. KenD - October 19, 2006

One other suggestion is for the ATL to copy the American Association web site. That one has game recaps, up to date transactions, live scoring updates and links to every teams internet broadcast.

11. Anonymous - October 19, 2006

sharkgirltoo …did you know that the Riversharks have implemented their own blog – you should post your comments and direct them to their staff.


I spoke to Adam and I know they are in the process of chasing a radio deal…when I asked about TV, he said that Trenton has the area rights for Comcast and CN8. Three years ago they had games on Cable but it was unsuccessful…they also had the players names on the back – I have the Del Matthews jersey…

12. Anonymous - October 19, 2006

I agree, if it wasnt for the fans there would be no league! But by saying this the league will be folding soon enough if it thinks paying players $1500 a month is going to do. You will have players in the league with limited experience and will bring down whatever calibur of players are left. Bridgeport will be the next to fold!! No fans come out. How about for once going into the community and spending to advertise!!!! It works but like usual new ownership is about saving money and not spending in order to assure these fans come out. Since they were formed not enough has been done in the community to get the fans out.Hey how about sending this years players a quetionniare(spelling?)and asking how things were handled this year in Bridgeport(team)? Maybe then will new ownership open there eyes and see what players really felt.

13. Anonymous - October 19, 2006

I can remember when the Bears used to email subscribers to their list each boxscore from games…And when their games were broadcast on FM(Seton Hall radio). I think the net broadcasts are good but I’d rather have an AM or FM cast…You need anything to get interest and to keep interest in the teams.

14. Anonymous - October 19, 2006

good idea scott a lot of people will like to have some history of the league that will be great idea so people now the records and everything that has been done in the league its about time…..

15. Roadwarriorfan - October 19, 2006

The Lancaster Barnstormers and Camden Riversharks media guide has some good statistics in it. Standings since 98, stat leaders and more. Although a complete stat book would be very nice.

16. Amy - October 19, 2006

Hey gang…I just saw this interesting item up for bid on ebay. #190042913926 Anyone interested in this?

17. Anonymous - October 20, 2006

I’m only bidding if I get to “Squeeze It!

18. Anonymous - October 20, 2006

did you see that York just got an amazing radio partner? WSBA just dropped the Orioles after 20 years in favor of the Rev. Unbelievable.

19. Amy - October 20, 2006

yeah York did get a nice radio deal. I can hear the Orioles fans in York complaining now….just like the Phillies fans did here in Lancaster!

20. Chuckerd58 - October 20, 2006

Just read part 2 of the Road Warriors piece. Another excellant job Mike of getting the feel of life on the road.[Especially dollar value meals}It seems that the Warriors defianatly fielded a better,more competitive team this year than in years past.

21. Chuckerd58 - October 20, 2006

I agree on some of your sugestions about improving the Atl. Ihonestly don’t think putting names on the backs of uniforms makes sense in this league. Like it or not,the huge turnover in personel makes it to costly. I do agree about the need for better radio coverage. The Ducks only carry weekend games on a small A.M. station that i can barely pick up after 8 in Nassau County. I really wish the league could make a deal with the M.S.G. network for a game of the week.During the summer month’s M.S.G. has very limited programing. A 10 year record book would be an awesome thing for Atl. fans. I agree that the Barnstormer’s-Riversharks media guide this year was really good with past stats and standings. But a book with some action pictures and team histories of all the teams past and present would really be great.

22. Chuckerd58 - October 20, 2006

Also,the Patriot fans should consider themselves lucky to get as good a media coverage as they do. The Ducks get horrible media coverage .ou would think Newsday,the paper of Long Island would give the Ducks more space than the small 2 paragraph coveragefor home games. And only wire service coverage of road games.

23. BoosterBabe - October 20, 2006

Ya know…some creative sales guy should go to a nearby business and see if they would SPONSOR the naming on the uniforms.
The business…whatever it is: a dry cleaners, maybe? A clothing store? …but they could get a patch under the player’s number on the jersey itself, plus a promo announcement nightly (Such as “Tonight’s Bluefish lineup brought to you by Madison Cleaners, 123 Madison Ave, right here in Bridgeport!” They could also get the announcements when a player changes during the game. (“Madison Cleaners Player change..now pitching for the Newark Bears, Joe Schmoe”) That kinda thing. Throw in an ad in the program…and the dry cleaners pay for the name plates on velcro for the jerseys.

You can get just about anything sponsored at a ball game.

24. BoosterBabe - October 20, 2006

barnstormerbabe please stop treatening me in your post.you have caused me enough pain this year with your prediction of the ducks winning the divisional series.next year when i see you at the ballpark{you will be easy to find with your lancaster barnstormers 2006 atlantic league champions sweat shirt and cap on.}i want a heart warming and sincere apology.

b-fish fan

Ok…I’m assuming you mean me. It’s hard to tell.
Second of all, I assume you meant “threatening”, since “treatening” is not a word. And to that I say “HUH?”
Again, go back to first grade and relearn how to read. WHere or when did I ever threaten you????? I dared you to introduce yourself. That’s it. A dare is not a threat.
Third of all…I have nothing to apologize to you for. NOT A SINGLE THING. But if I did, I couldn’t possibly apologize to you, since I have NO IDEA who you are. Because you refuse to identify yourself.

25. Sharks52 - October 20, 2006

Good comments Mike. Let me add that the changes during the game should be announced. We get the starting lineups in Camden, maybe a Riversharks change and that’s it. Never a change for the opposing team. A guy comes in that’s new or maybe wearing a different number than what’s on the roster and you sit there trying to guess who he is. The Surf is just as bad if not worse. Most of time they won’t even announce the starting lineups at the second game and their own changes get made only occasionally. This wouldn’t cost them a cent and comes off as extremely lazy and uncaring when they won’t do it. Yes, I know the Onion Oil’s K-man’s up next and the Feeblefetzer group is here and Gypsum Goode just sponsered that last double. How about slipping in who the pitcher is who just came into the game.
Great point on the websites. I have to come here to get roster moves, etc. as the websites are always behind and half the moves aren’t put up there. If management can’t be bothered with their team why should I? I had to point out to them that they have gone through three rosters changes without Alejandro Freire, a major leaguer last year, being put up on the website. I never got a response but the next day he was up there. If a guy’s disabled or inactive put it up there. Don’t list 28 guys on the roster and make me guess which 23 are actually still with the club.
Mike, please send this page to the Atlantic League teams. It’s got great ideas in it to make things better.

On a totally different note, could we please have an end to the constant bickering that goes on between some of the posters here. It is really getting old. I’m glad Mike won’t delete posts but I’d actually support him deleting those that were to advertise something or just being used to continue personal vendettas against one another. Let’s try to keep the posts focused on the League and off each other. Please?

26. Anonymous - October 20, 2006

My added suggestion would be to have revenue sharing. If the league doesn’t do it soon, they will lose more small market teams, like Nashua, who already bolted to another league. Who’s next? AC or Camden or Newark?

27. Anonymous - October 20, 2006

Revenue sharing? It’s a already happening. When you have two guys owning all the teams…. it’s happening Peter Kirk’s success in Lancaster helps pay for his other teams… heck, they share front office staff already.

28. Anonymous - October 21, 2006

Boosterbabe no offense but this is a professional baseball league not a professional soccer league where you have sponsers from beers like Tecate, Modelo and such. I think having the sponsors names on the front of these jerseys would be, well not to cool or look cool. Maybe they can put it in the media guides stating that the names on the jerseys were sponsered by (companies name etc.,). Just an opinion boosterbabe, that is all. But I think you are in the right direction when it comes to sponsers!!

29. BoosterBabe - October 21, 2006

Soccer, baseball, what’s the difference? You’re getting nitpicky.

My point was, money is no excuse for not having something done when it’s so easy to have a sponsor pay for it in exchange for promotional announcments. Ok, so maybe they don’t have the name of the business on the uniform. Whatever. My point was, names on the uniforms is not prohibitive if you have a sponsor pay for it and give them some promotional value for their sponsorship.

You’re nitpicking the details of a theoretical suggestion that doesn’t even exist!

30. Amy - October 21, 2006

I see what boosterbabe is saying…if you can find a sponsor for anything…be it the name plates or the pitching changes or the printing of pocket schedules or your giveaways or whatever it is….money should be no object! You see this kind of stuff everywhere in sports these days. Someone sponsors everything . The Barnstormers have a patch on their uniforms…Helzberg diamonds. Its not offensive….its a neccessary evil I am afraid. If the sponsor is saving the team money in some way…hey it all helps. For name plates w/ velcro on the uniform…if the team can find SOMEONE to pay for this..then they can afford to do it! Someone in marketing or sponsorships or something would be able to sell this idea…or SHOULD be able to sell this idea…as long as the sponsor is getting the promotion. (Ads whatever!) My guess is first of all you have to have a person in marketing or whatever the dept. believe in that idea enough to even suggest it to a sponsor. Billboards, fence signs, prgram ads are the things commonly “sold” but there are certainly other more “outta the box” places where sponsors could advertise!

31. Anonymous - October 23, 2006

GREAT topic, many GREAT ideals floating around. I have to completely agree with the names on the uniforms being a priority. How many times have you been to a sporting event with kids and have them relate to a certain player SPECIFICALLY because of the name on the back of the jersey? There has to be a way to get it done. We (the fans) obviously want it. I agree as a Barnstormers fan that the Helzburg Diamonds patch is okay. My personal preference is NOT to have ads on unis but I’m realistic & the Barnstormers do it in an acceptable fashion (pun intended).

One ideal uniform wise is to sell used stuff to the fans. The Wilmington Blue Rocks sell game used caps & the name strips from the back of uniforms in their store at the park. What a great way to raise revenue. I have personally purchased a few caps myself. I can’t tell you what a great reaction you get when you give a child a cap that an actual real player wore in a game- they LOVE it!

Radio is also an important thing for me. I think i’ve posted a billion times that I would feel more connected to the Riversharks if I could sit in my backyard in Philly on an off night for the Phillies & tune in to hear a Riversharks game. As a Barnstormers fan I can actually tune in to hear their games- I have to be clear that I do have a special radio specifically to have improved AM radio reception. Some minor league teams are on college stations as an option. do we really care WHICH outlet a team is on? I think most of us just want them ON the radio.

TV is also a great point. As a realistic fan i know money is a nissue & this isn’t as easy a fix as names on jerseys but if the Philadelphia Force women’s pro softball team has a local cable deal & their league has managed to get some of their games broadcast on ESPN2 I don’t understand why a far superior product like Atlantic League baseball can’t. The Philadelphia Force even have a video of their season’e best plays right on their homepage: http://www.philadelphiaforce.com it is worth checking out.

One of my main issues with minor league baseball in general & not just the AL is the cost of merchandise such as replica jerseys, t-shirts, etc. I know firsthand as a business owner that when I sold t-shirts with my brand logo on them for $10 instead of the $20/ $25 for other local brand logos I made more money in the long run than my competition. Some teams understand this & some do not.

Do all of the Atlantic League teams do baseball card team sets each year? As a card collector I love the fact that the Barnstormers have put out a team set each year so far. I think that baseball cards are a great way to connect to kids.

On the subject of kids, i think AL teams would be wise to push their mascots more in local advertising because when it comes down to it, aren’t the mascots the one constant that the kids can expect to see year after year? Although I usually bash the Riversharks I have to be fair & give credit where credit is due- they do an EXCELLENT job in this area with Finley, the Hammerhead & other mascots. The Barnstormers also have a good one in Finley. The Long Island Duck is good but some AL teams have sorry mascots. Obviously we as adults aren’t so much concerned with mascots but we need to remember how important they can be to the overall marketing of a team.

Rivalry is an area I think the league & teams could do a better job of capitalizing on. Why not have the logos/ flags of the other AL teams in each park? As a kid I always loved going to games & seeing each team’s flag flying or every team’s logo on the outfield wall. The league should push a rivalry for each team like MLB does with the “sometimes forced” interleague rivalries. Obviously, Lancaster/ york will be a great rivalry- they need to push it. Assuming they stay in the league- AC/ Camden should be pushed as the South Jersey matchup. Why not try to market certain games like the Red Sox/ Yankees games are? Wouldn’t a more baseball specific promotion cater more to the adult fans who care more about the actual play on the field? And don’t kids grow up fanatical because they are traditionally raised with natural rivals? Why not circle certain games on the schedule ahead of time? Imagine if Camden & Ac are both buried in the standings mid-season- wouldn’t a marketed rivalry generate additional interest that may not be there if they are both buried?

I really enjoy reading other fan’s ideals & sharing & discussing here. I’m impressed with how many times people aknowledge in their posts that we here are the diehard core & not the average AL fan.

(the unanonymous anonymous!)

32. Anonymous - October 23, 2006

***correction: I said:
The Barnstormers also have a good one in Finley

I meant ot say Cylo instead of Finley. It is almost 6AM & time for me to go to bed!


33. number1surffan John - October 23, 2006

Dave – not sure there is much of a “rivalry” w/ Camden & A.C. – 2 different breeds of organizations. While Camden has really stepped it up with promotional partners and corporate sponsorship, AC has dropped that ball considerably. Forget the approx $23 K they “saw” on the $100,000 naming rights (about $77K was direct for signage).

The Surf fan club had a night out @ Camden this year, and we made up a considerable percentage of the ACTUAL attendance that evening. I personally attended games in every single series the Surf had @ Camden, and the staff there was quite cordial. The handful of Camden faithful that went to AC games (if they were obvious – Jerseys/hats, verbal cheers, etc) were few and far between. Moreso league/Camden employees attending in AC, 1 sharkgirl and spouse, and perhaps 4 or 5 others throughout entire season. They had quite a few day games this year as well, which is fine for school/camp days, but tough on working folk

34. superclosetnerd - December 13, 2006

I have a yankee candle site and was suprised to find your site and it has given me some good ideas for mine, cool. 🙂

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