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October 18, 2006 October 18, 2006

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Comments: Frank Boulton did not post any comments on our website yesterday. Although I would welcome him to do so at any time he wished, the first comment regarding my opinion on the Dowd move was not his, nor were any of the comments posted.

I apologize to him for the actions of those on this board, and encourage others to do so as well.

Secondly, the comments have gotten out of hand lately. Not just things directed at Mr. Boulton, who did not at all deserve anything he got from some of you by the way, but the in-fighting between regular readers of the site.

The comments section of the site has been one of the best ideas Scott’s ever had, and I would hate to see it be modified because people can’t control themselves or conduct themselves the way they would if the conversation were happening face to face.

To specifically address the first comment that many thought was Boulton’s, but again wasn’t…if Dowd was truly that bad at what he did, he absolutely would not have been hired by an affiliated baseball team in any role, no less the role of GM.

I have the benefit of also covering the Eastern League, which Dowd’s new team is a member of, and people don’t screw around there. While I only had limited interaction with Charlie, I thought he did a good job during his tenure with the Bluefish and wish him the best of luck with Connecticut.

Dowd and Mr. Cunningham were both integral parts of the Bluefish’s success, and it didn’t sit well with many people that both were let go, especially the way one of them was let go.

Doesn’t it seem weird to anyone else that someone who just got fired from an independent league team was just able to secure the exact same position in the far more prestigious world of affiliated ball? The guy gets fired, but then moves up in the baseball world. That is, and always was my point.

To make it as simple as possible, here goes: You ask anyone whether they’d want to be the GM of the Bridgeport Bluefish or the Connecticut Defenders, and the answer is an obvious one. – Mike Ashmore

As For All Things Baseball:

Baseball America’s 2006 All-Independent Leagues Team

Pos. Player, Team (League)

C Marcus Jensen, Reno (Golden)
1B Jesse Hoorelbeke, Fargo-Moorhead (Northern)
2B Alex Llanos, (American Association)
3B Eddie Lantigua, Quebec (Can-Am)
SS Stubby Clapp, Edmonton (Northern)
OF Ian Church, Kalamazoo (Frontier)
OF Ryan Radmanovich, Somerset (Atlantic)
OF Joe Mathis, Fargo-Moorhead (Northern)
DH Peanut Williams, Fullerton (Golden)

Pos. Pitcher, Team (League)
SP Lindsay Gulin, Lincoln (American Association)
SP Lincoln Mikkelsen, Atlantic City (Atlantic)
SP Kurt Hartfelder, Chillicothe (Frontier)
SP Bryan Morse, North Shore (Can-Am)
RP Tony Pierce, Pensacola (American Association)

Second Team: C—Craig Kuzmic, Chico (Golden). 1B—Pichi Balet, Lincoln (American Association). 2B—John Anderson, San Angelo (United). 3B—Joe Jianneti, Atlantic City (Atlantic). OF—Chad Hermansen, Sioux Falls (American Association); Fehlandt Lenti, Winnipeg (Northern) and Reggie Taylor, Lancaster (Atlantic). DH—Jeremy Todd, Lancaster (Atlantic). SP—Denny Harriger, Lancaster (Atlantic); Tony Casoli (Frontier); Junior Guerrero (Can-Am) and Andre Simpson, Long Beach (Golden). RP—Edwar Ramirez, Edinburg (United).



1. Anonymous - October 18, 2006

Why delete some of the messages that were posted? The truth about what Mr. Lapoint is are true!! And he was a big part in Charlie Dowd being fired. Mr.Lapoint is what he is and those who have played for him know that!Why not let the fans know what he is truely about and what he feels towards certain races? You are yourself letting him destroy the careers of many because of how he feels towards “latinos”. If you do not want to post these comments than dont but i will assure you that in the near future the truth will come out about Mr. Lapoint and only then will you let people post what they feel about Mr.Lapoint. He is what he is and he will never change!!!!!!!!!! Charlie Dowd is in a better place and he also knows what Mr.Lapoint is about.

2. Anonymous - October 18, 2006

Mr.Ashmore how many years of professional baseball have you played? Wild comments they were not but true ones. Why do you think some of these messages are anonymous? Maybe it is because we have played for Mr. Lapoint and know what he is about. And if we have not played for him word got out not by one player or two or three or four or five or six etc.., do you get the picture.He is what he is okay Mr. Ashmore.

3. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - October 18, 2006

I did not delete anything.

Secondly, I was more upset with the comments towards Mr. Boulton then I was anything else. Bringing up things from five years ago from his personal life, among other comments, are wildly, wildly unacceptable.

Third, I have a tough time letting anonymous comments slide when they make accusations such as the ones yours do. I understand why you can’t post your name, I think…

mashmore@patriotsbaseball.com if anyone feels the need to contact me about any of this.


4. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - October 18, 2006

I also wanted to specifically address this sentence while I had a little time…albeit really, really late at night:

“The Atlantic League has some of the most successful minor league teams in the country and the GMs of those teams can name their price if they chose to go elsewhere.”

The Atlantic League is a stepping stone for everyone in it.


From the front office staff, to the players, to the writers that cover it.

While there are some tremendously talented people in the Atlantic League, the reality of it is that it is rare to see a person assume the same position, especially GM, when moving from an independent league to affiliated baseball.

It is not to say that those who have don’t deserve it, it just isn’t commonplace.

As for the argument that many people move from affiliated ball to the Atlantic League…the majority of those who do so are taking better positions than the ones they previously held.

As for the comment about whether the success is in affiliated or independent ball doesn’t matter…well, it does to an extent.

The same stigma that I get from people when I explain the team I cover is independent is the same one that still exists — in some form — in baseball as a whole.

In affiliated baseball, success in independent baseball doesn’t always amount to a whole lot. I’d have to bring up specific names and situations to prove my point, which I don’t want to do…but the scenarios exist.


5. quackers - October 18, 2006

Maybe Matt O’Brien, who went from GM of the LI Ducks to the Myrtle Beach Pelicans ( a minor league team of the Atlanta Braves ) and is now returning to the Atlantic League as the GM of the new team in York is someone you can ask about his feelings on this matter.

6. Amy - October 18, 2006

Congrats to Jeremy, Denny, Reggie, Lincoln and Joe for being selected. All well deserved as they were clearly the class of the league this year!

7. Scott Stanchak - October 18, 2006

I’m not going to address any of this, but as I’ve said in the past, please post some title as your username or we will begin making people register for accounts. I don’t want to because I think people will just stop posting then, but it might have to be.


8. KenD - October 18, 2006

Wow, I go on a two day business trip and all hell breaks loose on this board.

Mike and Scott I agree with you on the Boulton comments as out of line. The AtL followed MLB’s lead on playing during the 9/11 crisis. They did want to play on the following Friday when MLB was also making their decision as to weekend games, but followed the lead of the entire nation.

As for LaPoint, I would expect you guys to report if there were any truth to the accusations when you have verifiable information to support it. So for those of you ranting, give these guys solid leads (via email) and let them do their job. If you can’t do that then don’t rant.


9. Barnstorming - October 18, 2006

The Barnstormers were honored on the floor of the Pennsylvania State House Today 🙂
Barnstormers in attendance today was Tom Herr, manager, Frank Klebe, coach, Jeremy Todd, infielder; Andy Zwirchitz, pitcher; Jutt Hileman, outfielder
And Cylo


10. Jeremy Booth - October 18, 2006

From time to time, I check in on this blog because I think for the most part Atlantic League fans are some of the best fans because they know what they are talking about when it comes to baseball. I think that Atlantic league fans have a passion for baseball in general because they are there at Minor League games as opposed to Major League ones. In my time in the Atlantic League, I have met some really good people that treat you like family in both the front office and with the fans. I have also met some really bad people along the way. I have worn over 20 different minor league uniforms in my career, and some of the most fun were the ones in the Atlantic League. That said, there are times in this game when things dont make a lot of sense and you have to ask yourself why. There are player decisions made where even the guys in uniform will shake their heads and wonder. When it comes to racism however, its a tough concept. No one wants to admit that racism still has a place in the game but the fact remains it exists. I played in Bridgeport for Charlie Dowd and Charlie is one of the best baseball people I have ever seen. Charlie believed in a “mix in the clubhouse” where everyone was represented and I have to say that thats the right way to go. I have played in clubhouses where I was the only minority, and clubhouses with hardly any white players as well. I wil not accuse people of racism even though I may feel it in my gut to be true because its a card that you dont want to play. I still have to believe that for the most part, decisions are made based on performance.

11. Amy - October 18, 2006

Nice post Jeremy. Glad to hear your opinion on everything from an insiders view. Best of luck to you!

Barrnstorming….you beat me to the story about the Barnstormers being honored today. For those interested there is an article and small photo on the Barnstormers website!

12. Dinghey - October 19, 2006

Congrats to Charlie Dowd, I have been a Fish fan since the first season and Charlie known as a good GM, hard worker and bled blue. So great to have job where he can still commute from his home.
I do find fault with anonymous entries. Can’t keep track of who said what as can have 10 anonymous.
So just pick a name and stay with it. And congrats to Amy and the rest of the Barnstormer fans as well as the team. And Jeremy, great posing.

13. SharkGirl - October 19, 2006

Let me be the first one to apologize to Frank Boulton for insinuating the he was the “expert” on Oct. 17th to respond on this blog. It was so formal sounding that I decided to make a JOKE of it & imply it was written by him! Yes, it was a joke! Most people could see it was tongue-in-cheek and I apologize for getting some people so worked up they decided to attack Frank Boulton’s credibility and judgement. No one deserves that and for that, I am sorry Mr. Boulton. I hope others will follow my lead and apologize for assaulting you on this board. I didn’t assault you here but I guess I’m to blame for starting it. I’m usually one of the first ones to stand up for people who get kicked around on this board and I’d like to be one of the first to do that again. I am standing up for you, Mr. Boulton. Although I may not always agree you or your decisions, you are entitled to make them as you see fit. I urge all who need to apologize, to do so. I hope you can forgive me.

14. Amy - October 19, 2006

Thanks dinghey and nice meeting you a few weeks back at Bridgeport game! i agree with you about all the anonymous posters…hard to keep track of them hahaha. I have to say I can’t comment much on the Charlie situation but best of luck to him! I certainly wouldn’t mind if people were “forced” to id themselves a little better on here to keep the nastiness to a minimum however!

15. Jeremy Booth - October 19, 2006

Thanks for the well wishes and I look forward to keeping up with the blog. Treat each other well and I hope to see you next season if I end up back in the Atlantic League.


16. Amy - October 19, 2006

PS…way to go sharkgirl for starting a brewhaha on here!!! HAHA…you should know that people will believe anything you tell them. I personally thought it was pretty funny!

17. Chuckerd58 - October 19, 2006

Great to see the All-Independant teams. Hard to believe there weren’t more Atl.players listed. I guess that’s just me being biased toward the Atl. Also,it’s great to see some post’s from Jeremy Booth. It always helps to get the pulse of the league from someone on the inside. Also nice to see someone who play’s not hide behind Anonymous.

18. BoosterBabe - October 19, 2006

Sharkgirl…see what you started????? 🙂
I have been known to express my opinion on this blog from time to time but I have always signed my name to it. As I’ve said a dozen or so times: Ask anyone who works for the Bluefish who “Boosterbabe” is, and they will point me out in a second. It’s an alias, but I don’t hide behind it. I could just as easily sign my posts “Sheryl”. But “Boosterbabe” is more fun. That being said: some of what was posted ysterday about the (ahem) esteemed leader of the Atlantic League (oops, I guess I just expressed my opinion again, didn’t I?) was way out of line. But I will say it again: It is easy to hide behind the anonymity of the internet and that makes some people very, very brave when it comes to spewing their mouths off. You can bet if they signed their name or even a nickname, they wouldn’t write half of what they do. And that’s a shame. Honestly, I have never posted anything I wouldn’t say to someone’s face. And that’s how it should be.

I admit, I enjoy a good battle of words. And when someone like b-fish fan gets me going, I admit, it’s more sport than anything else for me. And I’d be willing to bet he/she/it would never say half of what it’s posted on here about me to my face. It wouldn’t have the nerve.

Anyway, I realize players and other league insiders post here anonymously, but a nickname can be just as anonymous as the word “Anonymous”-(look at b-fish fan). At least though, you have someone to attribute the words and opinions to. Granted, it’s simply the persona that the poster chooses to present here, but it’s better than anonymous.

I do have a huge problem with people spewing vitriol and accusations such as racism (Like Jeremy said, no one wants to play that card) without taking responsibility for it. Anonymous posting is just plain wrong.

Boosterbabe…opinionated? Me? NEVER!!!! 🙂 LOL

19. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - October 19, 2006

A few things…

Jeremy and I speak on a fairly regular basis, and I can tell you that was indeed him who posted on the site.

I did not ask him to post, but would like to thank him for doing so. I enjoy getting a player perspective on things just as much as you guys do

When it comes to the racism issue, you guys have to understand that’s the most difficult place for a writer to go, and one that most (myself included) are hesitant to go to.

The problem with the racism topic, not to make it seem insignifcant, is that you will never get anyone to go on the record with anything there. Accusations of racism are serious, and can stop a career on a dime. Stop the career of the accuser, stop the career of the accusee and stop the career of the person reporting it.

I will not and cannot pursue a story based off of anonymous accusations on a message board.

Regarding the Frank Boulton stuff, I realize that the original comment was made in jest, and that’s not the one I have the problem with. The problem with that, though, is that people took it as truth and ran with it.

Some nasty things were said, and the guy had nothing to do with anything I wrote. Simply put, that’s not fair to him.

Mr. Boulton is also someone I speak with on a somewhat regular basis, and I plan on speaking with him tomorrow.

I welcome anyone to contact me at mashmore@patriotsbaseball.com or post a question here if anyone has questions or wants feedback from me or anything like that.


20. Anonymous - October 19, 2006

barnstormerbabe please stop treatening me in your post.you have caused me enough pain this year with your prediction of the ducks winning the divisional series.next year when i see you at the ballpark{you will be easy to find with your lancaster barnstormers 2006 atlantic league champions sweat shirt and cap on.}i want a heart warming and sincere apology.

b-fish fan

21. Anonymous - October 19, 2006

Way to let your readers have a voice.

In case you didn’t know that was sarcasm.

As a journalist, you should allow people to speak whether or not you like the comments or not. Whether they are hurtful or not. It’s within their right.

22. Anonymous - October 19, 2006

This is the problem with blogs by people who are or aspiring to be journalists. You lose your objectivity, and Mike it seems you have done do so when it comes to the Atlantic League.

Many of your posts and comments come off as you being a homer for the Atlantic League.

23. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - October 19, 2006

How am I not letting people speak?

I have no problem allowing conversation about the Atlantic League, but crapping on someone who didn’t even deserve to be mentioned in the conversation is absolutely wrong.

The issue is more with people posting anonymously than it is anything else.

Secondly, I am far from an Atlantic League homer. FAR from it. To say that is to not know me.

I criticize the league frequently. Show me where you think I’m being an AL homer.

Truth be told, I had a much better time covering my other team than I did covering my AL team this year.

24. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - October 19, 2006

And, after a few fun e-mails in my inbox, I see I have to clarify that statement as well.

The Thunder were a playoff team this season, the Patriots were not.

One of my favorite little sportswriter mantras is: There’s nothing better than covering a playoff team.

And there isn’t. I’ve had the priivlege of covering two championship teams (2003 and 2005 Patriots) and another playoff team (2006 Thunder) on a full-time basis, as well as doing sporadic work with the AHL champion Philadelphia Phantoms two seasons ago.

I love it. I love covering good teams, why wouldn’t I? The atmosphere in the clubhouse of a losing team, especially after a loss or sometimes even a win, isn’t a good one.

I won’t lie, I do 98% of my work before games, you’ll rarely find me in a clubhouse after a game because I write for a weekly and don’t do game stories. I don’t go in the clubhouse just for the sake of going in there and getting something I know I’ll likely never use.

Getting back to my point, the people involved with and employed by each team have nothing to do with statement. Somerset has never done anything but treat me very, very well, and I don’t expect that to change anytime soon.

My first year writing for Trenton also went very well, so…

But Somerset didn’t have a very good team this season, and Trenton did. Trenton had one of the most exciting prospects in baseball in Phil Hughes…and for me to say that, considering the Yankees are as far from “my team” as it gets, is saying something.


25. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - October 19, 2006


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