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October 17, 2006 October 17, 2006

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Dowd Named GM Of Connecticut Defenders: According to Rich Elliott of The Connecticut Post, who’s been absolutely all over the front office missteps of the Bridgeport Bluefish this season, the Double-A Connecticut Defenders are set to announce Charlie Dowd will be their next General Manager.

When a front office member in the Atlantic League is fired, then named GM of an affiliated team, what does that mean?

It means the Atlantic League team screwed up. – Mike Ashmore


1. Anonymous - October 17, 2006

Once again, Mr. Ashmore, you have proven you still don’t know what you’re talking about when it comes to minor league baseball. When it comes to being a GM of a minor league organization, success is not defined by whether the team is affiliated or independent. The Atlantic League has some of the most successful minor league teams in the country and the GMs of those teams can name their price if they chose to go elsewhere. The Bluefish let Dowd go because he did a terrible job running their business. He is going to a team that has been equally bad from a business standpoint. From an expert’s point of view, and trust me when I tell you that I am an expert, it is the Defenders that screwed up, not the Bluefish. And if you think just because it is an affiliated team that it is a better job or that it is a step up, you are missing the essence of the minor league baseball business.

2. SharkGirl - October 17, 2006

Thanks for your point of view Mr. Boulton…next time, just sign your name!

3. SharkGirl - October 17, 2006

Oh, and P.S.-I agree with Mike! The Bluefish screwed up! Good luck Defender’s in your choice for GM. Quincy Foster (formerly of the Shark’s and Barnstormer’s) plays for The Defender’s and I hope they have a great season next year with Charlie at the helm!

4. Anonymous - October 17, 2006

I don’t even know how to respond to Frank’s post. Is he crazy? Fact: None of the players want to be in the AL for more than a month or two. Their goal is affiliated ball. Do you know why? Because it is one step closer to The Show.
Fact: None of the managers want to be in the league for more than a year or two. Their goal is affiliated ball because it is one step closer to The Show.
Fact: None of the front office staff, if they have the same competitive fire that athletes have, want to be be in the AL for more than a year or two because affiliated ball is one step closer to The Show.

5. Anonymous - October 17, 2006

Hey there,
We all obviously love the AL but none of us are cracksmokers and really think it is better for the players, managers, and staff. The AL is like a community college. It’s not a step backwards for people, it’s actually a tiny step forward, but no one thinks of it as a real college.

6. Anonymous - October 17, 2006

I am Frank Boulton, though shalt have no other gods before me.

7. Anonymous - October 17, 2006

the GM of an affiliated ball club has no say about players or managers, it’s MLB club calls the shots, the GM of the AL club does have say. Charlie is a baseball talent guy – not a sales guy. Bridgeport always had open signs unlike long island, sommerset and camden …their new owners wanted to be in the black for a change. Charlie still has clout in CT and it will give the Defenders legitiamacy …it will be a win/win for both clubs

8. Anonymous - October 17, 2006

1.thank you defenders for proving my point.that bluefish mgmt is a bunch of clueless dopes.2.the first post on this blog written by a fool.please writer you make yourself look like a horses ass with comments like yours.no gm in the atl would be here 5 seconds longer if he could get into affiliated ball.this league has 4 teams hanging on by a thread and you are going to say the defenders made a bad business move.are u kidding me? the only bad business moves i see are the owners of a.c.,bpt,camden,newark fielding a team in 2007.

b-fish fan

9. Anonymous - October 17, 2006

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10. Anonymous - October 17, 2006

I mostly agree with the first comment.. it was time for a change.. maybe if Chico Lind had not been kept on as a do-nothing manager for at least 2 years too many the Fish might have not gotten into the red as badly as they had before the management changed. I wish Charlie all the best and think both the Defenders and the Bluefish have the chance to be better organizations with new blood in each

11. bearsfan - October 17, 2006

Charlie did a bad job? The bluefish were constantly in the playoffs. You guys make him sound like he was in charge of the Road Warriors. With all the pay cuts the Bluefish made this year, they lost alot of their good help. Charlie probably went to Affiliated ball so that he could feed his family.

12. Anonymous - October 17, 2006

What’s your thought on a atlantic league GM’s salary compared to a affilated ball one.

13. Anonymous - October 18, 2006


14. Anonymous - October 18, 2006

i think charlie did a great job did he make some mistakes yes but i dont think lapoint will do much better non off hes players like him he blame the loses on the front office trash mary jean behind her back and then kisses her u now what in fron off her this guys is not good release players by phone let go echevarria probably the best sucess baseball story out bridgeport basically ran espada out off town i think he retired instead of been ebarrase by this guy this guys is a snake that why bolton show him the door plus he say he can win with a latino catcher wao what a comment racist?

15. Anonymous - October 18, 2006

bottom line: GM’s are judged by business success of th eballclub. How has Bridgeport done? Attendance, sponsorship both stunk. In the atl, gm shouldn;t be judged on the W-L record.

16. BoosterBabe - October 18, 2006

I’m trying to figure out what language that post is written in. (not right above, one above…posted at 9:21pm)


17. Anonymous - October 18, 2006

The only G.M. Bridgeport ever knew was that of Charlie Dowd! He did what he had to do for the new owners and at the end of it all he was rewarded by getting fired but first having all of his say in player signings taken away because of the new manager The “racist” Dave Lapoint. Why did he leave the Ducks? Maybe it was that he bumped heads with all of the latinos(players) with the Ducks at the time.Hey this guy didnt even want Willis Otanez back and he was MVP in every league he played in(2005).If this guy Lapoint doesnt like latinos then why did he want the manager job in a city(Bridgeport) where 90% of the population is latino.If he has any kind of balls have him walk down the street in Bridgeport and yell how much he dislikes latinos to see what would happen to him. I would pay to see what happens like many others would.Maryann or Maryjane whatever the new owners name is is being decieved by this guy and his intentions for the Fish. And at the end of it all all of his negative views on latinos will come to the surface and management will then have to answer some serious questions like, why would you hire a guy that wants no latinos on his team?Maybe it was because some latino back in the day beat him like a red headed step child!! Good luck Charlie Dowd, and he is better off leaving an organization where they hire a manager who dislikes latinos.Charlie was also forced by mangement to hire this guy. By the way Dave Lapoint can not win without any latinos and you know this. The only reason you won this year was because of the minorities on your team. Take these minorities(latinos and blacks) off of your team and you have the worst team in the league and you probably have no job next year! By the way, Dave lapoint voted for himself for manager of the year. What a loser: )

18. Anonymous - October 18, 2006

boosterbabe and many others have no clue on what goes on on the inside of a team and organization. All you see(boosterbabe and others)is what goes on on the outside. When this guy Dave Lapoint smiles at you his intensions are nothing but bad ones. As a manager you release players face to face like a man and not over a phone like a coward. Be a man.

19. Anonymous - October 18, 2006

Frank boulton sucks and everyone knows it! The only good thing he has done is start up the Atlantic League. From year to year he changes rules to benfit his team the Ducks(Doesnt he look like a Duck?)He was the one who also told Dave Lapoint he would be hired as Bluefish manager and he has nothing to do with the Fish.Didnt he once employ Pete Rose jr.? The same Pete Rose Jr. that was busted in the offseason for contributing the generic form of ghb or muscle enhancer. He swept it under the rug and his side kick Lapoint signed him(Pete Rose JR) right after the all-star break and after his releas from jail. If this was anyone else they would have not been signed. I guess you sign who you want(Boulton) based on there last name.Wasnt it also a couple years back when a player by the name of Pat Lennon shoved an umpire to the ground and only get a slap on the wrist? Another player did the same thing that year and was suspended from the league indefinitely. Way to go Mr.Boulton, anything to benifit your team again.What do these two players have in common????? They both played for the Ducks and were given special treatment. This is the same guy(Boulton) who wanted to play the day after 9/11 even after he was informed that his brother-in-law was killed in one of the towers!What greed and money will do to your heart.I guess you can call Mr.Boulton the heartless Lion from the Wizard of Oz.

20. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - October 18, 2006

Wildly, wildly inappropriate comments guys. There are some places you just don’t go, there are lines you don’t cross.

Sack up and sign your name if you’re going to do something like that.


21. bigpapa - November 19, 2006

i think we most of you have it wrong. Pete Rose is an outstanding addition to any league. he brings class and a great baseball attitude to all that he touches. i have seen him on many occassions talk to fans in the stands and acknowledge when he is cheered for. i imiagine people think bad of him for what he has done in the past. the fans of the ravens in baltimore still cheer for Ray Lewis and the people of Mass, still vote for Ted Kennedy. Pete made a mistake he hurt no one and he should be left alone. none of you realize that when he walks onto a diamond you looking at baseball royalty. perhaps we all need to look in ourselves first and find our own faults before judging another.

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