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October 13, 2006 October 13, 2006

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Bears Making Tracks: I’m a few days away from using “Do Bears s— in the woods” as my headline, so hopefully I don’t stop running out of bad puns.

I can’t put his name in lights, but I can put his name in bold, as I spoke to Newark Bears assistant GM Jim Cerny about the team’s open managerial position.

Cerny confirmed that the tean has spoken to “several” candidates, including those with and without ties to the Atlantic League. While people have speculated on bigger names fresh out of affiliated baseball, Cerny indicated it would be difficult to attract candidates such as those, but not impossible. Those a few years removed from affiliated ball would be the most likely candidates on that side of the ball, it seems.

The team hopes that by the end of next week, several of the candidates will be meeting in person with club officials in order to narrow down the search for the next Bears manager. Seems like a great idea for a reality show, by the way.

Regarding the coaching staff, it could be the same next year. Then again, it could be different. Both Pete Filson and Victor Torres remain with the team, but a new manager may wish to make different choices.

On a side note, Cerny and the Bears clearly get it. You’d be amazed how difficult it is how difficult it is to get people to work with you sometimes in the Atlantic League, and Jim is always someone who has helped both Scott and myself whenever we needed anything. The same can be said for John Brandt. – Mike Ashmore

Ducks Front Office Swap: From their press release…

The Long Island Ducks, members of the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball, today announced that general manager Michael Hirsch has resigned to pursue career opportunities outside the sports industry. The team also announced the elevation of assistant general manager Michael Pfaff to interim general manager and the appointment of Doug Cohen to the position of assistant general manager/Senior VP of Sales.

Mike Pfaff is someone else who has also been very helpful to both Scott and myself throughout our time covering the league, even coming on Scott’s radio show during a week I co-hosted. Congratulations to him on being named interim GM, hopefully a move that becomes permanent in the very near future. – Mike Ashmore

Hello, Key Quote. Good To See You There: From the York Revolution press release…

“Construction on the 5,300+ seat stadium is currently underway and is scheduled to be completed in July 2007.”

So, if the season starts in April and the stadium won’t be ready until July, I could certainly envision a scenario in which these are guys are the Road Warriors in Revolution uniforms for quite a while. Kind of a disaster for schedule-makers as well, since how do you know when to schedule home games for these guys. – Mike Ashmore



1. Amy - October 14, 2006

Thought i heard something that some York games at the beginning of the season would be played In Lancaster. That would make sense since they are both owned by the same group. i don’t know how it would all work out but I, for one wouldn’t mind that since i could be at games every night!!! Haha.

2. StormerDude - October 14, 2006

From My Understanding I heard the York Revolution would be playing all there home games @ Clipper Magazine Stadium home of the Stormer, Till Sovereign Bank Stadium is complete In York

3. Amy - October 14, 2006

Yeah that’s what I am talking about….I heard from some front office staff people.

4. Amy - October 14, 2006

PS…do I know you stormerdude? A season ticket holder perhaps? We sit in section 5!

5. StormerDude - October 14, 2006

We have not met formally, any yes Iā€™m a season ticket holder in section 18. šŸ™‚

6. Amy - October 14, 2006

Okay…just curious. I will have to meetup next year!

7. BoosterBabe - October 14, 2006

Hey SurfFan…..
Thanks for the kind words. You and Tiffany were a pleasure to spend time with and I hope to see you guys again.

There’s two ways to approach sports and being a fan. You can be an arrogant, no class jerk (like the morons who start a “Red Sox Suck” chant at Yankee Stadium… when the Orioles are playing). Or you can hang out with the folks in the “opposing team’s” colors and celebrate what you have in common: love of baseball, passion for your team, whatever else you might discover you have in common…and simply enjoy the company of another human being who cares about the same thing you do.

Everyone here on this blog…our minor league teams give us some kind of happiness or fill a void that we don’t get from other things in our lives. Think about it: most of our players are either has-beens, never-weres, or never-will-bes. Yet we show up week after week, sometimes, night after night. Win or lose…we’re there. And when we get home, we log in here to follow them some more. Something’s there. And I’m not asking what, because frankly, I don’t need to know what it is. I just know….it’s there.

And it’s there for all of us whether you admit it or not. You wouldn’t be reading this if Atlantic League baseball didn’t matter in your life.

In the end, does it really matter which team we root for?

8. Amy - October 14, 2006

Boy, that boosterbabe chick can really get to the heart of things can’t she? She must be one awesome person to meet! thanks boosterbabe…fan club lady…whatever we should call you…..that post really had some good points to it!

9. Anonymous - October 14, 2006

Hey boosterbabe, as a new englander i expect you to be anti-yankee but if you think it’s bad at Yankee Stadium why don’t you go to Fenway (as i’m sure you have). They are much worse there so don’t be so quick to start name calling yankee fans.

10. BoosterBabe - October 14, 2006

It is equally moronic and low class for the Yankees Suck chant at Fenway…Difference being, in all my times at Fenway, the only I ever heard that chant was WHEN the Yankees were playing. I was at YS a few weeks ago and they were playing Baltimore. And out of nowhere…”Red Sox Suck”. What’s that about? I understand when the Sox are THERE… but when they’re not? THAT is moronic!

Figures of all the nice thoughts in my note, you focus on the one negative. Whatever.

11. Anonymous - October 14, 2006

Wasn’t focusing on your only negative, just pointing out one of your comments. And I was at a Red Sox vs. White Sox game this year and I heard the “Yankees Suck” chant and I’ve got friends that go to games there all the time. Don’t base anything on one game…

12. Anonymous - October 15, 2006

I’ve also heard that York is tentatively scheduled to play their home games in Lancaster until their own park is ready. For those not familiar with the area- Lancaster is approx 35 miles from York so although it isn’t anyone’s first choice it is close enough that the York fans get to the games & be home at a reasonable hour.


Not that anyone cares but I just signed on for one of the Barnstormers 22 game plans for next season. I guess I do mention it because I live in Philly & a trip to Lancaster is about 140 mile round trip & $6.50 in tolls & this proves that if you offer a quality product people will come from near & far.

Any other diehard Stormers on here who made the trip to Bridgeport for games 1 & 2 of the Championship? I’m trying to get a list of names of the fans that did drive up for a Barnstormers related feature I’m putting together for my site.

13. Anonymous - October 15, 2006

Just for the record I am a fanatically proud card carrying member of Red Sox Nation.


14. Anonymous - October 15, 2006

Last thing- I promise! I just remembered that I do have one of the York Revolution’s text logos so for those interested in seeing it you can check it out here:


Enjoy- dave@phillysportsteams.com

15. KenD - October 15, 2006


Nice comments on Jim Cerny. He also does a very good job on the broadcasts. I often watched the Yanks and/or Mets on TV while listening to Jim on the laptop. It had the added benefit of driving my wife crazy. At times he was pretty critical of the quality of play by the Bears this year (how could you not be).

16. Sharks52 - October 15, 2006

One problem the Atlantic League has is the teams are just too close together. That’s great for the 10% who are die-hard baseball fans but bad for attendance as you get 20 miles out and everybody is competing for the same family and group dollars. The Riversharks are competing with Trenton and Atlantic City (and Lancaster, once you get over the bridge). I’m sure this is one reason why they rarely fill the ballpark. With York only 35 miles from Lancaster I believe you’ll see Lancaster’s attendance take a hit in a year or two once that 90% starts thinking about York as an option, and York won’t reach it’s full potential. I’ve heard the Nashua Pride feels that being only 30 minutes away from the NH Fishercats really hurts them and they’re probably right. I don’t think being that close to a major league club with their overpriced tickets and food hurts these clubs, but being this close to other minor league teams really does. I mean it’s great for us to go to an AC surf game and not be bothered by go home traffic or crowds, but you see what the end results of that are when people 20 miles out are choosing to go to Trenton and the Riversharks as they are only a half hour’s drive from the Surf.

17. fishyfan - October 15, 2006

the Bears played their home games at Bridgeport their first year.. and I guess the schedule was made so that the Bears and Bluefish didn’t have home games the same day..

There aren’t any teams near Bridgeport to draw away fans (well there is the team in New Haven, but I don’t think it has many fans) and yet the stadium is not nearly full – I look forward to going to other places to watch the Fish play.. next year it will be the stadiums in New Jersey.. used to live in Philly so really want to see Camden.. I made the trip to Lancaster for that last game.. and would love to see Bridgeport draw that kind of crowd in numbers and enthusiasm

18. Amy - October 15, 2006

dave…my husband and I made the trip to Bridgeport for both games. You can email me at…

19. Amy - October 15, 2006

Oh yeah…and I will look forward to meeting you at clipper magazine stadium sometime next summer…we are full seasoners!

20. Anonymous - October 16, 2006

I heard York may be playing their home games at PNC Park in Pittsburgh for the first month. It is a special deal worked out through Brooks Robinson who is good friends with the owner of the Pirates. Could be amazing to watch an AL Game in a big league ball park.

21. starvedforattention - October 16, 2006

I heard the the York Revolution will play the entire 2007 season in the Houston Astrodome. The voices told me.

22. Amy - October 16, 2006

All I know is I have had a few people in the Lancaster front office tell me they are seriously looking at York playing some of its earlier games at lancaster. Until their stadium is ready. Also about the teams being too close together and taking some of the crowds AWAY from Lancaster? Actually I think it will work the other way in this case…the natural rivalry between the teams and the relatively close proximity to each other will bring more fans to Lancaster from York and vice versa when they play each other. I don’t really see there being as much drop off in attendance as you might think. Even though the Barnstormers ARE my team…I see going there now…instead of Harrisburg and possibly Reading, schedules permitting! I really see the attendance in Harrisburg dropping even more. Even though they are in another league…the differences in the stadium conditions will make York and Lancaster more attractive. Just my two cents on this!

23. Anonymous - October 16, 2006

I heard that Revolution were going to play at Camden Yards and that the games would be on TV so that all the York residents (those that can afford a TV) can watch the games.

24. Anonymous - October 17, 2006

No offense sharks52 but I completely disagree with you. I’ve been following the league for years and this is the FIRST time I’ve ever heard anyone make this claim. Camden & AC absolutely do not compete for the same fans. The 2 cities are an hour apart in two distinctly different areas of South Jersey. Lancaster, PA isn’t even in the same universe as Camden. Lancaster is at least an hour & 45 minutes from Camden so pulling them into the mix of the Rivershark’s fanbase when you get across the bridge is extremely questionable at best.

The only real situation of closely placed franchises IS Lancaster & York but they draw from two distinct fan bases as Lancaster & York have a centuries old rivalry- LITERALLY in sports & other aspects of life. My personal belief is that adding York will only infuse more interest & passion & create an immidiate & legit rivalry- not like the contrived, forced farce of the Barnstormers- Riversharks “Turnpike Challenge”

The Riversharks don’t draw better because they simply don’t offer what many people consider a good fan experience. Now to be fair I hear that they are aware of the perception & feelings of the fans & have plans in motion to address the problems. I hope they do because I WANT TO enjoy going to a Riversharks game again. NO TEAM in minor league baseball can match the view they have.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE- everyone reading this I urge you to take my words as a different opinion by an equally passionate fan- not someone who is trying to be rude or show disrespect to a fellow fan. I know words posted online are read flat so you don’t always catch the intended inflection of the author & take it the wrong way. I know there are certain miserable people who post here with the intention of being rude. I do not want to be viewed as coming off like that so thank you for bearing with my long winded message- I just feel it is important enough that I want to be taken seriously & non-threatening.

Bottom line- how SWEET! is it that we’re STILL talking about Atlantic League baseball after the season has ended šŸ™‚


25. Sharks52 - October 17, 2006

No offense taken Amy or Dave. Everyone has an opinion and that’s what it is, not devine truth. To clarify my point, close proximity does not affect the hard core fans of the sport. They will go to more games if the teams are closer. It obviously won’t affect families or groups immediately around their home base. Atlantic City fans stay in AC while Camden based fans stay in Camden, (although I admit the 9 or 10 times a year we to Trenton or AC we don’t go to Camden so it’s probably costing Camden 5 or 6 games from us that we’ll start going to once AC’s gone.)
It’s what happens 20 miles out that hurts the team. The Vineland-Millville area has a lot of people that make a choice between the two teams. The civic groups are a big part of the attendance. They plan a ballpark outing once a year. Obviously these groups are choosing between 2 clubs and one is not going to get their dollars. The family guy who lives 30 minutes away from each club that takes his kids out to 2 or 3 games a year isn’t going to attend 5 or 6 now that he’s got two clubs to choose from like you or I would do. The center of the AC-Camden-Trenton triangle is oversaturated. On Labor day, I walked up and got good seats to a Reading Phillies game with the Thunder, their most popular rivals. I never buy tickets in advance for Riversharks games like I used to. Even on Fireworks Fridays I pick up seats in the 5th or sixth row right before gametime. Forget AC. I just tell them what section I want and if I’m not in the first or second row I feel ripped off. I just don’t believe that people within 30 minutes of these teams are going to 3 times as many games than they would if there was only one team. As I said, I live only 5 miles from Campbell’s Field and AC & Trenton cost the Riversharks about 15 tickets from my family alone, and we aren’t a group that’s only looking for a night out. We really follow the team.
I also hope you don’t take me as rude or offensive. I don’t want to seem mean to people who enjoy the Atlantic League as we do. Something is driving down attendance and I think we sometimes only see how we view the game where more is always better. York will definately create a new fan base, Lancaster’s attendance will not be halved, but they will suffer in a year or two when the groups and families around the halfway point decide to give York a try and choose them over Lancaster. Amy admits she’ll probably go to York instead of Harrisburg. There has got to be a certain percentage that will go to York rather that Lancaster. I guess we’ll know for sure in about three years when we check Lancaster’s attendance.
P. S. Wow Dave, Sorry for my own long-winded post. Also you’re right on about other factors. Concert night puts Riversharks parking under the bridge or in a dirt lot by some old houses. The perception is a safety issue, right or wrong, and not conducive to return visits by family or the elderly fans.

26. Anonymous - October 23, 2006

You make some great point- how onderful to be able to have real debate with other respectful adults!


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