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October 10, 2006 October 10, 2006

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Sharks & Skipper Park: The Camden Riversharks and manager Wayne Krenchicki, along with pitching coach Steve Foucault have all parted ways. Both had been with the team since it’s first season in 2001.

Could this mean that a reuniting with former Sharks G.M. John Brandt? His new club, the Newark Bears, are looking for a new coaching staff. – Scott Stanchak



1. Anonymous - October 10, 2006

i heard the can am commish and owners want nothing to do with a.c. surf.does anyone know why?

2. sharkgirltoo - October 10, 2006

Sad to see Krenchicki and Foucault go and wouldn’t be surprised if they joined John Brandt in Newark and reunited with hitting coach, Victor Torres if he remains. Where does that leave the Riversharks?….heard Brad Strauss’ name being thrown around. Any other candidates here (with experience)?

3. Anonymous - October 10, 2006

I heard David Cone was looking at Camden….possibly a Philly guy like Dykstra? Just a rumor…

4. Anonymous - October 10, 2006

you know something funny, people are always asking for someone with experience in baseball…Let me ask this question, How is someone like say Terry mcgriff who would be a great manager ever goning to get what he deserves unless he GETS A SHOT to gain some experience?

5. Anonymous - October 10, 2006

2007 Managers:
Atlantic City – Jeff Ball
Bridgeport – Dave LaPoint
Lancaster – Tom Herr?
Long Island – Don McCormack
Somerset – Sparky Lyle
Manager Openings:
Managers to Be:
Wayne Krenchicki
Jeff Scott
Ryan Minor
Terry McGriff
Brad Strauss
Chris Jones

6. Anonymous - October 11, 2006

Take Chris Jones off that list and with all due respect to Ryan Minor and Brad Strauss (who are well known and liked in their respective communities) they aren’t ready yet. That is to say, they aren’t ready yet with a proven winner and players manager like Krenchicki out there and one of the smartest and worst kept secrets in the Atlantic League, Terry Mcgriff. Even though both Strauss and Minor know the game, if either one of them gets a managerial shot before Mcgriff then its a shame and a slap in the face to him.

7. SharkGirl - October 11, 2006

I’m not sad to see either of them go-we needed a change as did they. Too early for Brad to take over the reins though, he needs more time under his belt. It would be nice to see Wayne, Steve & Victor reunited in Newark with John. It would be a fresh start and hopefully put Newark in the running next season. As for Camden, the search is on! Can’t wait to see who the new guys will be in the dugout in ’07!

8. Sharks52 - October 11, 2006

I have to agree with Sharkgirl. Wayne has done well in the past but this year he just put it on automatic pilot and the results bore that out, although the ball club didn’t give him a whole lot to work with. I think the change will be good for both him and the Riversharks.

9. sharkgirltoo - October 11, 2006

Looks like some of you have good things to say about Terry McGriff, whom I’m not familiar with. Can anyone give me a little more insight about him? Re:experienced candidates..I was just throwing that out as a question. I agree and understand that in order to get experience you have to start somewhere and someone has to give that person a chance. I’m not opposed to that as long as the club believes in that person. We’ll hang in there to see who the Sharks decide to bring to Camden. Any thoughts on who would comprise the rest of the coaching staff? Would think Brad will remain there in some kind of coaching capacity. (Not sure if I’d be ready to see him as a manager yet.)

10. Anonymous - October 11, 2006

I have to disagree that Ryan Minor is not ready to manage a team. He has tremendous knowledge of the game and has control of a clubhouse. He would be a great manager one day. Krenchicki was never respected in his own clubhouse and never managed like he should have. He was able to hide his managerial faults because he was lucky all these years to have good ballplayers to help him out. Strauss is not a good candidate even though he seems to be a popular vote. He has no experience at all and his knowledge is limited of the game in regards to managing a club or even coaching hitters.
I hope that each of these teams looking for managers does their homework.

11. Anonymous - October 11, 2006

When posting about a great knowledge for the game using your real name would be valuable so that way the team could call on you if they need advice.

12. Anonymous - October 11, 2006

the dopes running these teams never take anyones advise.that is why half the teams in the atl.are in the shape they are in.the masterminds running bpt dont even know their fanbase.

b-fish fan

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