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October 9, 2006 October 9, 2006

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Surf To Stay?: The Atlantic City Surf have a good chance of staying in the Atlantic League for the 2007 season, at least according to a source.

The Surf and Mark Schuster apparently went to the Can-Am League on the notion that they would welcome the club with open arms since a team was probably leaving. That club ended up deciding to stay and now if the Surf go to the Can-Am, they are being “held hostage by the league.” The Surf would give the Can-Am League an odd number of teams, so they are being told, if they want in, they must fund a Road Warriors-type team.

You can’t tell me that the Surf, who are about two years away from a possible new stadium, would make more money funding another club, as well as their own, rather than staying in the Atlantic League. – Scott Stanchak



1. Anonymous - October 10, 2006

Atlantic City might be better served by not fielding a team next season and waiting for the Can-Am League in 2007.

2. Anonymous - October 10, 2006

dont be so fast with the surf getting a new stadium in 2 years.a friend in a.c has told me the city might give surf ownership walk away money for the value of the club then they will fold.

b-fish fan

3. Anonymous - October 10, 2006

Why would the Surf want to move to an inferior league???? I know the attendance is bad but will membership in the Can-Am league bring up attendance?? I doubt it. I guess the salaries would be less for the players??? I think they are making a big mistake if they go to the Can Am.

4. Anonymous - October 10, 2006

short season league means less player payroll, hotel bills on the road, less electric/overhead bills, …more opportunity for profit b/c fans have less choices

5. number1surffan John - October 10, 2006

let’s see – can’t fill the stands (EXCEPT on Fireworks nights – HINT, HINT) with a bunch of former Major Leaguers like Ozzie Timmons, Mel Rosario, Ben
Weber, and more that were Major League spring training roster guys like Demetrius Heath, Ben Grezlovski, former Met hopeful Joe Jianetti, former Expo trainee Clyde Williams…current Rangers affliated Jeremy Ward…..

But go to a rookie league with such strong “amateurs only” rules and THAT will somehow bring more folks out?????\\
Doesn’t make sense at all.

Saving on the road? Is it less costly to bus to Canada than Long Island? New Hampshire is suddenly closer than Bridgeport Connecticut? Heck, AC is one of 4 teams in NJ for Atlantic League – and I can confidently state that fans from EVERY single other Atlantic League team attended in Atlantic City this past season. Would we be able to say the same for Can-Am? Come on now….

6. Anonymous - October 10, 2006

I agree surffan…It seems a bus ride to Canada would be more costly…I don’t see how profit would go up when I assume that less people would go see games if they were in the Can-Am league. I live very close to a Can Am team and I wouldn’t waste my time there…much rather see the Bears..And we know how bad they’ve been the last few years..

7. Anonymous - October 10, 2006

You realize minor league baseball is about entertainment and not the product on the field. Even affiliated ball.

So, even if the Surf are in the Can-Am League and in a stadium farther inland, people aren’t going to watch baseball, but looking for family entertainment.

8. Anonymous - October 10, 2006

ask Nashua – less road games means less payables …bus companys charge flat rates per day not per miles…from what I hear – the cam am league wants to charge an enterence fee to AC

9. Anonymous - October 10, 2006

boosterbabe–Now that Joe Torre is staying with the Yankees, maybe you can get Lou Pinella or Joe Girardi to take over the Bears.

10. BoosterBabe - October 11, 2006

Jeez….it was a joke. Gimme a break.
I don’t see anyone else getting attacked for expressing their opinions and making some fun speculations.

11. Anonymous - October 11, 2006

Let’s all face it – the last 2 “Major” players (Juan is mostly gone and *ahem* heckle the fans Rocker) did nothing but tarnish the leagues rep.

Might as well use unknowns who have a chance to ADD something instead of detract….

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