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October 7, 2006 October 7, 2006

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Ashmore Hands Out The Hardware: Head on over to MikeAshmore.com to find out who won the coveted Ashmore Awards on the Somerset Patriots.

Who wins the inaugural Ashmore Award for the team’s Good Guy? Who’s Mike’s MVP? His Sparky Lyle Award winner?

Read to find out. – Mike Ashmore


1. Anonymous - October 7, 2006

Michael Hirsch, the Ducks GM, is leaving the Ducks as of this Friday, October 13th.

2. Chuckerd58 - October 8, 2006

MMMMMMMMM,Iwonder if the Ducks might be interesred in Mr. Dowd.

3. BoosterBabe - October 8, 2006

vedddy innnnteresting!
I would hope Charlie would move up and out of the Atlantic League…and I wonder if becoming GM of another AL team would be a good move or if it would put him in a weird place with his former employers.
I guess we’ll find out soon enough, won’t we?

4. Chuckerd58 - October 8, 2006

You make a very good point boosterbabe,He probably has bigger fish to fry{pun intended}.But,yes,i guess he will explore bigger options.

5. AtlanticLeagueBaseball.com - October 8, 2006

“I wonder if becoming GM of another AL team would be a good move or if it would put him in a weird place with his former employers…”

While the on the field results might not have been there this season, John Brandt is well-respected amongst his peers and is a perfect example of GM’s changing teams within the AL.


6. quackers - October 8, 2006

Is the move of his own doing or is he being forced out? If he is being asked to leave will this have any effect on the coaching staff?

7. BoosterBabe - October 8, 2006

Yeah, but John Brandt’s moves were more “positive” in nature. He started out in 98 and 99 as Asst GM in Bridgeport. Not sure where he went after that (out of the league, I think) but came back as Camden’s GM in 2001. When he came to Newark it was to bring some of the success he brought to Camden over to Newark.

It wasn’t a case where he was unceremoniously stripped of his baseball duties mid-season and then fired 2 days after the season ended. Brandt, to the best of my knowlege, wasn’t fired. He moved on to brighter career options. Big difference. Won’t make a difference to Charlie’s career if he moves OUT of the AL. (Hell, getting fired happens in baseball. Joe Torre and Charlie Dowd can wave at each other in the unemployment line tomorrow!) But I’m thinking, if Charlie gets a job, say, for the Ducks….that will involve continued interaction with Joe Klein, Frank Boulton, and probably to a lesser degree, Mary Jane and Jack, also. Same players, different game. I know if I were in Charlie’s shoes…I would not take another job in the Atlantic League. At least not now. Maybe 2-3 years down the road.
That’s just me, though.

8. Anonymous - October 9, 2006

boosterbabe dowd would be nuts not to take the ducks job.it is the best job in the atl.fan support,money,location for recruiting players.with his connections to player and the ducks money.watch out.plus he gets to go up against the team that cut him loose.

b-fish fan

9. Anonymous - October 9, 2006

The plan is obvious now! Clearly Joe Torre deliberately lost in the first round to get out of his contract. Hopefully, if all goes according to plan, he will be available for the
Bears’ job by the end of the week.

10. Anonymous - October 9, 2006

Couple of things, Long Island would be a great fit for Dowd. In addition to being the team with the most resources, he wouldnt have to relocate his family or be gone from them for extended times. However, I doubt he would take that job since it seems Boulton is making Bridgeport into Long Island part 2, beginning with Lapoint as manager and director of baseball operations. Also, whats the deal with Atlantic City? I read Mike’s article with the patriot awards and it seems that team doesnt know whats going on. Its just about mid-october now. Great choices for those awards. All three were obvious choices, but I especially like the nice guy pick, keith Ramsey. A better guy never laced up spikes. And lastly, do we know which teams have spoken to Jeremy Booth? What level is being discussed and what position will he play?

11. Anonymous - October 9, 2006

Hirsch is leaving the Ducks of his own volition to get involved in a new company. Michael Pfaff, AGM, will serve as acting GM and will most likely stay on in that role for the 2007 season.

12. Anonymous - October 9, 2006

THat’s a good choice. Pfaff knows what he’s doing.

13. BoosterBabe - October 9, 2006

Know something? Joe Torre managing the Bears isn’t the nuttiest thing I’ve ever heard. Torre is a smart man, he’s probably set for the next couple of years, anyway, $$$-wise. Wouldn’t managing the Bears be a great way for him to keep involved with baseball, the game he loves, but with much less pressure? He would certainly draw fans into Newark. It’s kinda like the former CEO of a Fortune 500 company taking a job at a non-profit. They don’t do it for the money, they do it almost for fun and precisely because it’s a different atmosphere than where they just left. I dunno–I could see Torre managing an Atlantic League or other non-affiliated minor league team, just to stay “in the game” without the stress. And I could see him in Newark more than, oh, I dunno… West Bumf&ck Minnesota…some minor league team out in the middle of the US someplace.

They couldn’t afford to pay him much, but he could do it almost for the novelty of it. I’d love to see it.

Hey, there’s a GM position open in Bridgeport, Joe. This could be your chance to get into the Front Office! (tongue in cheek).

14. Anonymous - October 9, 2006

boosterbabe–Even playfully thinking that Joe Torre would manage the Bears or go to the Bluefish just shows how far out your mind set is at. I guess this also goes along with your conspiracy theory. Maybe Frank Boulton and George Steinbrenner got together and conspired to have both of their teams get eliminated in the opening round of the playoffs so that Torre could come to the Atlantic League. You’ve really got to reel it in and come back to the planet Earth.

15. Anonymous - October 9, 2006

Very true. The fact is, nobody TRULY wants to be in the Atlantic League, not the coaches, the players, or the front office employees. The Atlantic League is just like Cornell is in the IVY League. Nobody WANTS to go to Cornell. COrnell is never someone’s first choice. They just couldn’t get into Harvard, Yale, or Dartmouth, so they go to Cornell. And don’t get me wrong, Cornell (and the AL) do demand and deserve some level of respect, but you have to keep things in perspective.

16. BoosterBabe - October 9, 2006

It’s called thinking outside the box. Whatever.

I’m not gonna get upset when someone hiding behind the anonymity of the internet (not even a screen name) says they disagree with me or think I’m way out there. Step up and more importantly, Stand up for what you say and identify yourself and maybe your opinions will hold some water.

It’s very easy to bash someone thinking outside of the norm when no one knows who you are. Cowardly, but easy. Sign your name to your opinions and lets see if you’re still as quick to judge other people for having an unconventional and “fun” thought.

17. Amy - October 9, 2006

boosterbabe…I like your thought about Joe Torre…at the very least it would give Newark the “name” they seem to be so desparately want and need. Its an interesting thought to put out there even if it IS “OUT THERE” haha. At least you care enough to speculate on something like that. Your points are valid… I like how you think!
On a subject closer to home…I am wondering what kind of “offers” Tom Herr has from affiliated baseball. Still speculation in the papers that he may not return. Truth be told he is not as well liked here as one may think…local people that is , not players. Players seem to like playing for him but local fans are not all that keen on him. I don’t think he brings many to the games as you would think!

18. Anonymous - October 9, 2006

…your wrong – a lot of the front office want to stay in the AL …Adam Lorber, the GM of Camden left the Bluefish to go to MSG – and left the NJ Nets to go back to Camden ….Charlie Dowd left New Haven (Rockies) to go to Bridgeport…most of all of the higher front office staff in the league was with affiliated ball but left….Sales in AL is different then affiliated – there are no rules or regulations – the major league club of MLB isnt over anyones shoulder – front office staff can be creative and not wait months to cut through the red tape …fans of AL teams are passionate about it because of the family and fun – not because Newark has the next Jeter (Obviously with Drew and Weaver in Camden last year there are exceptions) …AL is expanding – the teams, even those that struggle, are looked at as successful in minor league ….the AL teams are built to spur economic development and they do give people a reason to go to the city….if it didnt wok, why is there expansion??? So. MD, York, VA are gonna be home runs!

19. Anonymous - October 10, 2006

let get one thing straight.dowd didnt leave the new haven ravens out of choice.dowd knew they were about to go in the tank in new haven.the city told the ravens they could not have a new stadium.

b-fish fan

20. Anonymous - October 10, 2006

yea he did ….several reasons…first – he had control of all of the player stuff – something he didnt have in NH 2nd – he got a great deal to jump ship, not to mention, the Ravens were having union issues regarding the renovations of the Yale ballpark and in BP he had a chance to design his own wide concourse, do his own concession stands (that is how John Brandt got into the mix), and create his own team on and off the field

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